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This Week In React #126: Perf, Progressive Enhancement, Remix, Storybook, React-Native, FlashList, Nitro, TC39...

Hi everyone!

As you might expect with Thanksgiving, it's a rather quiet week in terms of React news.

It's the end of Black Friday, but some offers are still valid.

If your company is recruiting, I also offer a discount of -50% on job offer ads. Don't hesitate to talk to your HR or your manager, it helps me a lot!

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FlyCode Makes React Apps Editable without coding, Git based

FlyCode Makes React Apps Editable without coding, Git based

FlyCode (YC S22) makes React web apps editable in minutes so Product and UX teams can iterate and release products faster, so they don't have to wait on (or consume) developer time.

FlyCode reads your regular React code and finds Texts, Images, Design tokens and Analytics event, then it let's non-coders collaborate and edit them and send back a pull request (they don't need access to GitHub!)

  • Saves development time
  • No code integration, it just reads your code!
  • GitHub based, a bot is scanning the code and creates pull requests
  • Use your own stack and components
  • Retain codebase ownership

You can get started here:

⚛️ React

Is React going anywhere?

Interesting reflection from Ruben, after meeting an e-commerce CTO who decided to abandon React for Vanilla JS. Is React really responsible for the poor performance of his app? Is adopting an alternative justified? Will React remain the leader for the next 5 or 10 years?

Improving React Interaction Times by 4x

Causal's cloud spreadsheet app had performance issues. They give us a detailed analysis of the problems and how they solved them via the Chrome profiler. Some issues related to AG Grid (which they patched). Others from their own code mainly related to memoization. They also tried to use Web Workers, but serialization was too expensive.

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Yuzu is the Best Finance Data API for Frontends

Yuzu is the Best Finance Data API for Frontends

Yuzu is designed to eliminate data engineering for frontend developers building with data sets like:

  • Live Stock, crypto & forex prices
  • Up-to-the minute market news
  • ETF and Mutual fund details

Developers love Yuzu's GraphQL, Websockets, and SQL APIs because it allows them to flexibly grab any data, and focus on building end-user experiences, not on scraping, normalizing and maintaining data sets.

Yuzu's professional-grade data is used by brokerages, analytical platforms, and investing apps ranging from emerging startups to established finance firms.

Best thing? Anyone can start for free!

📱 React-Native

React Native Core Contributor Summit 2022

A good part of the React-Native contributors met at the beginning of September for the React-Native EU conference. They participated in a series of workshops and give us a report. Various topics were discussed, such as the new architecture, the Metro bundler or the release workflow.

Shopify - Our Solution for Measuring React Native Rendering Times

Presentation of the react-native-performance package which allows to generate field / Real User Monitoring performance reports (in JSON). It integrates easily with React-Navigation. You can send these reports to an analytics dashboard of your choice. This allows you to identify a specific screen that has performance issues in production. It reminds of existing web metrics: Core Web Vitals, TTI, INP and the Vercel/Netlify/Gatsby perf dashboards...

🧑‍💻 Jobs

🧑‍💼 Product Engineer at Causal, Remote/London/NY, $150-250k

Causal is a Series A Startup (backed by Coatue/Accel) building an all-in-one tool for working with numbers and visualizing data. We're looking for strong React engineers who can solve difficult UX/performance challenges.

🧑‍💼 Callstack - Senior React Native Developer - Fully Remote, PLN 21-32k net on B2B, monthly

Do you want to work on the world's most used apps? Would you like to co-create the React Native technology? Join the Callstack team of React & React Native leaders. Check our website for more details. We are looking forward to seeing your application - show us what you've got!

🧑‍💼 G2i - 100% Remote React Native Jobs

We have several roles open for developers focused on React Native! Pay is ~160k plus 10% bonus. You must have production experience with RN and be based in the US. DM @gabe_g2i to learn more and don't forget to mention This Week in React.

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