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Joel Patrizio
Joel Patrizio

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Building in public: how I'm preparing for a side-project launch [Day 1/7]

Short intro

I made a simple don't break the chain online tool, that let you track a habit in a calendar view.

It's called


I'm planning to launch it in a week, so I'll be researching and investing time on it these days. I thought it could be a good idea to make this in public. Hopefully it can help someone else in the same boat, and I can get some early feedback 🙂

Disclaimer: I'm quite new with this thing, don't expect a tutorial, it's just some kind of journal.

Main goals

Found two main sites to launch the app:

🎯 Product Hunt

🎯 Hacker News

It seems you have one shot in these sites, so better to prepare in advance.

Start building momentum

A list of other communities where I'll be posting content:

Reddit: multiple subreddits that are a good fit to gather some feedback (eg- r/startups, r/growmybusiness, r/Entrepeneur, r/design_critiques, r/indiebiz)

Makerlog: you can log your daily dev-related tasks and share your progress

DEV: you're here 📌

Twitter: post gifs, quotes and follow people

Indie Hackers: share stories about your startups

AlternativeTo: does your idea work like an alternative to another one?

10words: submit an startup in just 10 words

Quora: Google the problems your product solves, find the questions and answer honestly why you think your idea can help

I'll update later how it goes, and if it was worthy or not to spend time on them.

Cool resources

📑 GoGoGrow.It: ton of directories, blogs, magazines, investors, advertisors, and communities. It has some cool filters and tags!

📑 Directory of business strategies: lot of short summaries about startup articles


That's all for now, I'll continue working on it and update tomorrow. Any feedback will be appreciated!

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