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5 Free resources to prepare your app for a Product Hunt launch

Short intro

This post is part of a series about getting an app ready for a release. Focusing on Product Hunt now.

It's my first time doing it, so I just decided to document the process and the resources I found.

If you're curious, this is my app:, a free habit tracker.

how it works

The Hunt Checklist

This website allows you to check 3 key things for a successful PH launch:

  1. Check which is the best time to post in your local timezone.
    Screenshot_2021-01-31 The Hunt Checklist

  2. Preview how your app will look on the site.

  3. Prepare your first comment using this template

500 Makers

An updated list of the top 500 PH Makers, useful if you are trying to find a hunter.


When To Launch


This is an an analytics platform based on Product Hunt to let makers know the optimum time to launch their product to receive maximum traction based on data.



Gyazo is an open-source and free screenshot program for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It allows you! It allows you to quickly create screenshots or GIFs and upload them to the web, producing a unique URL to the screenshot.

You can use it to quickly create the GIFs you'll need to submit your app. They are not required, but suggested!



If you are preparing GIFs, you'll probably appreciate this free online tool. You can resize, crop, trim, edit and add effects to your captured videos. Super useful, and you just need to register to remove the watermark!


I hope these tools also help you to prepare your launch. Any feedback or suggestion is appreciated! πŸ‘‹

Top comments (6)

n1stre profile image

Great series! Thank you! Helped me develop my first side-project ever and to write a post describing overall development process. Looking for feedback

joelpatrizio profile image
Joel Patrizio

Hey thanks, glad to see it helped you :)
I'll take a look!

jdvivar profile image
Daniel Vivar

A bit off-topic, what did you use to create the series list at the top of the article?

jdvivar profile image
Daniel Vivar

I answer myself: in edit mode, click on the nut (for artile settings, rigth to the save button) and create a new series or select an already created one. The list will appear at the top of each article in the series.

joelpatrizio profile image
Joel Patrizio

Sorry for the late reply, but exactly, that's how I did it 😁
Then the list is automatically added to the top and bottom of the article.