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dev.to staff on August 02, 2017

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Hello friends!

Looking forward to be part of this community! I'm kinda new in programming world, all I know is that one day i want to earn for living with my programming skills. Node.js is my focus for now and I'm loving it!

I'm from Croatia and English is not my native language. I want to improve my writing skills and i think this is good place for that! So when you see mistake in my text please tell me so i can fix it and learn from it! :D

Also if you have some advice regarding Node.js i would love to hear it!

Have a nice day you wonderful humans :)


Hello devs!
To be frank, I have to say that i haven't been programming seriously for quite a long time already.
Couple of years ago I was diving in scientific computing with fortran, matlab and CAE software. But that was something like 3 years ago.
Now I'm doing VBA time to time, bit of Python... But I'm trying to develop my skills and would like to get some fresh air and new infos. That's why I'm here!:)


Hello devs!

I have a love/hate relationship with ruby and an interest in go.

Current side project is containerizing all the things.

My non-dev activities lately is exploring my passion for making and art.


I know what you mean about Ruby. It's such a great language yet still can't do everything I want it to do. I just want to write everything in Ruby, but that's not really possible.


Hi devs,

I'm happy to be here and hope to get some new ideas and refresh some old ideas. I'm a softwareengineer and I love rules. So it's not a surprise that I'm very interested in patterns and how they work and techniques to get around the nasty problems. Most of the time I write PHP. I love it for the possibility to get a result really fast without much programming overhead and I hate it for the same reason. PHP makes me understand the sentence "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!" :D
I also had the chance to work in a 3-year-Java project, which was really fun. In my education at the univerity of applied science in Aachen (Germany) I wrote Python, C# and C++ as well and as a Web-Developer I have some experience with javascript, css and HTML (yeah, I know it's not a programming language :P )

When I'm not at the computer I play guitar in a band or read books, papers, articles or whatever comes to my eyes.


The band's called "Pedicle Screw". The music is a heavy rock- / metal- kind of thing. But it's a relatively new Band. We're working currently on our 6th song :D and we had two Gigs so far. But there's more coming...


Hello Devs!

I'm sorta new(ish). About me? Well I'm a little weird, very tall, I make a lot of ridiculous things in both hardware and software. As for development I'm a software developer, working in Java and C# mainly. I also have interests in web development.

Enjoy your stay :D


👋🏽 everyone! I'm Parwinder from Chicago! Developer (everything web). Eagerly waiting for the day I convince myself to switch to Observables (from Promises).

When I'm not coding, I'm usually spending time with my 🐶 or binge watching something on Netflix!


Hey fellow devs!

I've been hanging out on The Practical Dev (dev.to? Ben, what are you calling this?!) more and more lately. These days I work as a web developer and hack on ASP.NET, C#, and JavaScript. I like working on front-end web stuff mostly. I've only been doing this for about three years, and I've already written my first blog on here. I hope to get more of my experiences as I grow as a developer on here.

These days, I'm getting ready for a second kid.


Yeah, we're going to figure out this naming convention soon enough... 😓


Hello devs!

Another web developer here, working in a small spanish company. I'm just learning Android development, and enjoying it a lot. As side projects, I maintain a friend's web and I'm starting with my future apps list.

I'm planning to post here something about starting side projects and building mobile apps, so if you're interested in reading that send me a message you I'll have more pressure and I'll have write it sooner :)

As non-dev interests, I have been reading a lot about minimalism, and trying to become more minimalist in my life in general. And starting to think about becoming vegetarian.. but important changes come better one at a time.

Keep writing so great dev posts!


I'm a vegan and can attest to the minimalist lifestyle it offers. It really limits my choices, and counter-intuitively makes me think more creatively about my food choices. That in turn makes me feel more free, interestingly enough.

Also looking forward to your Android dev posts. :)


Hi everyone. I'm currently doing web development with Python/Django. In the past, I also did PHP (still love it). I'm also interested in web deployment, like Heroku and currently researching into deployment mechanism that we can use in house, like Flynn and Convox.

what's a non-dev thing you're doing lately?

I want to write novel or short story, but never got pass the first paragraph :D


Oh, I've also been working remotely in the past 7 years, so it also among the topic of my interest ;)


I want to write on sci-fi and fantasy in Malay (my mother tongue) which I think still a niche. Not much good story I've found yet in this genre. So far what I have in mind is about life on mars, slap on with some politic to touch on issue with corruption, which a very sensitive issue locally and using mars as a background, allow me more freedom in tinkering with the issue.


Hi! I'm a full-stack developer who recently started writing articles. I thought I'd cross-post them here so they can help more people. Last week I also launched my own JavaScript course, Step Up Your JS: a Comprehensive Guide to Intermediate JavaScript.

I use JavaScript daily and love writing about concepts that I know well. Good to meet everyone.


Hi everyone, my name's Ben, and I enjoy doing database design and development (mostly Oracle SQL). I'm interested in learning more about Oracle databases, such as admin and performance.
A non-dev thing I'm doing lately? I've taken up karate and have been training for about 4 months!
Happy to be here!


Welcome, devs!

To answer the question, I've been reading a lot of children's/young adult fiction lately, and it's really great. There's a lot of creative writing that is sometimes missed in books geared toward adults.

As for dev stuff, I've been learning about tests with RSpec and Capybara lately. Pretty annoying, but a necessary good... Also, I've taken an interest in React Native and Android dev. Might be doing more of that later on.


I'm at that stage too, Young Adult books are still my favorite.
They don't suck the fun out of reading, lol.

I also love some of the books my daughters picked up - If you have young readers in your life, or even just for kicks, I suggest "The Pigeon" books by Mo Willems, grade A. I have a weakness for sassy pigeons.


Sassy pigeons? Yes, definitely going to take a trip back to the library for that.

I just finished reading Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. It's a really fun book in a he-said-she-said format, that just takes you back to middle school (in a good way, or at least as-good-as-middle-school-gets way). I read it with my partner and definitely recommend it as a book to read together.


Hello fellow devs,

Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand. I'm currently an Android dev in a small software house. I recently came across this site after flipping through Flipboard app and found a good read in this site. I have to say that I am surprised at the ongoing community in the site so decided to join.

I've been writing code for only about 3-4 years after graduating, mostly stuff about frontend (using JS frameworks) and now switching to Android (Kotlin yay!).

Going forward, I believe the future is machine learning. I have a rather ambitious plan to learn and become a full-stack dev one day, while at the same time getting caught up with studying AI in my freetime. My plan is to do a side project like a mobile app that involves some sort of machine-learning data processing backend. I hope I can share and contribute something to the site as I go on about the project. In the meantime, looking forward to more interesting reads from the site :)


Hey devs & geeks,
Great to be the part of this awesome community.

I'm a web developer( I don't know that still as a student I can use this word among so many experienced devs ). I love to explore new technologies in the software world. I also have a good knowledge of Android App development. I like to learn programming languages, so far I have learned C, C++, Java, js, HTML/CSS, C#, Python( not an expert in all but confident in C++ and Python). I learn them so that there will be no barrier between me and any new technologies.
I'm also familiar web tools & technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, Django and have plans to try React, Gatsby, flask etc.

