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Sebastien Lorber
Sebastien Lorber

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This Week In React #118: Gatsby, Beta Docs, Reactivity, Lazy Maps, Ezno, Whyframe, Reassure, Node.js, TypeScript, WASM...

Hi everyone!

Good news: the new React beta docs will be available soon! A link on the old doc invites to visit the new beta site. Gatsby v5 released alpha.

The current trend: bringing reactivity to React.

Some nice React-Native content too. We are watching closely the progress of Expo Router, WishList and web support in Reassure.

TypeScript celebrates its 10th anniversary. A --watch mode is coming in Node.js. Interesting content about WebAssembly.

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Gatsby v5 Alpha

The v5 of Gatsby is in alpha with 2 main new features:

  • support for partial hydration based on React Server Components and a "client export" directive at the top of client components
  • the Gatsby Slices API, which allows to significantly improve build times when a shared component (layout/navbar/footer) should be re-rendered

Making React fast by default and truly reactive

Interactive article that illustrates the problems of re-rendering in React which is not optimized by default. Shows how the Legend-State library, based on observables, allows to bring reactivity to React (a bit like SolidJS). The code is then optimized by default and avoids unnecessary re-renders.

Ezno - Experimental compiler

A new experimental type-checking compiler for JavaScript, compatible with TypeScript annotations and JSX. Relies on dependent typing to do advanced static analysis and pre-evaluations at compile-time (reminds prepack). The goal seems to be to be able to compile an app that looks like React in a reactive form, and skip the VDOM. Quite technical to read.

(Lazy) Components Maps

Presents a useful technique to know to leverage code-splitting when you do conditional rendering. Especially useful on large enums/union-types, such as an <Icon name="my-icon-name"/> component.


Allows frontend component rendering to be isolated in an iframe. Now supports Webpack, Next.js and Docusaurus. This seems handy for component library documentation sites, ensuring the global CSS of the site does not affect the rendering of the component displayed.

πŸ“± React-Native

Reassure - Continuous App Performance Monitoring Made Simple

Callstack estimates 80% of performance problems on React-Native come from JS, and in particular from React misuse. They created Reassure, a new performance regression testing library. It integrates well with your CI to prevent the performance of your apps from degrading over time. The web support is not yet available.

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