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Welcome Thread - v12 staff on May 08, 2018

Hey there! Welcome to! Welcome! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what... [Read Full]
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Hi y'all! My name is Amy. During the weekday, I'm a systems software engineer and occasionally a conference speaker. Day to day, I work with tools like Kubernetes, Docker, and Go. I love all things distributed systems! On the weekends, I spend my time making Youtube videos:


Hi there, Amy.
Great YouTube channel you got there :)



My name is Rob and I work on the Chrome developer relations team. Specifically I work on the topic of accessibility. I also make YouTube videos! 😁

If you ever have an accessibility question, feel free to give me a shout 📣


PS you can embed youtube videos with this syntax!
{% youtube HtTyRajRuyY %}


Yep! We both help run accessibility trainings 🎓


Hi, my name's Ron. I've coded professionaly since 1984, starting out writing protein folding simulations in FORTRAN and C on a MicroVAX and MASM on an IBM PC in university. Since then I've actually been paid to write software in 17 different computer languages, the bulk of which were:

  • Java (23y)
  • C/C++ (10y)
  • Perl(7y)
  • UniVerse/PICK Basic (7y)
  • Python(5y)

The broad picture of my experience comprises middleware and back-end systems ranging from actuarial calculations, data munging and microservices to data mining and machine learning. I also wrote a couple of early "mobile apps" in Window CE, Palm OS and Symbian.

I've mentored/supervised several co-op students, a couple of which I'm most proud work at Amazon and Google.

Having used FOSS for decades, I've finally come around to seeking a project in which I may contribute.

As a hobby I write software :-0


Wow dis is great... i study actuarial science in school but i dont know how I can apply it programmically and plz can i use python to practice my actuarial mathematics


Hey everyone!

My name is Aly and I am so thrilled to join the crowd! I am cryptocurrency enthusiast and programming geek. I am always looking for experience sharing, so that is what brought me here, I am looking for experiences! Currently I am working on project called Bitcoin Flip Trading game, that combines my passion and abilities. I am keen on to share my experience about developing an app. I can't wait to share my experience with you! :)

Alt text of image


Welcome welcome welcome!

If you're new you still have plenty of time to enter the Pusher contest!

🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌


Hey! My name's Briana. I'm quite new to development (completed a coding bootcamp back in December 2017 and now working as a developer in the Salesforce platform). It's been a crazy, wild ride on the #strugglebus since my decision to shift careers... but I love it!


Hi. Briana.i am learning python, R and SQL. I am planning to change my career in python coding field
But my bachelor degree in chemistry. Do I need bachelor degree in computer field to get job in coding field. I appreciate your time and your value advice.


Hey vhorayarif, I'm not Briana but I decided to get a job in programming without any experience in it. Short answer is that you don't need a degree to have a career in programming (or data, from what you're saying).

I've worked with computers and played video games for a long time and was familiar with tech, but not in a software-oriented way at all. I learned to program on my own for a bit before enrolling in a coding bootcamp, and eventually got a programming job. My take is that it takes a decent amount of luck, but you have to work hard in order to get to the point where luck can help you. Sounds like you're on the right track. :)

Here's a great article about it, from someone more experienced than me:


Hello everyone!

I've been following @thepracticaldev on Twitter for a while, I've been loving the shared discussions and posts, and I have finally given in to the fake comment and signed up.

I'm looking forward to learning and sharing in this warm and fuzzy community.


Hello everyone,
I'm Azedine software engineer, from Morocco.
I'm working at as Drugal developer.
I'm new here I found page on facebook, I like it and I start to read articles.
I really like this community.


Hey Azedine! I love the domain. Two-letter TLDs are awesome, right?


HI! I am a developer working in SAP at the moment dealing with UI5 in the front end, gateway/backend in ABAP and CDS. In my spare time I make abusive chatbots on Slack API and I'm trying to learn how to make them on twitter. I like to muck around with CSS and UX since aesthetics aren't overrated enough in my opinion. I mess around with drawings and animation as well! My current obsession is making an OCR webapp work to make company expenses reports easier. This will prove that I am actually valuable to my company and not just a frustrated artist who wants to code.


My current obsession is making an OCR webapp work to make company expenses reports easier.

Sounds aw some!

Welcome to the community!



I started following DEV on social media before I knew what it actually was. I'll probably mostly be a reader (as I am on social media), but this does look like a great and fun place to get into discussions and begin writing posts.

As for what I do, I currently work within the WordPress realm. The most recent things I've started learning include Vue and React (to see which I like better), and Laravel more recently. I do still have a ways to go in learning to work with SPA-type projects, but it's been fun so far.

I was also learning MeteorJS for a while, though I haven't yet found a specific need for it -- as fun as it is to work with.