I also have plans to learn AI/ML in coming months as I'm really fascinated by the innovations in this field.
Many seniors and developers have advised me to stick to single technology but I really I can't stop myself from learning them(that's why I'm also worried about my career).
But I have decided that web development will always be my priority and will also contribute to the community in same.
One would be asking me that how I managed to learn so many technologies, my answer is my time management and period( total is 10 hrs/day).
Any words of advice are welcomed.


Welcome! I think it's great to have a thirst for learning whatever you can. My experience has been that I learn what I want, until my job needs me to learn something (which isn't a bad thing at all, simply a matter of priority).

I am glad I have some deeper knowledge of a language and framework though. It's helped me think less about basic knowledge of the language/framework, and focus more on mastery.


It's been a year since I've posted this and lot has changed since then. I decided to shift my complete focus on web development and haven't touched the AI/ML till now as it's too much fun to learn web development itself and there is a lot of learning here. And concepts like WASM fascinates me a lot.

And thanks @andy for such a great advice, I've followed the same and applied it in my open-source journey and I'm happy to say that I'm currently doing a good open source internship(Google Summer of Code) with a wonderful open source organization, Zulip where I've learned many new technologies if it's required to complete any task/project.

Dev.to is a great community and I've learned a lot from here especially about how to improve workflow and best practices. Glad that I'm a part of such an awesome community and in future, I would definitely share my knowledge here.


Hi guys,

I am Friday GodswIll Uche From Nigeria. Web dev using Python, and PHP. Interested in VUE and React! also an ML enthusiast.

what's a non-dev thing I'm doing lately?

I began following soccer. Yay Manchester United!!



So I've recently graduated uni here in London and right now I'm not really sure what direction to go. I've been dabbling in IOS and web development in my spare time and just trying to improve my coding skills.



Welcome! Congrats on graduating.

I'm no expert at all, but I once had to choose between learning iOS and web development. I ended up with web development mostly by chance, but I think the lesson I've learned (so far) is that it doesn't matter too much. What really matters is that you learn programming by doing one of them.

Of course maybe take my advice with a grain of salt since I don't know any iOS development. Maybe @kimberlypilbeam can shed some light?


My final year project was actually an iOS app so i'm not entirely useless when it comes to iOS. I've mostly been drifting to web development because I was feeling a bit burnout with iOS. But I think you're right; understanding programming concepts can (mostly) be applied across different areas. I've been following the Eloquent JavaScript book as a way to ease myself back into coding.

But yeah, thanks for your response!

I hear that!
It's easy to get burnt out with any technology- I was the opposite. Started learning web, found iOS and migrated towards that.

Personally, there's a lot of exciting things going on in mobile with Ar and Vr and Internet of Things, that it keeps it interesting! Mobile kind of has been encapsulating everything that doesn't fit everywhere else.

But any technology you learn will not be wasted. And agree that the principles and concepts are what's important starting out 😊😊

Yeah i've been keeping an eye on a some Ar stuff and it looks so cool!!

My current plan is to spend a bunch of time delving into web development and then move back into mobile development when I get some fresh ideas.

Despite 3 years in uni I still feel like a noob programmer so I'm enjoying going back through some of the basics in a new language


Hello devs!

I've been lurking for a while now and I've decided this a community I would love to learn more with! Looking forward to it!

My favorite language is PHP, It was the first I learned and I was the stereotypical Beginner PHP Dev (shitty code that mostly worked) until I was needed in a higher position at the company I work for. From there I worked insane hours and ignored almost every aspect of my life except development to be able to grow fast enough for the position. And here I am!


Hi Devs!!\
Winston here!!
New to coding .....trying my hand on python for now
Material Engineer by profession, bassist by passion, Christian 24/7 #TeamJesus
Hoping to dive into Quants for finance soooo GOPython!


Hey devs !
Personally I get tired and so frustrated while coding sometimes but have always noticed being with other devs push me beyond my strength hope guys here can do the same !. I love collaborating on projects so if you are interested in helping to make my ideas to real apps would really love it...looking forward to this community


Hello, devs!

I am still in the fledgeling stage of being a web dev. I have large gaps in my knowledge but I also have lots of enthusiasm for learning so hopefully they will be patched up soon. My eventual goal is to get a job as a junior web developer.

Meanwhile, I am having ridiculous amounts of fun with coding. Is this what a passion is? I think this is mine!

It's lovely to meet all of you!


Hey, besides spending weekdays doing Ruby and some Elixir, I spend my weekends building forts with my daughter and eating.

With a degree in philosophy and no formal training in CS, I am interested in arts, social and cultural aspects of technology.

Has been a long journey since my first program in a TI 99/4A, I will like to share, learn and get more involved in the community.


Hello devs!

I am a computer science student working in Production Support role right now. I work mostly with Java and SQL. I am hoping to learn about practical information that doesn't come up in the classroom including design and the workings of a team. Just looking for a good place to learn.


Hello devs!

It's great to finally be part of the community.

I am a Front End dev from India. Having 8 years of dev exp, I have majorly worked on web UI and front end stuff. Starting my career as full-stack ASP.Net dev and later moving to out-to-out front end dev.

I have worked with various companies, ranging from big Indian firms to startups. Having graduate and post-grad degrees in CE, I can say I am master of all and jack of none. I keep trying my hands on different stuff.

Currently I am mostly working with all the front end stuff with AngularJS. To summarize the languages I am currently working, I work with JavaScript, NodeJS and usual UI stuff.

I also love to automate stuff and make life easier. I want to learn python or get suggestion on which language I should try my hands on for automation stuff.

Hoping nobody is GoT spoiler here. ;)


Hello guys !

I'm a French developper working in Paris. I'm currently working on JS technologies.

I have been working on the Back end for a while with Graphql / Rest API, auth servers, microservices and database managment, On the Front end side, I work with ReactJs mainly and Vuejs from time to time.

I have been working with the StorybookJS team to bring VueJs support to storybook, so I hope I'll be able to share some knowledge about it and my JS experience.

I really love travelling, coding and cooking and would love to find some way to combine thoses passions together :D

I'm learning Ocaml and Golang right now, I hope I'll find people to share and learn with :)



Hello devs!!

really excited to be among developers. all the way from Nigeria, i am currently developing my skills in web dev with javascript. i've done some embedded programming in C, and played with Java. on the side, i'm doing game dev with Unity and C#.

my next interest is machine learning. i play guitar too.


Hi devs!

Started a long time ago as an electronics engineer and firmware dev, then started to do mobile development in the ye old days before iOS and Android (Windows CE...nightmares) and now I run a small sw development company.
Nowadays I don't have that much time to code, but still manage to do it. Currently, my favorite language is Scala. I also really enjoy the Akka framework, but I still have so much to learn about it.
Like everyone else I also have to wrestle html, js, css but don't really enjoy it. That's why I'm planning to start learning Scala.js :)


Hello Devs!
I have a web development company, lately my job has been more managing resources than coding, but with that in mindand I am aiming to improve our training methods, by including better testing, would love to learn more about it!


Hello all!

I am currently working as a Networking Support for a global company and I am interested and learning JS and NodeJS. I advance forward on baby steps but hoping to have the correct skill set in a reasonable time frame.


