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Preparing to launch an app [Day 3/7]

joelpatrizio profile image Joel Patrizio ・1 min read

Short intro

Third day, this time I decided to focus my research on Product Hunt.

Next Monday I'll release, a simple web app that allows you to track a habit for 30 days, without requiring an account.


Disclaimer: This is not a tutorial, I'm just journaling my progress and learnings.

What do I need to launch on Product Hunt?

I was reading a bunch of articles about it, and here is my ToDo list:

⬜ Write a tagline of the product: Avoid slogans, optimize for how users search.
⬜ Make a 240x240 GIF for the thumbnail
⬜ At least 2 screenshots (635x380px): Make sure they are "tweetable"
⬜ Write a 1–2 sentence description: short and to-the-point!
⬜ Prepare the first comment: Introduce yourself, the team, and the problem that you’re solving.
⬜ Find a hunter: Try to find someone whose posts are related to your product.

Some tips

📌 Post right around 12:01am PST to maximize visibility time
📌 Use Top 500 Makers to find a potential hunter
📌 Post on social media about the launch, make it personal and directly link your product page

Thank you

I look forward to see how it goes 🤞
Any feedback is appreciated!

Discussion (2)

martinnacimiento profile image

Hola Joel, para entender, vos realizaste un MVP y estas mostrando como lanzar el producto y que tenga exito?

Desde ya estas compartiendo recursos muy interesantes, no se como haces para manejar todos esos blogs 😅 muchos exitos!

joelpatrizio profile image
Joel Patrizio Author • Edited

Hola Martín, muchas gracias!

Así es, primera vez que lanzo una aplicación de esta manera, no estoy seguro si va a tener éxito 😅, pero pensé que sería bueno documentar el proceso.

Me alegra saber que te está pareciendo interesante, mucha suerte con tus proyectos también!

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