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Sebastien Lorber
Sebastien Lorber

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This Week In React #131: useReducer, Controlled Inputs, Async React, DevTools, React-Query, Storybook, Remix, RN , Expo...

Hi everyone!

We're gradually coming out of the holiday season. There are quite a few blog posts; but no major announcements apart from React-Native 0.71.

I'm back from a ski vacation and back on the weekly newsletter schedule. I didn't follow everything but I think the Twitter drama of the week was about Tailwind? 😅

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A Cure for useState Hell

Proposes to replace several useState with a useReducer with a single action. He explains the advantages, like the possibility to make sure the state is consistent, or to migrate later to a reducer with several actions. An interesting pattern to know. My opinion: it is quite possible to get similar benefits by using a single useState with a single object and a custom hook. useState or useReducer should be an implementation detail.


Type-safe React Query

With TypeScript, you'd rather not fool yourself. Can we trust our backend to return the right payload. Dominik suggests combining React-Query with Zod. With inference, it is no longer necessary to force a type with as or generics. We can use tRPC or Zodios in a fullstack environment when the backend and frontend are in the same monorepo.

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📱 React-Native


React Native 0.71: TypeScript by Default, Flexbox Gap, and more...

A big release with among other things:

  • TypeScript by default
  • Flex gap support in pixels (percentage support is coming later)
  • New web-inspired props (accessibility, style, events) that should simplify cross-platform dev.
  • Improved DX: click-to-inspect DevTools, new Hermes version, new architecture...
  • Android Prebuilts on Maven Central: Android build time reduced by 94%, and various other impacts. Note: it could be possible to greatly improve iOS build times as well.


Various new articles on the Expo blog:

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