Good luck! Always exciting to hear someone switch over to being a dev. :)


Hello devs!

A Developer, with a spiking interest for user interfaces.
Working at a Media Company in Nigeria, chronicling Tech in Africa.
For fun sake, i do hybrid app development using ionic 2/3.

For Non-dev interest, i tend to play basketball and watch a lot of movies..

Em, i think that's it for now.


Hello all.

By day I'm a "full stack" developer in Belgium working mainly with .NET and AngularJs.

At night I like to read a lot and have multiple side projects mostly in JavaScript.
I try to blog about the problems and solutions I encounter during my side projects.


Heya devs! I heard about this place on the StackOverflow podcast and was keen to join an accepting and open community where I could progress my knowledge of the craft I've only recently taken up as a career. I hope to learn lots, and give back to the community!


Hi, everyone! I’m a developer in Berlin, Germany. I’m primarily doing front end work but I’m getting interested in mobile development so I’ve been playing with React Native and doing some basic Swift tutorials.

I’ve been using dev.to for a while now but only reading. Time to get involved.

Have a nice day!


Hello devs!

My name is Andreas and I'm a developer by education and by heart, but ended up on the technical end of markting, being a product manager. The product is a physical one, that, you would guess, goes in the "Internet of Things" bin.

That area has a lot of asm and c, but I've really been into python and R for the past years, trying to get my head around Javascript, node.js and golang recently.



Welcome Andreas! What's the product you manage, link?


Hello dev folks :)

Right now, I'm enjoying in the beach, you know it's summer and we have to relax a bit.

Well, I introduce myself, I'm a PHP developer since 5 years ago.

Recently, I started to think about creating some content about PHP and automation and performance tools.

Well, that's it!

Have a nice evening all of you.


Hey everyone – I'm glad to have joined dev.to now that I have been reading along for a couple weeks.

I am a Javascript engineer (primarily front-end) with an interest in backend technologies and systems as well.

While I work primarily in JS, I dabble in several other languages for work and fun (Go, Java, Ruby).



I mostly do Python and Node, but learning Go now, and interested in Haskell. I started with PHP but haven't touched it in... I don't even know how long. Been a "Web Developer" for 10+ years, but for the past few years I've gotten to say "Software Engineer" instead, which is super cool.

I'm self-taught, like many. Currently have a sweet remote position with O'Reilly Media. Before that I worked on meh.com, and similar sites, for a company called Mediocre.

When not working I'm doing boring stuff like watching TV or playing games on my iPad or cleaning my house or booping my cats and dogs. I don't have any non-code personal projects.

I end up following links to this site a lot, so figured I should actually create an account. Good material here.


We are very supportive of cat booping in this community. 🐱


G'day all.

Web developer here, working on SaaS products mainly. > 10 experience.

Non-dev stuff to mention would be that I'm a musician (guitarist) of > 30 years. There's a strong correlation between learning music and CS IMO.

Enjoying this site. Keep up the good work!


Hi nerds!

Am glad to be part of this nerdy community!Am a practicing developer with experience in core php,laravel and javascript to be specific vue.js.

I'm from Kenya and am looking forward to establish an online presence with the little to no knowledge that i have in the technology stacks highlighted above.

Also i will be posting a few articles on this platform to share the little experiences that i have.Positive criticism will be accepted in order to gain the best coding practices.

Happy coding:)


Hello Everyone!

Looking forward to being a part of this community and being able to get feedback and become a more knowledgeable developer. I've coded off and on for a bit now, but over the past 6 months or so I have tried to put more of an effort into this craft.

I am currently trying to learn React and try and become efficient in that.

A non-dev thing that I've been truly committed to lately is getting back in the gym.



Hello Devs!

I'm happy to discover and join to Dev!
I'm full stack developer. I live in Turkey.


Thanks! I saw at Hacker News site. Someone shared an article :)


Hey hey, dev people!

Let's start with a question first. I drum player so that what I was been doing lately, which is a non-dev thing. Also, I've been cooking a lot of something new to me, which taught me something interesting and gave me a good meal :)

About myself, I am a game developer (working with mobile casual games at the moment). At work, I am working with Unity and C#, but I like to learn C++ and do some things with OpenGL. OpenGL and shader writing is my current focus and that what I am doing after work.
Additionally to this, I like to study algorithms and solve problems with it on different resources like Codeforces, SPOJ, Project Euler etc.

It is really pleasing to meet you all and join your community.


Hey everyone,

I've been enjoying the content here for awhile and finally created an account to join in on the discussion.

I'm a US expat living and working in Ukraine. My work day includes C#/.NET and JavaScript, play is mostly JS(ES6+) though. I love working on UI and would love to improve my CSS, which is :poop:

When I'm not in front of a computer I'm with my beautiful wife and daughters.

Looking forward to eventually contributing, but I'm not sure how I want to do that yet.


Hi guys,

I'm a frontend developer for some years now and recently learned some React powers. I live in Brazil and I'm looking for oportunities abroad. I love learning new stuff and frontend is full of that. Looking forward to be more engaged in the community. I also play Overwatch, Final Fantasy XIV and some other stuff in the free time.



Hello, fellow devs!

I stumbled upon a post my friend wrote here just a few minutes ago, then I surfed around the site a bit and quickly decided to hop in :)

I am a front end web development enthusiast. I just love seeing the spaghetti I write comes out as beautiful interface and animations. Currently, I'm diving deep into Javascript, trying to comprehend how it works under the hood. For the next step, I'm going to learn more about TDD and functional programming.

As for the non-dev thing, I've been playing around with Blender 3D lately. Off the computer, I love riding motorbikes, strolling around town or touring to neighboring cities on weekends.

Hope I can learn and contribute lots of stuff here!


I just love seeing the spaghetti I write comes out as beautiful interface and animations.

That's a hilarious way of putting how front end turns out. Also totally true in my case, too, since my CSS skills are not all that strong, yet somehow it turns out okay on a webpage.

I've been learning some testing and a bit of TDD, too, and boy is it a pain. My experience has been that it's like learning a whole another language again.


Hello World~

I was flabbergasted to see so many active developers on this site. I cannot believe that I never heard of dev.to until today.

I am a .NET dev learning React and Node. My favorite language is C#.

Currently hacking on Slack API RTM (Real Time Messaging) to display Sentiment Graph.

Non-dev thing I am doing lately? Reading voraciously. For non-dev books, I usually read self-development and psychology books, such as “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Slight Edge”, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, and “Psychology of Everyday Things”. (If you want to see my reading list, check out my GoodReads profile).


Cool Slack project! Definitely interested in seeing where you take it.

Also, welcome to the community. :)


Thank you, Andy. Much appreciate the welcome.

I will update the progress of the side project gradually ~


Bonjour ami(e)s developers !

I'm a dev from France, I'm also an entrepreneur and I just created a "Software Workshop" (kinda like a consulting company) called Ryfacto (ryfacto.fr).

I have 8 years of experience and I'm constantly learning new stuff and the articles here are very helpful in this sense !

I have a lot of experience in iOS development (Swift & Obj-C).

Currently I'm revising classic books in the field (Mythical Man Month, Clean Code, Refactoring, etc) as well as leveling up in React (JS + Native), .NET Core, automation on Azure.

