What was your win this week?

Jess Lee (she/her) on July 12, 2019

πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ I'm back!! Sorry we missed last week, but hopefully this means we're reflecting on two weeks worth of wins! What's something you're proud of... [Read Full]
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I've raised the 1st Chat Over SSH server!!!!!!!! Literally, 5 seconds ago!!!!! Come and join me here:

ssh chat:@www.vitalipom.com

This is so cool!!!! It works from any computer !!!!!! and it also was published by me here and people - real people from all over the world came and visited and wrote me, right to me computer at home!!!! OVER SSH!!!!!!!! And ALL has I established!!!!! Please login and write a word :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)



Yes, I saw the last messages))) I can read from the phone but cannot reply. Thank you so much for checking this :D !!!


This is cool, there's also "sshtalk" from 2ton Digital (though their webpage appears to be offline).



Getting married πŸ‘° πŸ€΅πŸ’’πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’ƒπŸ‘‘πŸ’β€οΈ


My biggest win this week was finally getting around to building PlaceKeanu.com, which I had in my list of ideas for some time. 😍

It had an overwhelming response, so thank you if you checked it out. ❀️

I also wrote two DEV articles! One published today, which I'm really happy about, and one related to the Keanu project.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. πŸ€—


I know it sound dumb but this week I learned the power of vlookup in Excel and it helped me shorten the amount of work I had to do to translate our app from English to French. Instead of taking around 7-8 days to do, it took 5! :3

happy panda dance


I released a thing I've been working on for months!

Readymade is a microlibrary for developing Web Components with TypeScript.



That's pretty cool! I've been going the other direction with WC's when I have time in the evenings β€” that is creating separate CSS, JS and HTML files and having RollUp do all the work behinds the scenes. I'm sort of enjoying not working with a framework.

Going to have to play with your lib for one of my experiments. Thanks for your work! I'm excited for another way to do them. :)


I wanted the css to be inline with the component, so I made this to at least post process the css with postcss.


Nice. tagged templates are pretty awesome, though I'd never seen them until I played with lit-element. More ways to produce WC's is a great thing.

I really like the css-tied-to-component idea (in WC's and other frameworks), just don't enjoy writing CSS or HTML in JS. Probably silly of me, but I got RollUp to inline the separate CSS & HTML files in a template literal inside the final JS bundle without much fuss. Never could make webpack do it.


Much Angular. When does a library stop being vanilla, this is a question that bothers me often. Good job though, sorry for the philosophy!


Is Readymade vanilla? I’d like to think it’s mint chocolate chip.

I'm down for chic chips but I rarely like mint in ice-cream. 🍨


Consistency is key, Priyanka! Keep it up!

I will give it a read! πŸ™‚

Also, a pro tip for you:
If you paste a link to your post like this, {% link https://dev.to/... %}, you'll get a nice embedded preview in your comment! πŸ˜ƒ


I published my coding challenge on Github. Disney Codes Challenge is where participants build Disney inspired coding projects for 23 minutes each day for 57 days. It is now live on Github and I'm doing the challenge myself on Twitter at #DisneyCodesChallenge.



I finished the Angela Yu's Web Developing Bootcamp at Udemy. I feel more comfy now to start my own app at last!


I got to start a new developer on building their first project. We pair programmed: Built the foundation of a grid system together from scratch (flexbox, "don't overthink it") then a site icon lib using icomoon.io, symbol-defs and <use>. fill:currentColor too.

It's pretty awesome to see that moment when a concept clicks and they realize a big, highly-stylized site is within their reach. I know next week will bring stumbles and some frustration but right now it's fun to see their joy.


Welcome back, Jess! β™₯️
I actually have two wins.

  1. I have submitted an application for my first hackathon!

  2. I got my first business email since I changed my career, yesterday!


I hope the hackathon goes well! And wow, a career change? So exciting!! 😍 Wish you the best of luck!


Awesome!! I participated in my first hackathon recently and it was really fun :)


Even the pre-hackathon stage is already fun.✨
Glad to hear your first one sent out greatly!


I published my website, a new app prototype for a client, a new blog post on Dev and today I implemented some improvements in our upcoming web open source editor for presentations following some feedback I gathered IRL with some first tester

I wish all weeks could be as productive and fun πŸ˜ƒ


Managed to grasp and understand a huge spaghetti codebase that I inherited from a coworker... now instead of wanting to murder him I only feel the need to throw a book or two at his face.


Reminds me of "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live." :D


My win for this week is that I did some coding :) . After a few years of managing a group of devs and not having any time to do any coding that actually goes to production, I took some tasks from our backlog. I coded in React, Java 8 and played with Docker. It was fun!


We had a bug in production. And there was 3 other issues related to a task involving this bug. I submitted a fix that corrected all bugs in prod and it got accepted and that fixed the issue.

First time I submitted a patch in prod and it felt good.


Finished recording a video course! Small victory. Now for the editing 😫


Started a new project that I’ve been putting off for way too long. I’ve always been scared to start any of the 100-day challenges because I know my life and that I would never be able to do a thing 100 days in a row without missing a day. Especially now that I have two puppies. So I’m pretty proud of myself for deciding to start a 100 day challenge in a way that works for me. Where I don’t fail if I miss a day and where I can be okay with that. Aiming for getting to 100 days with Monday-Friday because i need to learn to take breaks and spend time with family / puppies.


