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Learning Node JS In 30 Days [Mini series]

nerdjfpb profile image Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb) Updated on ・3 min read

Learning about node js can be a good choice now! Because node js use JavaScript and in frontend we also use JavaScript. So we'll get more advantage here. I've completed the whole node series in 30 days. This one is a basic course. This whole series will help to understand you the basics, so that you can understand a bit of node and work in future. This is a 30 days version, But I think you can complete it with 2/3 days! Actually this series main theme was helping someone to get the node js, so that he/she can understand a bit of it. If he/she loves it, then they can dig out more advance topics of it. There are so many YouTube resources and udemy courses you can take. Up to you.

I made a instagram version of this 30days. What you can find on my instagram, but in day by day. So I made a whole pdf so that you can just download it and work on it. Check this google drive link to find the pdf -

Also if you want to read from dev.to then I've the whole list -

You can read the old posts from this series (below)

Thanks for reading!


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Pachi (she/her/ela)

nice post and Nice choice of cover image! I have the exact same one on my website!

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The white wolf

Couldn't learn much from the EJS articles because the code didn't run, thanks for the others though

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Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb) Author

Thanks for the feedback! Actually I don't know much about the EJS! I use react most of the time for the front end. In future I'll make better one!

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When I click the link it showing unable to access

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Thanks man,👍👍. I really need this

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