I really care about my craft and am a TDDer & eXtreme Programmer.

Beside programming, I love playing Zelda & Mario and board games with my friends !

I wish everyone happy learning & fun with programming (and other stuff 😉).


Hello, devs!

We are a team of no-code developers and designers that have recently launched Zeroqode.com

Zeroqode is a platform for all things no-code (templates, courses, backends, web2native etc.). We are the #1 no-code app template publisher that created a number of beautiful and functional app templates. Among them are: AirBNB clone, Uber Clone, Trello Clone, Slack Clone, Booking & Appointment template, Product Hunt Clone, LinkedIn Clone and many others.

So now if you want to launch an app you can use your developer genius more on architecture and plan rather than writing thousands of line of code. You can still use it if you want to but in most cases, it's no longer an absolute requirement  
Building apps without code is easier, faster and a lot more fun!

Have a nice day and happy building!


Hi everyone,
currently I'm messing with Groovy and Grails, some good old Java and some frontend when needed.
Recently found out how cool Docker is.

Besides dev stuff I'm currently trying to raise a couple of kids, which pretty much doesn't leave time for anything else (kayaks, skies and climbing stuff are parked in my garage).

That's it I guess.


Hello everyone!

I'm mostly an iOS developer, but I have a broad interest in other technologies, React.js one of them.
At the moment I'm investing a lot of time studying Artificial Intelligence and I'm planning to start to write about my findings soon.

Lately, when I'm not in front of my laptop programming or studying, I'm out taking pictures and writing about my travels.



I'm Georgiana Gligor, a senior application architect based in Romania.
Been living in the LAMP/LEMP stack for about 15 years, doing large-scale applications and more recently started a PhD in systems engineering.

Outside writing code, this fall I'm organising the first Romanian PHP conference

Even if I used this website for quite a while, just decided on joining the community officially with a proper account.


Hello everyone

I'm Kushagra, a mobile app developer by profession . I primarily work on iOS and React Native apps. I love to code and learn new things which are cool and can be utilised. Excited to be a part of this community :D

Looking forward to loads of learning & sharing :)


Hello everyone! I'm a passionate, motivated student of web development at Eleven Fifty Academy. I'm about to graduate from their JavaScript Intensive in Fishers, Indiana. A non-dev thing I've been doing lately is reading "Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch" ("Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" in German) and "The Feminine Mystique."


Hi everybody,

I actually just graduated with my CS degree and I have been programming for 3 and a half years.
I have done a lot of database work professionally but for fun, I enjoy learning new languages (Rust and C++ are my latest endeavors). I know a variety of different languages and prefer to work on the backend.

For non-dev stuff, I like playing music, reading, or just hangout with friends.

Hope to read a lot and learn from everyone.


Hello devs, I am really excited to be a part of this community! I'm in the third semester of a Computer Science course and programming is by far my favorite part of it.

I know a bit of Java and C++, but since the languages used in Machine Learning - the theme that I am invested in - is Python and R I am trying to learn those too.

To be honest, there is not a lot of non-dev things that I do.


Hello people.

I'm a frontend dev, also doing backend stuff. Doing web things since 20 years.
Based near Frankfurt am Main and working for an e-commerce agency in Frankfurt.

I'm a trained designer and self-taught coder.
I enjoy working with JavaScript, CSS and HTML but mostly, I work with PHP and frameworks like Magento and Typo3. In addition, I'm running around as a speaker on conferences and user-groups.

In my private time, I'm doing photography and blogging, besides this, some sports like climbing. The blog is about coffee, code (web dev stuff) and photography, what else ^


My long-term goal is to work in Germany! Do German tech companies have a need/desire for American web developers?


hmm, cannot speak for all companies but why not, just try it out.


Hello devs!

I'm Omri, a data scientist from Israel living and working in Germany. My go-to language for almost everything is python, but I also use Javascript quite a lot. I'm now trying to learn AWS for data science (Kinesis Firehose, Athena, etc...) which is a rather confusing thing to try to learn.

I'm also a parent of a 2-year-old daughter, an avid boulderer (when time permits) and actually, I am originally a physicist that went astray into the fields of data science.

I'm looking forward to get to know this community - learn and contribute as I can :)


Hello devs!
It feels great to be here, I've been writing code for about 7 months now, mainly JavaScript. It's been thrilling every step of the way. I also dabbled in a bit of Python early on. I'm currently learning React now. I hope I can interact with like minds on this platform and learn a lot of helpful things in the process.


Hi all. I'm Chris (toferc on Twitter & Github). I run the government of Canada's digital workspace team (about 18 dev / UX'ers + business teams. I'm mostly a Python Web / data science dev, but have recently been teaching myself Go and have a few hobby projects in process as I learn. For non-dev, I'm an active roleplayer and father of two awesome little dudes.


Hello dev.to people! I'm Darshak and I learned about this app from Twitter.

What strikes to me as the most apparent aspect of dev.to is the welcoming and inclusive community. Between this and Hashnode, I think the era of nonjudgmental equality among developers is here.

As for me, I am a JavaScript/TypeScript developer based in India, and I ❤️️ the Web platform. I am also a Linux user and a big fan of elementary OS. You should try it some day.


Hey everyone,

I'm a student here in NYC at a coding bootcamp called C4Q doing an intensive 10 month program in full-stack web development.

Right now we're currently 2 months in (I'll update anyone who's interested) doing ES6. I'm not the strongest developer in my class but I'm always looking to learn and extremely curious.

Here to join a community of like-minded individuals who can help me out and be an additional resource on my programming journey.


Hello fellow Devs & Hackers :)

I am trying to push myself deeper into "actual coding", I've done a few 'build a thing that does X' in GoLang but I haven't built anything truely useful. I know the basics of GoLang, I've done some basic scripting/Windows-GUI work with Python, but I'm up to learn and try anything.

I find security fascinating and try to be conscious about where I keep my 'secrets' and to what level of security I keep my life. I also enjoy playing with Rpi's & Arduino's. Looking at studying electronic engineering in the near future.

I'm up to try learn/try anything :)


Hey all,

I've been enjoying posts on dev.to for some time and decided to get my own hands dirty with The Fallacy of DRY.

Now I need to hurry back to the Supreme Commander lobby before withdrawal symptoms set in.


Hello everyone, I am Mauricio Voto - a Brazilian web developer that is trying to share knowledge since I always learned from great articles and screencasts. So I decided to start writing about things that calls my attention and glad to join this community that could possibly help me on this mission.

Here's my first kid, an introductory article: dev.to/mvoto/vim-basicspart-1-mode...
If you're interested about vim, I would love to get some feedback :)

Cheers !


Hey Everyone, I'm a software developer here in New York City, and I am looking to contribute to the open source community centered around the Ruby stack. I live in Brooklyn, and I love to ride my bike.

I am also interested in developing out a teaching community which would teach its skills to the people of New York City -- this is not an online school.

Message me if you are either interested in contributing to open source or teaching something tech or design related in New York City.


