What was your win this week?

Jess Lee (she/her) on October 25, 2019

πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰ Examples of 'wins' include: Getting a p... [Read Full]
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This week, I...finally got a task done that I've been dragging my feet on forever. Such a relief!



My team at NIBRT won the "Small Project of the Year" award at the Irish Pharma Industry Awards for software we're developing for the biopharma industry :-)

That's me on the far left!


Thanks! (Side note: should I format my link differently to get it to display like Ben’s above?)
EDIT: Fixed! Appreciate the quick feedback.

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I completed my second Hacktoberfest!
I also got my One Year Club badge here, but found that (much to my embarassment) I haven't written a single post in that time. :(
I hope to report next week that I have made a worthy post.


The same here, It's being a long time ago since I write about code and never post here.


I made DEV widget 🌻🌻

And got a lot of postive feedback from everyone in the DEV community (ben said he is super impressed :D)


I’ve published 4 articles in a row. One every week! This Sunday next one is coming :)


I got both the "Fab 5" and "Beloved Comment" badge for my "win of the week" comment last week! πŸ˜…

fab 5

(for this comment: dev.to/chrisachard/comment/gkhp)


That's a big one. Well done, and welcome to the ranks! What's your Startup?


Thank you, sir! It's called Front Yard Fantasy. It's a platform that mediates trade talks between fantasy league mates to help them discover mutually beneficial trades.

Sounds awesome. Best of luck to you, and do keep us all posted on your progress!


Active user per day of blog, considering it's just almost 30 days side-project, it's a big progress.



Just accepted a very exciting job offer! Can’t wait to bore all of you about it with all my future DEV posts πŸ€ͺ


Fixed a bug fairly quickly and I have some unit and end to end tests for it so that it does not happen again.



I was able to handle a task using GraphQL,AWS Amplify, ReactJS and Gatsby. I didn't know anything about any of those technologies and I finished my task and a little bit more. I even created a webhook to our Amplify built that gets triggered when we publish data in our CMS


Getting a demo set up for a website rework I've been doing!


Came up with a way to translate the double entendre between "boooooo" (disappointment) and "boo" (ghost sound) and keep my blog post today Halloween-themed in two languages:

"Hou lΓ  lΓ "




I am working on getting my blog up and running! I have started a series on writing backend services in Ktor as a Spring Developer. The first short introduction has been posted at: beentjes.me/programming/2019/10/25...

I am currently looking into gathering advice on writing and article structure and such.


Started a petition as a joke for better toilet paper at my high school and within 3 hours I now have 204 signatures.


Finished an alpha version of my laravel livewire table component.

This now allows me to get all data that I want from my models(tables) in a way that let's me apply filters and searches on top of those filters.


I finally figured out how to publish my package on pip

Published my first Python program: Bysy



A couple of more things and my app will be on google play!!


I almost completely caught up on non-engineering admin and doc work that I’ve been behind on since conference season started. Feelsgood!


This week I'm finishing a project, that took forever to complete, and got me on a rollercoaster of emotions XD



I fixed a performance issue 😊 It's nice to have a task with a measurable impact and it's even more satisfying to see the impact was much bigger than expected.

  • I made some updates to Halloweenti.me πŸŽƒ
  • Got caught up on course work early this week πŸ’ͺ
  • Applied for a thing πŸ‘€

I'll add that Halloweenti.me was included as a resource in the Codenewbie Newsletter πŸ‘€


I completed my first Hacktoberfest successfully! T-shirt and stickers coming soon!


Completed the Hacktoberfest challenge and ordered my T-shirt!


I finished working a "Push Notification" feature in a project with AdonisJS.

And tomorrow me and a friend will organize #Hacktoberfest2019 in my city (Luanda, Angola)


I was able to configure JavaScript optional-chaining to work with Meteor and Vuejs 🀩🀩


Created an open source repo on github which received 32 stars. 😎😎😎😎


I started what could be my dream job. Day 5 and the fire hose continues...


Finally learned SASS




Finally tracked down an incredibly annoying bug which turned out not to be a bug but a config error. 🀬

Also getting an au pair tomorrow! πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§


I wrote 15 unit tests for an application (also written by me) going into production.
I've never really seriously unit tested before and I've never helped deploy an application


I switched over as a SRE to India's largest entertainment platform that provides tickets across 5000+ events


Setup the tooling on a test project to try out TailwindCSS and a redesign that just happens to need an 8pt grid lands on my desk the day after...I have just the thing!

It was a bit too spooky...


Finally had my blog post at Confluent published. Took quite some time writing and editing till it was good enough.


Created a small project in RoR and deployed it through heroku!


Finally submitted my 4th PR for Hacktoberfest! πŸ˜„


Building a fully functional React Native Boilerplate with RSA authentification and AES data exchange to an API with OverminJS integration.


Had quite a few wins this week, but the biggest one was that I finished my 4 PRs for Hacktoberfest this week.


I literally started a WordPress plugin project that I want to release in 2 month. The idea is unique and useful. I really look forward to this thing.

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