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Sean Walker
Sean Walker

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Day 10: Making a swift macOS password manager for people who hate the cloud

<- For Day 9 go here

πŸ“… 01/10/2019
πŸš€ 20 days until launch
πŸ”₯ 9 day streak
πŸ€‘ 0 usd
πŸ“ˆ 0 customers
⌚️ 8 hours spent
πŸ’» 19 files changed, 1037 insertions(+), 170 deletions(-)
🏁 Today's goals: Edit existing logins, hopefully generate strong passwords, and some ui improvements

2:44 PM
Still working but wanted to get started on the post a little earlier. Mentally prepping for post-work PRODUCTIVITY.

5:23 PM
Fixed a bug where the name field wasn't saved on new login creation. Also changed the tableview in storyboard to multi-selection. Little changes can make a huge difference in the experience.

11:29 PM
Watched netflix, thought of a cool new way to write these daily posts, messed around with the ui for a while, but couldn't come up with anything cool like 1password 7. Got the edit button working though, probably a total of 30 minutes done today haha. What is it consistency beats fits of inspiration?

The code starts to look the same after a while, I think I'm getting the hang of swift and macos dev.

    @IBAction func editButtonClicked(_ sender: NSButton) {
        let storyboard = NSStoryboard(name: NSStoryboard.Name("Main"), bundle: Bundle.main)
        let vc = storyboard.instantiateController(withIdentifier: "AddLoginViewController") as! AddLoginViewController
        vc.login = login

        let parentVC = self.parent as! PasswordListViewController

        for sView in parentVC.containerView!.subviews {

        vc.view.frame = parentVC.containerView!.bounds

Keep moving forward.

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niorad profile image
Antonio Radovcic

I don't know why but a simple native app to me looks so much more usable and approachable than most web-apps out there.

swlkr profile image
Sean Walker

Yeah, for some weird reason this thing is turning out to be easier to make over the same app for the web.

I don't have to worry about race conditions (for the most part) with the database, xss, csrf, css weirdness, javascript, deployment… the list is getting longer each day