Howdy, dev.to

I'm the Director of Technology for a school, as well as the head of the CS program there. I am a self-taught developer working mainly in JS these days, but in love with basically every language. Functional programming really turns my crank, as does data modeling. Thrilling I know, but basically I'm looking for ways to teach the thought processes of programming in ways not limited to games and robots. I find lots of inspiration here, and look forward to participating rather than just reading.


Hullo Devs!
Phew This feels good. The community, to be amongst like minded people. People whom I share the same interests with. People who I'd like to share a room with talking all day about code and tech!!
Well, I am a web developer, and I'm self-taught, like many. Python was my first love; but I just didnt like to do webby things with it! (Spiders,Pythons BFFs? Dont think so) --- So I love PHP!! I've been learning the language and I look forward to picking up a micro-framework for starters. I am learning the MVC software architecture approach. Then I move on to something more complex. I have been learning JS 'properly' and I still regret learning jQuery before learning Javascript. I dream of becoming a full stack developer one day but not the JS full stack. The PHP+1 relational+1 non relational DB at the backend and JS at the front-end kind of fullstack developer, you know. I am a big fan of fast loading sites, optimisations, web performance and accessible sites. I am also looking to learn Vue.JS and GraphQL. I think they are the future. Esp GraphQL. Time for REST to take a permanent REST. I have been thinking a lot about technical writing and I look forward to honing my skills here by dropping some write ups. Let's do this!


Hello, fellow developers.

Recently I have been working on my health and habits. Manly a healthy workout and diet regime. Also I started to train myself to do the seemingly difficult thing right away(ie. taking out the trash, washing the dishes immediately after a meal, and in programming - reducing my technical debt).

In the near future I aim to modernize and rework one of my very old projects and try to launch it. I will try and post about my process on my feed.

I will also try to write up some of the things I find interesting and useful.


Hello all!

My background is a zillion degrees in CS (BSc, MSc and PhD). But, really, that doesn't mean much of anything. Just that I spent a lot of years involved in education.

During my PhD I became super interested in EdTech, specifically aimed at the k12 market, and cofounded a (now defunct) startup called Alieo Games. Since that, I've worked for another edtech company (Squiggle Park) and am hoping to get back into doing some development on my own projects.

I've dabbled all over the place in languages - AG was done with Django and Postgres. For SP I've been more directly involved in product design and management, and less in code, but I've helped out with some unity and node.js work.

I prefer to prototype out ideas and am less enthused with making sure things are production ready. But, more just aiming to get things working enough for whatever they're to be used for.

I've been lurking around reading posts for a while, hopefully will start contributing more.


Hi, im a developer who specializes in software test automation.

Lately I have been looking into also automating the automation because.. reasons.

Im probably going to be most active in areas of ML and graph theory. :D


Hi Everyone,

I'm a JS developer who converted from aerospace engineering. I've been coding for 3 years but only working on web software for 1.

I'm an obsessed climber and I hope that software development will allow me to work, travel and climb around the world. I'm currently living in China as part of an extended tour of Asia.

I'm starting to write posts about my journey as a new developer and tutorials about cool things that I learn along the way.

Long term goal is to work as a freelance/remote back end developer as that's where I believe I can find the most challenges.



I go by the name Migwi Ndung'u, a Kenyan by Nationality and a programmer by choice. I am pleased to join you.

I am an Andelan fellow, working in the Andela Kenya office.

I have had my hands and mind on Go, python, react, Angular and Java. Currently learning more about the linux kernel.


Hey all,

I'm just getting into the whole world of Web Development. I am getting close to finishing a course in full stack development with Ruby on Rails as the backend focus (preparing myself for the barrage of 'Ruby!? That dying language?! WHYYY!!???!').

Are there any pro Ruby people out there? It can't be the worst thing in the world can it?



I'm Matheus. Im a fullstack web developer who works with IoT. I'm into all things web, am currently in love with the couple Laravel + Vue, and enjoy reading about science, philosophy and religion, and also playing StarCraft 2.


Heyo! I do .NET things. I play games (PC and tabletop). In terms of a non-dev thing I am doing: Remodeling the basement; although that has been on-goign for a LOONG time. Probably should get that finished!


Hi, everyone!

Glad to be here. Awesome to see such a thriving community of devs.

I've been coding for about 3.5 years, but I recently got my first full time job (been in school learning nothing).

I've been through a couple of languages; started out with C++, learnt Java (Android). These days I write mostly PHP and JavaScript (Node.js). I also do some technical working.

I loove building APIs, bots (more of automation than AI), and tools for developers. I live and work in Lagos, Nigeria.

I recently discovered I was turning into a guy-who-spends-all-day-sitting-in-front-of-a-laptop, so I'm trying to get into exercise, plus some bodybuilding (no gym yet, just a home workout). And playing FIFA Mobile, too, though that's still a sitting down job. I'm still considering healthy non-dev stuff I can do. Maybe basketball? 🤔🤔


Hello! I've been joining in on the weekly Twitter chats a while now, but just joined the community. Hmm, non-dev thing I'm into lately. I've been reading Marie Kondo's book and slowly downsizing my possessions. It's difficult at times, but I think the pay off has the potential to be great.


Hello devs!

I've been coding professionally since 2009, almost gave up, but around 2012-2013 I got in love with the craft and took the path that bring me to who I am today. I consider myself a generalist who has worked with Java, mostly web, for the last few years, now I'm getting ready to dive in the Ruby world.

For non-professional hobbies, I'm mostly a dungeon master for my favorite hobby Dungeon and Dragons, a single player gamer and an avid fantasy reader, currently reading "The Black Company by Glen Cook".

Like I said before, I am currently learning Ruby and also trying to fill the gaps on my Unix knowledge. I really appreciate this community support, keep doing such a amazing work.


Hello, devs!

We are a team of no-code developers and designers that has recently launched Zeroqode.com

Zeroqode is a platform for all things no-code (templates, courses, backends, web2native etc.). We are the #1 no-code app template publisher that created a number of beautiful and functional app templates. Among them are: AirBNB clone, Uber Clone, Trello Clone, Slack Clone, Booking & Appointment template, Product Hunt Clone, LinkedIn Clone and many others.

So now if you want to launch an app you can use your developer genius more on architecture and planning rather than writing thousands of line of code. You can still use it if you want to but in most cases it's no longer an absolute requirement.

Building apps without code is easier, faster and a lot more fun!

Have a nice day and happy building!


Howdy howdy.

I really like the look of the community here on dev.to! Nice to see so many interesting conversations and respectful debates. Keen to be a part of that.

I'm based just outside of London. I've been making things for the web for around 20 years with the last 9 or so at agencies.

These days I work at Netlify as part of the Developer Relations team. I'm interested in all things to do with #JAMstack and #webperformance

Outside of development, I dabble in open mic stand up comedy. People near London can find me most Tuesdays at a night I host: comedyinthecrown.com


hey everyone,

From all the comments and posts looks like a great community here. Looking forward to joining it.

I'm 12 years into programming, mostly with PHP and Javascript but looking to learn Ruby and Python.

Also like the devops and testing side too and learning the best way to go about setting everything up. Hopefully can sharpen my skills here.

From Cape Town, South Africa.


Hi everyone,

I am working as a developer and linux / unix / mac enthusiast for about 2 decades now. So I do use a lot of language on a more day to day bases: Java, Bash, Python...

