What was your win this week?

Jess Lee (she/her) on December 13, 2019

👋👋👋👋 Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small 🎉 Examples of 'wins' include: Getting a p... [Read Full]
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  1. I reached 3k followers on dev.to
  2. My two last post reached over 150k views combined

The office characters raising their hands in sync repeatedly


I started my first dev job after a year of self-teaching and bootcamp 🎉


@maurogarcia_19 and I built a web app for DEV users to see their year's highlights! We received 33k requests and a lot of screenshots and support from the community ❤️


I almost forgot about this!


Love this project! Amazing work Paula and Mauro! 🔥💪


Thank you, Nick. We appreciate all your support!


My win this week was hearing back from one of our clients, Lucasfilm Ltd.

Their technical team let us know that they were very happy with the improved frontend performance of Shotgun, the product I work on.

These improvements are related to a tonne of work I did to our webpack configuration/frontend build a couple of months ago (they just upgraded to the version with my improvements). 🥳

Maybe they’ll send me the Millennium Falcon I couldn’t afford as a kid.

Millenium Falcon

Or maybe a Wookie. I’d be happy with a Wookie. Chewie!



Wow that's huge! Congrats, hope you get your Millennium Falcon soon 😂


Lol! Just spent 5 minutes looking for that Chewbacca GIF to send to some friends... didn't find it, but there are LOTS of great Wookie GIFs!


Very cool! Congrats! 👏

Just FYI, you can embed the post using a liquid tag like this

{%link https://dev.to/eugeniolentini/angular-ivy-a-detailed-introduction-oj1 %}

and it will look like this


Ahhh really cool man! much appreciated :-)


I didn't know about that either, thanks!


Someone contacted me for a writing gig😳 Looks like the big guy up there wants me to write🙌🏼


Thanks! I wasn't expecting this but I'm happy. 😄


Finally got to start working on that documentation I've been postponing since September...


Ooh man, good luck and may the force be with you.


It's not as bad as it (might) sound


After 5 months of searching and being ghosted by the last place that wanted to hire me, I signed a job offer for a new dev job that starts January 6th! Can’t wait to start the new year with a new gig!


I launched my side project sitesshowcase , and I can't believe these results:

sessions per country



Nice page, well done. I just added my page and I think I finally have to add a ssl certificate as my favicon does not show and I assume that this is the reason...


Hi Felix, thanks for submit your site.
Yes thats the reason becaus the favicon doesnt show. I helped you, submiting the favicon manually to the site, now looks good ;) sitesshowcase.com/

Hace a nice week!

Hei Agustín,

(Whereas now you removed my motivation to finally make the the page https :D)
Will do it anyway, one day, I hope...

All the best,

Hahaha do it, for the future (?


Agustín, I finally got my page to be https.
I had real trouble to migrate a tiny portion (a websocket) server due to two problems. One was an unintentionally generated second websocket server and the other one was a branch mismatch between front and back...

Anyways, thanks for motivating me and if you want you can point the image source back to my page...


Hi Felix, congratulations on this! I will change your image soon,

Have a good week!



Not my win and didn't happen this week, but I did notice it this week and everyone at work is feeling the win. I'm posting to celebrate with everyone involved.

The win in 3 parts:

1. I saw a tweet on Dec 9

2. Stars have increased by 400 in 4 days

Press github star chart

(Image from star history extension)

3. It was built on a starter kit my company released

First, I suggested that Ben should contribute, then I saw that he had...But he didn't know his commit was the first one in the repo 🤔

first commit

Turns out, that commit is in there because Press was built on something Ben built 🎉


Many thanks to @benwhitley for writing the starter kit and the post to go with it, everyone @touchlab helping to make that happen, and Saket Narayan for building an awesome project!


Finally found the difference between observer pattern and pub-sub pattern. I was confused because both had the same code form in JavaScript.


My vim config now is good enough for me to use it in my daily work.


I reached 800 followers on Dev!
I finished the first two lessons of my machine learning course. The first one took two or three weeks to get through.

  • After analyzing the AWS costs for an app that we recently refactored, this week I introducing Cloudfront and CDN Caching in the system and drop the costs from 5$ a day to 90cents.
  • I did my 3rd speech at Toastmasters
  • Got past 10K followers!! yeah

I built and finished the project from the book - Flutter Succinctly by Ed Freitas. I also learnt a lot about Flutter basics. I finished reading a Havard Review book about Customer Loyalty.
I was able to push myself out of laziness and start drafting articles I intend to publish next year


I started a new job, solved half a dozen issues at said job in the first four days (always fun when you take a look at something and immediately know how to fix it), and in the process learned a lot of things about Travis CI, LXC, and Docker that make me question the sensibility of the people who designed certain features they have.

