A Major Announcement for the DEV Community

Ben Halpern on April 01, 2018

It is the first day of a new financial quarter, and I am excited to announce some big changes for dev.to. Today we follow in the footsteps of great... [Read Full]
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This is the greatest news I've read all day! I'm configuring my connection right now!

so power. much innovate. many chain. such block. wow.


hey Jake,
How you gonna do that, could you point me to a blog post that will help to configure it, I am new to decentralized application domain(blockchains)


I just put my Yelp API token in my package.json file and executed now and VOILA!!


I forgot to mention. All posts not on the subject of blockchain will henceforth be banned. It's time to step into the future sheeple.


Oh, so essentially you're becoming Hacker Noon 🀣


We prefer to term it "ascending into greatness"


πŸ¦„πŸ¦„ We'll be announcing details for our UniCoin ICO very soon πŸ¦„πŸ¦„


Although it’s a great April fools joke, it presents a seriously good idea:

For privacy concerned folks like me who enjoy the power to control ones data and connections, the concept of a decentralized option for dev.to intrigues me.


On a serious note, me too and we're gradually trying to build with that in mind.


What would be nice is for those who wish to decentralize, dev.to becomes a peer tracker, and everyone connects via peers. Accounts are identified by a UUID, and a GPG private key on your device to sign the message, and you can post direct to dev.to API or via other peers to give a layer of abstraction.


My sense of humour is slightly underdeveloped, so could someone verify that this is an April's Fool joke?


I just liquidated 70% of my 401K to get in on this, but Paypal won't let me send that much. Who do I talk to about an alternative means of payment? I don't want to miss out. This is the biggest deal since Dodd-Frank!


"But don't worry, browsing will take minutes, instead of only a few milliseconds like you're used to. We expect a major bump in average session duration due to these innovations."

Laughed out loud at this one xD


Its not an analytics bounce if session times improve, you guys care for our security and seo in the same step. Much love!


I LOVE the new logo shown in the hero image! Please tell me you are making β€œdad-style” hats with that logo. I want to represent UniCoin and look like Ron Howard at the same time. Please take all my πŸ’°!!


Great April Fools post. It does, however, raise two issues surrounding security. These issues are usability and actual security. For the average user, if securing something means making it not as usable they simply won't secure it. Security without user ease is wasted time, effort, and money.




Lol! I admit I don't know much about blockchain technology, but I believed it until the minutes which used to take milliseconds! :D

Edit: I just remembered who Kenneth Lay is.... Brilliant! The foreboding tone in the email linking to the post was a great set up too. Well done Ben.


Bravo! Well done! U had me until β€œlengthy browsing” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Hello Ben,
I can't access the white paper. It's asking to give an access to google account.
Also, I am new to blockchain universe & decentralized applications on a general note. Do you have a blog post which helps me to do "multi-step process of connecting to your own RPC server and control your connection to dev.to."


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I think you should list the ICO today itself and set a price for all interested investors, so they can get an investment with instant returns.


No, you must take this step into serious account. Check ProximaX out for data storage blockchain powered by NEM technology. Run this blog in a safe secured blockchain + having own currency will boost the development of blogging economics. Join our Telegram group for discussions about ProximaX.

Happy belated April Fools! <3


Brilliant! When will it go live, tomorrow?

Next step, you will acquire Facebook, thusly expanding your installed base by a factor of a few million, and rewrite FB with Blockchain too, but that will take a few more weeks ... right?


Don't forget to get rid of the "heart" and "reading list buttons" across the site. For the sake of UniCoin and keeping system harmony, the "unicorn" button is the only one that should be allowed. πŸ˜‚


UniCoin πŸ¦„...

UniCoin to rule them all,
UniCoin to find them;
UniCoin to bring them all
and on the internet bind them.


Sheet! Ben, you got me scared for a moment. Only after going through the comments section, I realized this is an April Fools joke. Damn.


I had been waiting for such innovation. Now I can give you my life savings without any misgivings.


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Checking my email 3 days late... completely forgetting the date & context...

This announcement was outstanding.


I never understood trust until people built blockchain!


Ok, I requested permission for your very lengthy white paper before falling into account that it was Apr 1, now you have generated a database of naive people in here, I hope I'm not the only one in the list :smirk:


In the category: Where would blockchain technology be absolutely useless and counterproductive? That would be a good one :D


Most definitely, the internet is no longer a series of tubes, it is henceforth a series of blocks!


When's the ICO where you gonna yell "UNICOOOOOOOOOOOOIN"


Why does link to investor profile "Elizabeth Holmes" goes to "Never gonna give you up " song in you tube?
Is it a April Fool's joke?


Was I the only one who actually clicked and tried to read the whitepaper?
Me - geeking all the way!!!!


Great. Looks like it will be shortlived as well :-). Happy April Fool's Day!


" But don't worry, browsing will take minutes, instead of only a few milliseconds like you're used to"
a terrifying April's fool


The second I see the word blockchain on a site, I know it's either a hilarious joke or the last time I ever visit. Happy it's the former option here!


I knew it was an April Fool's joke when I saw Kenneth Lay.


I stopped reading at "the blockchain (which invented the concept of trust)"


I am such an idiot! πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ˜†


I was going to ask for a tutorial on using Hexel, then realized I'd need to use Hexel to read it. So, while I think I have the blind faith required, I'm not sure how to "prove" it. Help?!


Please!! I want to donate 500k into your bank account, how do a do that? πŸ˜‚


I hereby announce that you'll be able to read all my comments in their entirety by browsing /dev/zero.


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