Right now I also use groovy and grails pretty regularly.

I just wanted to join here to be able to learn something or help out others


Hi All

I'm working remotely, developing in Elm and JS. Am always interested in good places to be engaged in discussions, mostly about Elm as that is where I am focusing my learning.



Hi devs,

I'm Marty and I work with Robotics, mostly.
I don't code as much as I used to which makes me a bit sad, but when I do I mostly use Python.
I work with Machine Learning a bit in my part-time study which keeps things interesting just trying to keep up!

Right now I'm on holiday in Japan, and loving the break.


Hello every one, i am looking forward to be a part of this community! i want to learn more about programming because i really love it and i spend the whole time coding python/nodejs-nwjs. i want to be a programmer when i grow up! :D


Hello Guys,

I am Anita, Always ready to learn something new. Presently I am a Project Analyst apart from this I am also learning Node.JS & AngularJS. Hope this platform gives me the best resources regarding my learn.




I don't like introducing myself, but they implied that I'm cat! I paint, sail and develop some web applications in PHP/CoffeeScript using MongoDB and ElasticSearch and a lot's of other technologies written by You, fellow developers.

Kind Regards,


Hi everyone, my name is Scott Shipp and I am a professional software engineer working in Seattle, WA, favoring Lean Software practices and a people-driven development approach. I've worked as a software engineer in non-profit, academic, ecommerce, and software companies for over ten years and have a Master of Software Engineering degree from Seattle University, the same degree Steve McConnell (author of Code Complete, etc.) has.

One non-dev thing I'm doing lately is collecting garage rock recordings from the '60s-today with a focus on "budget rock" / lo-fi sounds. Some examples include Link Wray, The Mummies, The Sonics, Supercharger, and The Drags.


Hello there. This is Avin, a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer who has spent the latter half of 2017 learning Java and Python with the aim of switching career as a full time developer. My skillset includes experience as a Selenium Automation Engineer with Java as the scripting language. Almost done with my Python Foundation Nanodegree from Udacity and on the way to enroll for another one. I see 2018 as the foundation for building my career as a Data Scientist. Taught myself to play guitar in 2017 and will continue to advance my guitar skills in 2018. Excited to learn and unlearn new stuff in 2018.


I'm Alonso, work in Chile as Development Leader on a SaaS Company.
I'm interested in development methodologies or just tips to better manage my development team.

We develop with PHP, JavaScript, HTML CSS among other tecnologies.

Non-dev things I do: cycling (17 km / day), photography, play guitar.

I'm father of two kids and one in the baking :)


Hello everyone!

I'm a games programmer who currently works remotely for a mobile games company in Ireland. My day job is writing C# in the game engine Unity.

I also program in my spare time, and use my favourite language, C++, for almost all my projects. My current main project is making a small game engine from scratch using C++, OpenGL, SDL (for window creation and input), and a variety of other small libraries.

I'm really interested in learning more about C++, game programming, and graphics. I'm also quite interested in code architecture, and feel like it's something I can really improve on.

Oh and I'd like to learn another programming language soon, which will proooobably be Python?

Nice to meet you!


so what am I supposed to write? I am still not sure what this platform actually is. Something of everything, as it seems.

So yeah… about me. I've recently made an Offline QR Code Generator add-on for Firefox:

And in case you know the German Öffi app, here is a petition for open-sourcing it: secure.avaaz.org/de/petition/Oeffi...

what's a non-dev thing you're doing lately?

Signing up to this site? Or does not it count? 😉

BTW, where can I give feedback/bug reports or similar about this thing here? Or ask questions?


Hey everyone!

Hope you're all having a wonderful day.

Decided to make the leap and create my profile on here to help participate in the community.

Looking forward to helping out, contributing and getting to know you.




Just been introduced to this by a friend who described it as, "Medium for devs". Loving being able to write posts in markdown, my second favourite language.

I'm a frontend developer, though nowadays I'm probably more just a Javascript developer. Though most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing


Will add this so folks won't think I'm a lurker.

Hi Guys.

I'm Bill Plunkett from Longview in Northeast Texas - known as behind the pine curtain.

I definitely qualify as a "gray-beard" not only because I have one but I got my B.S. in Computer Science (minor in math) in 1975. I worked as a Systems Analyst ( ya'll now call us Software Engineers), Programmer and mainframe Database Administrator. Did that for about 25 years.

Then got the bright idea to chase a life-long love of photography and became a "professional" landscape and wildlife photographer - had some success and it was personally very rewarding but just didn't put beans on the table. So I'm back in the software world. Trying to do some catch up on latest technology.

I am self-employed, love developing in Xojo (cross-platform language and IDE that has been described as syntax like Visual Basic and Class/Object structure like C#) and am nailing down Visual Studio skills along with C#.

I will develop apps or subcontract with any of you folks as long as I can tele-commute. I am allergic to NOT BEING SUFFOCATED BY PINE POLLEN.

Nice to meet all you guys, have already seen a post by a Xojo friend - Paul Lafebvre.

The non-developer thing I doing now - I'm Lodge Secretary for the Ashland Masonic Lodge #1138 in Diana Texas - I LOVE FREEMASONRY!


Hi Devs!

I am currently in an apprenticeship learning to code and am quite happy with the place I'm in as the people here teach me the best practices in a patient manner.

I want to live out my creativity in the digital realm and hope to some day be able to live off my own creations.

Also like to draw and play the piano. Nature is great as well. Dogs > Cats.

Have a nice day everyone! :)


Hello devs!

I am heading into my senior year of college studying CS. I have been interning at a company for the past two summers and have just recently accepted a full-time offer as a software engineer effective as soon as I graduate next Spring. Most of my work lately has been in Node and AngularJS, with some Java in the mix as well.

I am very excited about Javascript and the community around it, because it is so extremely active and evolving. I am currently trying to get a feel for React and its ecosystem, so I am attempting a small side project with that.

A non-dev that takes up a significant amount of my time is playing basketball. I am actually on the team at my university.

I am really hoping to become more active in the community to hopefully learn and help others at the same time. Please feel more than welcome to reach out to me for a chat or to bounce ideas around.


My name is Nikola Djurovic and I am managing Application Development Team at Top Shipment where we are building a more efficient purchasing solution from the U.S. with low cost, affordable international delivery. More at bit.ly/toppager.

If you are #React developer and thinking to join a team that is motivated by leaving something great for the community and changing the world than please read my invitation at bit.ly/topproposal


Hi folks!

I´m from Brazil, and no, i´m not a troll... :P

English it's not my main language, so, patience with me, folks, please. And correct me, if you want.

I make software since 1989, started with some DOS languages (C/C++, clipper, dbase, asm, etc.)

Today, i'm software engineering and work with Java Ecosystem, some .NET projects, and, specially, studying a lot about IA (Machine Learning)...

I want to make some pair programming friends...

If you guys want some help, maybe i can help... maybe not... but, let's code!


BTW, i'm spending time with my daughter and my wife... this is my non-dev thing... :)


Hello Devs!
I am looking to get up to date again, having stopped actively writing software a few years ago as my career evolved into management. I work in financial service and head up a team responsibility for writing risk management software.

