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14 sites to submit your app (updated list)

Hi everyone 👋, I've been working on during January and spent the last week researching how to launch it.

how it works

I documented the process here on DEV, where you can check the resources and tips I found.

Today I'm sharing the updated list of all the sites where I posted my app (you can do it in all of them for free).

Full list

I decided to separate them based on the time it takes from submission until it gets accepted.


It's immediate, but I suggest you create an account on these sites as soon as possible, so you don't have a newly created one when you really need it. Better if you start interacting and networking before your launch!

Product Hunt

Hacker News

Indie Hackers




Took a few hours

🚗 AlternativeTo

🚗 Launched!

Weeks or even months

🐌 10words

🐌 AppRater

🐌 BetaPage

🐌 Startup Buffer

🐌 Startup Stash

🐌 Launching Next

Bonus track!

If you can also write an article, these are some sites where you could consider posting:

📰 Mashable

📰 TechCrunch

📰 MakeUseOf

📰 Netted

📰 ReadWrite

📰 Listly

Thanks, I'd really appreciate your feedback!

If you want to leave some feedback, you can do it on my Product Hunt post:

👉 Leave a review 👈

Thank you and good luck with your own projects! 🚀

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