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This Week In React #107: Plasmo, Panapasi, Fastify-DX, Remix, Solid, useInsertionEffect, JSI, Vite, Angular, Safari...

Hi everyone!

Remix, TanStack, Chakra, Mitosis, Panapasi, Fastify-DX... What do they have in common?

They are becoming framework-agnostic! It's clearly a growing trend!

I arrived in Krakow for the App.js conf. Hope you bring back some great React-Native content for next week 😄

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Plasmo - Like Next.js for browser extensions!

A new framework focused on the creation of browser extensions, based on React and TypeScript. Open-source, free core, which offers paid CI/CD cloud service.

Panapasi - The Universal UI Library

We see more and more UI libs that want to offer a native cross-framework support (see Chakra, TanStack libs...). Panapasi is to my knowledge the first project of its kind based on Mitosis, compiling a JSX Lite dialect to the target frameworks.

Fastify DX for React

New fullstack framework under development, based on Fastify and Vite. Agnostic: can be adapted to several frameworks (React, Vue, Solid...). The React integration aims to be a lightweight alternative to Next.js and Remix, based on React-Router and Valtio.

Converting a React Component to SolidJS

Converting a pagination component from React to Solid. A lot of JSX code can be taken as is, but the hooks will have to be adapted a little. Solid represents a real innovation: the code looks a lot like React in the end (without dependency array 😏) but the execution model is reactive.

Redux Toolkit's new listener middleware vs. Redux-Saga

Nice side by side comparison of the new RTK Listener system vs Redux Saga. Compares the implementation of many use-cases. RTK Listener seems like a good lightweight alternative to Redux-Saga, with a relatively low learning curve. A good resource to choose one or the other, or to plan a migration.

React 18 useEffect Double Call for APIs: Emergency Fix

Jack gives 6 possible solutions to avoid the double query problem with React 18's StrictMode. Using a lib like React-Query or RTK-Query (hmmm, TanStack Query 😏) seems the easiest.


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React Native JSI/TurboModules pitfalls

Oscar has significant JSI exprience: he is the author of React-Native packages, and a Youtube playlist dedicated to JSI. He gives us interesting feedback on the use of various languages ​​for the native side, or on the difficulty to benchmark appropriately JSI compared to the old bridge architecture.



WebContainers are now supported in Firefox

This StackBlitz's innovation allows you to run Node.js code directly in the browser, including React frameworks like Next.js, Remix, Docusaurus... It has just taken a big leap forward with this new Firefox support (in addition to Chrome).


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