I am interested in web development, cloud computing, big data and large scale distributed systems. I was once an expert on the latter, but my skills are now stale and need to be refreshed. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience and learning more.


Hello, folks! I tuned into the Practical Dev Twitter feed a few months back and have been grateful for the insight and discussions.

I'm a web developer who took this up as a hobby during my computer science major back in college 20 years back. I'm typically working with front-end development work, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but I also manage two freelance animal behavior sites driven by ColdFusion and SQL Server. I consider myself a bit of a generalist, or "red mage" developer, with interests/knowledge in web analytics, data visualization, responsive web design, and information security.

For "non-dev things," I enjoy working outdoors or on home improvement projects. This past week, for example, I shoveled four-and-a-half tons of playground sand from my driveway to my kids' swingset in our backyard. :-)


Welcome! I'd love to learn more about information security, you should do a post for beginners. :)


My name is Naveen and I'm a software developer from India. I've been following the website from past few weeks and it has helped me in my work.
I've currently started to work on MEAN stack and I'll around here to learn cool things.
My weekends are usually spent in travelling around places or Netflix-ing and chilling 😛


Hi devs !

I'm actually a student, I came back to school after leaving it at the age of 15.
My passion for code drive to be an application developer in Thalès, which is a very big French company.
I do like JavaScript and everything which come with (Angular, Ionic, Vue, React, Ember, etc…)
But I also do like Swift, Ruby (and Rails of course).
I come from web to go to applications.
I have a degree in Web Design and I'm passing a bachelor in application development.

When I'm AFK, I like to play drums and bass, do some cycling and just chill with my wife and my kids.

Thanks for your welcome !


Hello, I just found randomly a nice article from this site and I couldn't help to dive in, so far I have found many interesting things and a get-fun-while-you-code spirit in the community, so I decided to join.
I have been working over 5 years on software development, mainly on .NET world, but lately, I have shifted to Linux+Java+Python world and I'm really enjoying it! I live in Spain but came from Cuba.
So, have fun coding and doing so nice posts!


Hey everyone! I'm a Rails developer, but I've branching out into other frameworks and languages like Swift/Cocoa and Crystal/Lucky. Nothing too unique, but I'm always looking for great technology articles. 👋


Hi yall. I'm Rick, a math+cs nerd who moved to Seattle 7 months ago, a jack of all trades with a particular focus on JS-sphere stuff (fullstack dev with node/express and react) and I spent the last part of my job as a data engineer so I learned alot about SQL and k:v databases and clustering and access models. However I got let go because of that un-asked switch to a team I knew nothing about so now I'm trying to get current with the whole dev scene, network, make friends and collaborators, work on projects, get inspiration, and learn. (and get a job)
I also really really love functional languages, especially Haskell, Prolog, programming languages and compilers, graphics programming, game development, and want ot get into iOS or mobile development.
I also love prairie dogs.


Hey everyone!

I have been writing software full time for 7 years, and on and off for 20 years.

I mainly write in Java, although I've written in PHP, C, Pascal, XML, XQuery and a few others in my past experiences.

I am currently trying to get my head round machine learning to understand the power of it.

Non-dev wise I like to write music, in particular techno and house.


Hello all,

Long time lurker, decided to re-publish my blog posts here that I started this year.
They can be found at blog.joshghent.com

I'm really enjoying writing and the community so thought I'd join. Nice to meet you all 👋


Hello world.

I'm a Web Developer from Mexico. My favorite language is Python (I luv Django), but I'm having a tiny romance with JavaScript and NodeJS.

VueJS is my new passion.

I'm working in many projects about Web ERP systems, and tiny apps for the education sector.

I was looking for a development community for a long time. I'm excited to be here.

P.S. I have a Blog (dariobenitez.pro), It's on Spanish, but maybe I will start to write in English.


Hello developers!

I came across this site as a comment on reddit/r/cscareerquestions and after quickly browsing through it I decided I definitely need to join in on the fun. I'm currently working as a QA Automation Engineer in Chicago but am looking for new opportunities as a junior java developer.

I've been spending the last couple weeks practicing algorithms and learning a little bit of Spring to leverage my Java skills. I'm hoping to learn a little more so I can start working on a side project to throw on my resume.

Outside of development I actively produce House & Techno music as well as DJ on the weekends and am an avid history buff as well as a follower of stoicism.

I'm excited to be a part of the community and can't wait to soak up some knowledge :)


I am doing phd in engineering/neuroscience field and use coding (development) as a tool for research. Also I am interested in learning what software project management can teach us.

Mostly program with MATLAB and some ruby, even less python. Arduino coding is also very useful for rapid development of hardware controls for our experiments.

Side project is 100+ TB storage on FreeBSD/ZFS, which requires taking quite a bit of extra responsibility.

Photography as hobby, but mostly trying to have fun on the road to graduation


Hello everybody!

Since 4 years ago I use to be a front-end developer with some python code for backend, but in the past I worked mainly with java.

My dev interests: JavaScript and all it's ecosystem, python, java, scala (I didn't have the opportunity to use it at work yet), functional programming, infrastructure as code, docker, kubernetes, microservices...

As a non dev project I'm building an arcade machine (old school games never dies :D )

It's a pleasure to meet this community!


Hey everyone,
I'm super excited to have found this site and happy to be here. Currently I'm a full time programmer working mostly in Python and fill my nights, weekends, and lunch breaks sharing my journey in Maker Internet of Things. I love helping other people get started in Maker IoT and answering questions.
I've got too many IoT platforms to list but my favorite is probably the Particle Photon. I love hardware/software interaction and want to up my Alexa Skills game at some point.


I am Yamen from Nigeria. I am learning to be a ninja at Nigeria's foremost Tech Institution Andela. Check us out!
I hope to learn a ton, and find a place where a newb can comfortable contribute.


Hi! I'm a Java developer who is mostly working in Go at the moment while trying to learn Rust in my spare time. I'm really kind of a jack of all trades, definitely master of none.

Non-dev thing is preparing to go inter-railing, I'll be going to about 6 cities I've never been to in the space of two weeks.


Hi there! I have 10 years of experience in software development, 3 years in backpacking, and uncountable years in causing trouble. Currently a professional trouble-maker for dev teams (aka Scrum Master and Agile Coach). I'm passionate about agile and for people building software products, I care deeply about my teams, encouraging them to find ways to improve their work and thus their lives--but I often can't find my own keys.

I have a blog about Agile, launched only a few months back. I’ll be posting about once a month. Would love to hear your comments and feedback. agilistandre.com

Excited to be part of this community.


Hello devs!

I have been developing stuff for 10 years. I have used a variety of languages, but am currently settled on Go, Python, and JavaScript for the majority of my work. I comfortable up and down the Web stack, building ETL pipelines, writing command-line programs, modeling data for storage and processing, and doing front-end development.

I am currently exploring how best to architect event-driven systems. I recently created rdm.academy for a school project, but will be continuing to develop this.

FWIW, I work at a pediatric hospital and lead an Applications Research team. We get to explore and apply technologies from academia and industry in a healthcare context.

A few non-dev things I do every day are running and cooking. Prior to learning how to write code I had a plan to become a chef (I love to make food for others).

Thanks for reading!