My win is that I started writing for my blog here after a very long time.


I was out of the frontend game for a while, but this week was the beginning of my role shifting and I made a grid-based shopping cart with multiple reordered sections between desktop and mobile without duplicating content 😎


I successfully build android app from existing angular project created last weekend using Cordova .
Below is repo and url of apk build.


I've finished making optimisations to my next blog revision. Currently, it's making a Ajax request to get a paginated list of posts, and when rendering post preview, makes another request, and so makes another one when you enter to see the complete post. With the new optimisations, it'll only make the first request for the list of posts, then re-use the available data to display both post preview and full post, reducing client load times and server stress.


I volunteered to help do a recount for a primary election in Queens!


I started learning JavaScript 2 weeks ago and I built this.
am still trying to figure out how to copy the background gradient value to the clip board, but iam still happy with it

  • Celebrated the 2 year anniversary of starting my Facebook group for female developers - Women in Web Development.
  • One of the acceptance tests I wrote months ago caught a bug. Also I got to write more of them this week! (I love writing tests).
  • Making videos + discussion questions for my new female dev membership - and my members are participating!

I decided to leave my current job and find something different and interesting. It's strange but positive feeling, because I finally got that energy I used to have when I started working, few years ago. Who knows where I will be in a few months, but it must be a good or better place. That counts as a win I guess :)


I got Google Analytics working on my Gatsby portfolio 😎


β€’ Got a 35% raise!
β€’ Successfully understood code behind one Flutter app!

Have a nice weekend boys 😏


Well... I was going to go with my first blog post here:
(something I am super proud of - and already have some more in the pipeline that are almost finished!)

But... After I published it my mental health took a serious turn for the worse and my actual win this week was getting myself off of the sofa not watching Netflix that was playing in the background and out of the house for a walk, and back on to the computer to solve some problems. Little steps, but so hard to acheive that they felt like absolute victories.


I managed to convince my manager to revamp the legacy system which is difficult to maintain. And this is going to be my new project. I'm so excited to get it done rather keep working fixing the never ending issues.


Went to a training session for work that had an pre assessment taken before I attended. I was the only one that had a "truthseeker" habit. Apparently it's a rare result. I don't take any weight on the tests, but having the coach mention it in front of a bunch of co workers was pretty cool.


Mostly small wins:


I started building a web app for users to manage their own personal page (something between linktree and aboutme)

So far it looks good but I still have to make more themes and to integrate more fields.

Paid users can upload their own CSS.

So it’s a win so far.


I got my bachelor's degree in Computer Science! :D


I finished my thesis project, and my tutor approve it, So I will be graduating from college by the end of august.πŸ€“


Set up a blog framework made completely via linux utilities after tons of procrastinating and bug fixing I guess. aadibajpai.me/blog (still need to move over posts from Medium and stuff but hey!)


Right, I posted my first post here and discovered this great community! :) I should start checking those "not good enough" feelings I have for everything I do.


Wrote two blog posts and finished an online UX track. πŸ˜€


I feel like I haven't had a win in a long time... Cannot tell if it's my mood that doesn't let me register positive things as wins, or if I really haven't had anything happen to me in quite some time.


I've been finished the version alpha-0.1.0 of a side project 😍

Next week, I'm going to coding my deployment script.πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ


According to Google Analytics, on the 11th of July, my side project had 33 direct users. A tiny win that sparked joy in me!πŸ˜„


this week was plenty for me, i start my blog(the journey post at lest 2-3 time at week), i lear how to use docker, and optimize all my code in one project that generates an XML.!!!!


I made my first code review at work today :). My tech-lead asked me to review the code of someone I was so happy for the trust that is growing


My biggest win this week was finally getting around to build my first react npm package


Got over how badly I (and we as a team overall tbh...) performed and smashed out a good number of features in our latest sprint! πŸƒ


My dev.to Shirt arived! But it stank of vinigar... so I have to wait for it to be washed, hopefully I can wear it on Monday to show everyone at work what a 20x developer I am. πŸ˜‚


Starting my new portfolio with gatsby and strapi :D


Got to take a Session on GitHub for the First time after becoming a Campus Expert.


Not sure if it's really a win but I finally quit my job after months of being unsatisfied with it, but that means I'm now funemployed and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet :)


Publishing my first dev.to article. Realizing I have something worth sharing was a nice confidence boost.


Examples of 'wins' include:
- Starting a new project

I start a new project every week πŸ˜†

My win this week was definitely the Big Thread badge πŸ’ͺ


I managed to make my first app written in VueJS!


I got invited for my first International Conference speaking engagement πŸŽ‰


Lots of promising job leads, time with friends, setting up a date next weekend and buying a server rack so my homelab looks legit!


this was last week's win: I was interviewed for a podcast by a company that I love!!!! i cannot wait to share it.


I worked on a refactor that really impressed my team! In the process I learned a lot of advanced typescript techniques.


Was working on cropping rounded corners of ImageView in Android and now finally figured out how to crop it with different corner radii to match client's designs.


My one would be having my first interview and also writing about it on dev.to


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