What are some misconceptions about mobile app development?

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When people think "mobile app development", what do they get wrong?

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That there is any truly best abstraction or approach. There are a lot of different libraries to work with native mobile dev and none of them are β€œthe best”.

Choices in mobile always seem to be questioned.


Yes exactly. It depends on the use case actually. Then you can decide which library to go with.


Some people think a web developer can also design a mobile app, but its a different thing.


Yeah especially after the advent of cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Flutter, and Ionic.


From a technical perspective, it's a very different deployment process.

From a more theoretical perspective, the typical "user profile" used by UX teams is very different.


Yes, exactly but clients normally think that both are somehow the same. According to my perspective, mobile app development is a bit more time taking as compared to web development especially when you are using a cross-platform framework.

Web development used to have cross-browser compatibility issues but since now most of the browsers use Chromium for their core, so, somehow it has become easier for web devs.


UI generated by the developer.
It is wrong for screens that created to show dynamic data. Components like UITableview, UICollectionView, RecycleView are not suitable for a direct touch. These components ask what they need, so, creating UI does not work like HTML generating.