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Day 28: Swift macOS password manager for people who hate the cloud

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πŸ“… 01/28/2019
πŸš€ 2 days until launch
πŸ”₯ 27 day streak
πŸ’° $4.99 price
πŸ€‘ $0 revenue
πŸ“ˆ 0 customers
⌚️ 44 hours spent
😭 1 Rewrite
πŸ’» 113 files changed, 249813 insertions(+), 561 deletions(-)
🏁 Today's goal: Finish setting up the landing page. Attempt to get the app in the mac app store in 2 days 😬

11:46 AM
I just wanted to highlight what I think is the best part of this whole thing. I can actually move quite a bit faster than with my old password manager because I did this:

Copy Email is really "Copy Email or Username" it will try to copy the email or if that's blank/nil it will copy the username instead in that order. So when it's time to login to a website or something, I search the partial name "dri" for dribbble, it's highlighted and selected in the tableview, then I just hit CMD+D or if I actually click the row, CMD+C to copy the password to my clipboard. No more mousing around trying to find hidden copy buttons, super excited about that. Oh and for the email/username I hit CMD+B. It's amazing. So much better and more secure than a browser extension.

The whole thing is so fast, I don't even have to touch the trackpad. CMD+B for email/username and CMD+D for the password after typing in the name of the service. Who knew things could be so convenient without a browser extension?!

11:51 AM
I looked into what it would take to not have the app in the app store, and I did find devmate but it appears to include all of this surveillance apparatus, oh I mean… "analytics". So not sure I want that. I'd probably be better served by stripe, a uuid generated license key in an email and my own auto-update functionality 😬 which is a lot of work for two days. I would like the crash reporting though. There's definitely a v2 in the works.

Mac App Store it is!

8:20 PM
Life. I managed to get one screenshot done today, so that's something

8:35 PM
There are so many things wrong with submitting an app to the app store it's hard to keep my head on straight with 2 days left.

8:36 PM

Submitted for review, it's really coming down to wire πŸ˜…

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