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Day 11: Making a swift macOS password manager for people who hate the cloud

<- For Day 10 go here

📅 01/11/2019
🚀 19 days until launch
🔥 10 day streak
💰 $29 price
🤑 $0 USD
📈 0 customers
⌚️ 8.2 hours spent
💻 19 files changed, 1048 insertions(+), 170 deletions(-)
🏁 Today's goals: Update existing logins, hopefully generate strong passwords, and some ui improvements

I need to get better at story telling so I can pitch media websites to get clicks and sell this thing. Starting right now.

Very short story mode

Over the course of 10 days, I've made huge strides on this password manager. My daily posts are fast becoming a go to staple in readers' streams, attracting less than 100 views per post! It may be shocking, but the daily grind of making small amounts of progress on a side project can really work! I think a lot more people (i.e. not just me) are looking forward to the release of this thing, which is a massive improvement from most of the projects I just dump on the world without talking about the development process from day 1.

Yeah that still wasn't very good, but you know, it's a start. Hard to tell a story about 10 mundane days.

Timeline mode

5:09 PM
Started out strong, opened xcode, always a good step towards making some progress on a mac app.

5:40 PM
Noticed a bug when editing passwords and navigating back to the other view controller. This here

let storyboard = NSStoryboard(name: NSStoryboard.Name("Main"), bundle: Bundle.main)
        let vc = storyboard.instantiateController(withIdentifier: "AddLoginViewController") as! AddLoginViewController
        vc.row = login

        let parentVC = self.parent as! PasswordListViewController

        for sView in parentVC.containerView!.subviews {

        vc.view.frame = parentVC.containerView!.bounds

Is mostly right, except I'm setting the parent to the current view controller, so when I'm using a container view, I can't get back to the view controller with the container view in it. I have to do this instead:


That's progress folks. Updating passwords is working! 🎉 See it in action below 👇

And no my password isn't password123

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