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Sebastien Lorber
Sebastien Lorber

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This Week In React #146: Concurrency, Server Components, Next.js, React-Query, Remix, Expo Router, Skia, React-Native...

Hi everyone!

Here we are with 2 weeks of React news. There are quite a few good React articles, and also some very interesting React-Native announcements related to the conferences that took place recently. Between Remix Conf, App.js, Chain React... it's hard to keep up with everything, not to mention React-Native-Connection and React Summit next week!

Data fetching libraries like React-Query and Apollo are wondering about their integration with Server Components and Next.js App Router. We start to see more clearly.

The newsletter is skipping another week: next issue on June 7th πŸ‘‹

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βš›οΈ React

Understanding React Concurrency

Understanding React Concurrency

A good overview of Concurrent React features, transitions and how the scheduler works.

Spotify - TV Spatial Navigation

Spotify - TV Spatial Navigation

Spotify explains how they develop their apps for TV and consoles based on hybrid (web) technology. There is no spatial navigation (arrows/joystick) on the web, and they created their own spatial navigation using React components.

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πŸ“± React-Native

RN Skia talk

The Joy of Painting with Skia

William Candillon presents at App.js the advances of React-Native Skia. The Reanimated integration is improving. A RichText component is in development. The integration examples with native views are really impressive.

Expo Router talk

Write Once, Route Everywhere: File System-based Navigation for Native Apps

Evan Bacon presents at App.js the features planned for Expo Router v2. See also this thread. The use of universal links has many UX benefits. Expo continues to invest in web support, which is progressing well with the latest advances in the Metro bundler. There is even CSS support planned. Expo could well start to compete with Next.js on the web?

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