My name is Lorenzo Pasqualis. I started writing software in 1984. Over the years I used many languages, technologies, and tools. I have been in leadership positions, in different capacities, since the early 2000s. At the moment I am the Senior Director of Engineering at DreamBox Learning, a company that creates software to revolutionize the way the world learns.

Today I spend much of my time focused on the art of hiring, managing and leading engineering teams, and helping the teams architect scalable and quality solutions. In the process, I am exposed to many learning opportunities, through direct observations in the field, making and correcting mistakes, and interacting and observing people I meet and work with.

And… yes… I still code too. Coding is a passion that will never die, and staying close to the technology makes me a better leader of technologists. In the last few years, I worked with Java, Ruby, C/C++.

In my free time, I write on a blog called CoderHood dedicated to the human dimension of software engineering.


Hi everyone! I'm completely new to this field, currently a student, and hoping to embark in a career with web development. I look forward to meeting you all! What are you working on these days?


Hi. I'm also new in this site. And i'm willing to share ideas with you :)


yay! Let's exchange ideas (or frustrations) some time! :)


Hello everyone!

My name is Wern, and I'm a freelance web developer (primarily using PHP and Laravel). I also do mobile app development on the side using React Native.

Non-dev thing that I've been doing lately? Yoyoing. I'm actually picking up something new for 30 days just for the sake of enjoyment.

I'm here because as a freelancer I often work on projects alone. So I don't gain that many insights when it comes to development. I'm interested in incorporating Docker, unit testing and continuous integration as part of my development toolset and workflow. Up until now I've only used Vagrant and no unit testing (and other types of testing) for the web apps that I develop. So I'm hoping you could help me out with that :)

Oh and I also write tutorials for Tutsplus (Mobile Channel) and Pusher, so I might post a link to newly published articles every now and then.

Looking forward to being a part of this community!


Hello all! My name is Sammy, I am primarily a front end developer with a small passion for ML and a big passion for photography. Excited to see what this community is all about!


Hey all,


  • NodeJS/TypeScript
  • Linux

Next to learn/do:

  • Compilers! (I'm working on a few right now, but nothing is finished)

Hi everyone!

I recently started a blog and a friend told me that I can cross-post my content here just adding my RSS Feed URL in the settings, which I find very handy.

I'm looking forward to learning a lot from all of you.



Hi devs,
I work in a mid size organization and have been coding for around 2 years on multiple languages like node.js, Python, JavaScript...
But lately I have been working on python and it has been 6 months that I am working on an interesting project called sentiment analyzer.
A new learning curve altogether (analytics, mining, gathering data etc)

Also I have started blogging to share what I am learning.

Coding is the thing for me. ☺️


Hello devs !

I'm really happy to finally find the time to really becoming part of this community, after being passive here for a while.

I'm a professional dev for only a year now, and I must admit that I never really tried to code before taking back my studies at 30, two years ago. So I'm a total beginner :) .

I'm from Nantes, in France and I work in php, with Symfony. I try to have a little fun with Python on the side but between my job and my three children I must admit that it's going on pretty slowly... but I'm not in a hurry.

As for the non-dev stuffs I'm a huge Science Fiction lover, so I spend a lot of my free time to read, watch movies and play video games... I'm sure it's very unusual here. ;)

Have a nice day everyone, I'm looking forward to learn a lot of things here, and to help a few of you if I can !



Hello everyone,

I've just started with programming and I'm really interested in languages as Ruby, Phyton, JavaScript since I'm willing to become a Full Stack Dev. :)
I'm also into cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, one of the reasons I got to know the dev.to and I'm already loving it. It is a great place to learn new things and to keep up with hot topics being discussed in the dev community.
Glad to be here. 👍


Hey there !

I'm enrolled in a university currently so exploring stuff, interested in animes, hooked to football.


Hello Dev's,
I'm a Senior developer in the UK.
Joined here after reading the "Explain it to me like I'm 5 threads". Made me laugh out loud.
Now, can anyone explain ORM to me like I'm 5? :-)


Hi Everyone!

I've just (like, a month ago) begun my journey with frontend and I'm aspiring to be junior dev as soon as possible. I love JavaScript.
Also... I'm Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Yeah, my story is long, but let's say I just really enjoy to learn and solve every kind of riddle.

See You around : )


I'm a web developer, but I quit for a while. Took a sick leave. Looking to back into it and there's nowhere I'd rather be. I also love the stickers too, but I never get them in Lagos. 😭


Hello world.

I'm Pablo from El Salvador, nice to be here, just read some nice articles.

I'm focused on iOS and Web Backend with Rails but I'm currently moving to data with Python, and I do also want to learn Javascript. I love everything related to artificial intelligence and I love to think and make solutions to real-life problems.

I truly want to learn and do a lot of things, but I don't have enough time because work and life (I know I have to make some sacrifices) but I want to become more productive, work in teams, make stuff that matters, and improve my "portfolio" haha (no, it is not because a new goal of 2018, I have been following these "desires => objective" some months ago).


Hello awesome people!

I am Kostas Bariotis, a software engineer living and working in Greece. Check out more about me at kostasbariotis.com

See y'around! :)


Hey Devs:

Jason or JFrites as my friends call me here to say I'm currently slowly learning to code and hope to take advantage of this community.


Hi All ,
I am Yogi and I am not a cat!

  • Living in Singapore
  • Like to Travel, Learn about technology, Meet people and most of all programming
  • Don't have pets

Hey everyone!
Here Omar. Mexican, web developer, mainly working with Laravel (PHP) and JS (NodeJS) projects.
Looking forward to be part of this great community.


Hey! Shavonn here. I write a lot of Node/Vue/React/PHP/Drupal. Currently learning Go.


hi everyone! i have 10 years of experience in IT, including automated testing. aiming for getting a java developer job!


Welcome, welcome. I hope you appreciate the community we're building here. Anyone can contribute a blog post or start a discussion. Let me know if you have any trouble figuring out how.


Hello everyone. Am a beginner hoping to learn from everyone.


Hi devs,

Keen to be a part of this community. Looking forward to learning and discovering more things via you all.



Old wanna-dev weirdo, looking for macos/ios devs in San Francisco.


Hello friends am Grace Woira from Uganda am glad to be part of this platform of programmers am student ready to learn from you people in PHP,Java and Python


Hi folks! Eager to contribute here - seems like a good place. :raised_hands:



It is really like to read you blogs, I am in the data science field beginner level,
looking forward related data from your side.
Thank You!.


Redecorating a summer house that was painted entirely in gloss black paint by my son, when he was going through his 'emo' stage.


Hello Dev, I'm a web Developer backend though.. Wanna learn things about frontend so as to be a fullstack Dev.. Its nice joining this community.


Hi Guys, From Venezuela a great greeting from an enthusiastic programmer.


I'm new to programing, but think I have a couple of good Ideas! And I liked "programing is like thinking on paper"!


Hello everyone!
I must confess that I'm new to programming but my love for JavaScript has grown recently. I hope to benefit and contribute to this platform. Thanks for this awesome welcome thread🔥🔥🔥


Hi guys,

Long time developer here, currently working mainly with PHP and Android in my day job. Looking forward to learning from and contributing to this awesome community.

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