  1. On a personal level, one win was: I admitted that I was wrong about something and...lo and behold, it wasn't the end of the world when I did that. On the contrary, when I opened my ears up and listened to what the other person was saying, I was able to solve my problem, taking his perspective into account. (checking my ego at the door has always been a challenge).

  2. On a technical level, I made some pretty cool (I think) progress on my CLI tool lesky; i.e., for people who want to fire up Koa servers asap without pain, you just type les -ow (les ouch, get it? nyuck nyuck)... and like magic, the folder you're on will be served. If your html file also includes my dumb-reloader, saved changes will trigger document reload. But, the version that's out isn't even the cool version yet. Cool is on its way. (Article coming too to help explain things)


Ego is so hard to move away from. But we actually gain more when we put it aside because without It, we are able to take other people's perspectives into account. 🙂


This past week was my first on-site for the company.

We had been experiencing issues with our client's SSH and they're IT wouldn't install it. So I was able to find a workaround that allowed us to use it on the laptops which propelled the project.

I also fixed an issue with one of our tests (our largest test) on the fly, and my fix made the test perform better than it ever had prior.


Flew to Atlanta yesterday and graduated with a MSCS from Georgia Tech today*! 😊

Georgia Tech Graduation

* Technically graduated during the Summer semester, but commencement is in the Fall


I had an opportunity to learn GraphQL at work, and managed to complete 2 APIs for new features we're introducing 😃


Got a new job. Software Engineer building prototypes and greenfield projects with ReactJS


I signed a contract as python lead after looking at 2 months of no work (quit my old job, had a contract signed with a not so nice company that I then backed from) with a company that works in the sustainability and open-data world, and I had been waiting for them for quite a while with my fingers crossed!

Although the above happened on Friday last week, this week on Monday I took a train to Oxford (I'm Bristol UK based, the trip is a 2.5hrs long door-to-door journey with loads of small changes) to meet them in person over lunch and wow, we clicked straight away! Feels like I have known then for a while, which is a super win!


I started a new job and managed to make some (small) contributions to discussions and plans already 😁

I also managed to move house in the same week somehow 😂


My last post on dev.to was in the top 7 posts of the week!


Had recently joined as a fresher in my company and was working on the UI side for the past 4 months. This week I finally moved to the back end side and implemented my first ever end to end feature. Feels good 😁😁


For me, it was finding SCC and using it to get some metrics about our code.

Apps in our legacy code base have a complexity up to the 10k range. That's ~10,000 different paths through the code.

The last product we did has 52k loc and a complexity of 1100. The product we are currently working on is 45k loc and 350 complexity. And it is more advanced in technical capability.

The complexity number is subjective, but the magnitudes of them are a reasonable point of comparison. And more importantly they line up with the experience of working on the code. I feels really good to see this kind of progress in our dev process.


I made a post again after more than one year 😅
It's such a shame because I actually love talking about programming and the world around it.


I started learning Flutter in order to make an e-commerce app with my friend.
Since my friend studied dart and Flutter recently I asked a few questions about the dart's syntax. He asked about my opinion about some data structure he used for parsing some JSON from an API while developing his application. We then decided that I can contribute if I'm gonna keep learning Flutter. I decided to give it a try for a few days. Today was the second. I hope I'll be of any help! 😊 ⌨️

  1. Found this marvelous site and was fascinated all week long 😊

  2. Got a new project and managed not to die in the first week 🙃


I was able to fix a git bug in my local dev environment (which involves running Parallels 😒) without needing help from a senior engineer on my team.


My system wasn't recognizing a local folder as being a git repository (both the Github client and CLI) even though everything had been working fine for months and the .git and .github folders were present.


There are lots of wins for me - big and small.

  1. I was accepted as a module team member (creating modules and games) for a game called transformice. I wanted to become a member from years. 😀😀

  2. My 2nd and 3rd poas on dev.to got more than 40 reactions and about 150 and 400 views f9r each. Also I got more than 40 followers in a day because of that. This is a big win for me!

I'm very happy and I want to dance now 😆


Made my first open source contribution, should hopefully get the pull request approved today :-)


Approved and merged into the Dapr .NET client repo.


I got recognized this week for welcoming new members to the DEV community.


ahah, that's a great initiative. This week I started a new project. Also, I cleaned my house :dance:.


A document I wrote was linked to on reddit.

That sparked 2 things, the first is an (ongoing) interesting conversation in the thread, and the second is my updating of the document... :-)



This week I launched my first product, a writing habit that helps you build a better relationship with yourself. The more you write on Wrabit, the more we donate to mental health!


I submitted the (almost) final draft for my JavaScript course on Educative. I'm really looking forward to see it live before the end of 2019


I had my performance review. My work was still exceptional, and I improved in other things. So my effective result was ... less than last year.
So, I won, but I actually lost 🤔


Thank you! I am so excited about where this position is going to take my career.


Finished all legal obligations for getting my CS degree


I was able to attain github.com/hyperjump handle for my next project.

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