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Curious web developer insterested in tech, dogs, & good food! Believer in all things magical and lover of people!


Associates of Arts in Psychology - Front End Web Development bootcamps/online courses


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Get a Basic Understanding of the Life Cycles of Software Development

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10 min read

How to Install and Begin Using TypeScript

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13 min read

Learning TypeScript Data Types - From Zero to Hero

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15 min read

#challengeConquering Job Interview Code Challenges v2.0

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11 min read

Landing My First Development Job – What a Crazy Journey!

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11 min read

#challengeConquering Job Interview Code Challenges v1.0

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9 min read

Improve Your Workflow With These Tips For VS Code

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7 min read

Key Takeaways From My First Technical Interview

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10 min read

Adding Dark Mode to My Website

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4 min read

Negotiating Rates With Clients

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7 min read

Minifying Images with Gulp & gulp-imagemin

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