I guess I should mention which I like better of the 2 front-end frameworks.

I'm leaning towards Vue currently, but I do see what makes React attractive to other devs -- specifically, being able to keep logic and markup together for a lot of different purposes.

Coming from the "no mixing HTML and JS" side of things, it's been a little a bit hard to adjust to mixing the 2 (even if JSX isn't really JS + HTML), but I'm at least more open to it now.


Hello everyone. My name is Deji. I'm new to programming(9 months). I started with php, but I've delved into the world of javascript. I'm currently taking an online course on javascript,but I would like a suggestion on how I can improve on javascript apart from the online course I'm currently taking.

I studied business administration in school, so it's been quite a transition for me. I practice everyday in the hope that I'll get a developer job within the next 5 months. That is the goal I set for myself.

I'm also a writer, I write sports articles when I'm not coding. It's good to be here.


Hello Everyone!!

Dev's Awesome articles pulled me to this place. Let me enjoying it...

I have been writing codes past 5 years. Especially in the area of Laravel PHP, Vue JS.

Learning Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps..

Looking dudes who masters in Laravel and VueJS..



Currently working in Ruby on Rails and stumbled upon this community via @thepracticaldev Twitter account.

Looks like you have a bunch of really knowledgeable and friendly developers here.



I have been at it for about 9 months now and have successfully completed two new projects. It is tremendously dev friendly.

I had the pleasure to go to Railsconf this year in Pittsburg and I was blown away at the amazing community of people all working to improve this framework.

I have found my home for now and I am loving it.


Hi there, I'm Edison; A community contributor at Facebook Developer Circles Kampala, A python dev, Bot maker and automation consultant. I'm currently working on automation products for e-commerce sellers. Happy to be here :-)


Hey everyone. I'm just a guy with a long history of interest in technology who has occasionally found himself building tools (and processes) over the past decade to automate the boring stuff. I started with spreadsheets (that's a thing, right?) and I've progressed to Bash, Python, and SQL.

I'm philosophically aligned with free and open source software. I've been a linux-primary user for nearly 10 years, and I'm looking to learn more.


Hey! I'm new here. I obtained a degree in information technology in 2013 but then life happened and I wasn't able to get a job using my degree so I went into a medical billing job I don't hate my job but it's not true love either. I got out of the coding after my degree program because I didn't have time with my family and my job. I have more time now so I've enrolled with freecodecamp and I've also been taking courses with I I started my degree because my dad wanted me to take over his website. He put this website in 1995 and didn't update with the X he had thousands of pages and when he passed I let it all go. I've built some personal websites only one still stands everybody else has changed everything about the what I did. I want to learn more coding I want to get a job in a coding field. The saying goes, love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life, and that's what I want. So I am here to learn more then videos can teach me.


Hi everyone, I'm kheme, a PHP developer. I've been coding websites since 2003. In 2008, I got introduced to VB (.Net). I am considering transiting from a freelancer into the 9-to-5 world again. I have done some pretty interesting projects in the last couple of months, including working with biometrics (like fingerprint capture and matching). Hopefully, my stay here will be fun!


Hello everybodypeeps!

I am developingmans and a coder of C#, specifically ASP.NET Core right now.

Currently learning Reactjs as fast as humanly possible.

Follow me in the tweetspace @ashlawson , expect replies and likes with a 5+ day latency ;)

Kthxbi <3


Great to join the platform where I can share and learn. I am Hemang working with a software development company names Cygnet Infotech. We are into enterprise mobility, Blockchain and Software development solutions and I hold a marcomm profile. Looking forward to communicating with everyone here. Have a Great day.


Hi all,

I'm Joris, a dev from the Netherlands. I've been building sites for quite some time now and currently specializing in embedded software development.

I'm looking forward to being part of this cool and welcoming community.

If you have any questions about web dev, embedded systems and low level programming, living in the Netherlands or anything else, let me know!


Hi, everybody! 👋🏻
I like this community because of its respectful, constructive and collaborative spirit!👌🏻🎩⚡💪🏻


Hey All!

My name is Nikolas! I am a 16 y/o Full Stack dev from Atlanta. I have been coding for just under 5 years!

Someone recently introduced me to DEV and I think it is going to be an awesome experience interacting with all you amazing people.

Super excited to be here, happy coding :) !


Hi Everyone, my name's José. My friend introduced me to this cool community.
I'm WordPress developer currently learning how to build android apps.
Fun fact; I smile wide often plus I'm almost nocturnal. Haha!


Yo! I'm Alaa!

I am a beginner web developer looking to level up my skills and meet like-minded fellows like you here!

Apart from coding, I enjoy writing(I have a blog), playing guitar and keyboard, drawing, reading books, and drinking green tea ♡

Nice to meet y'all!


Hello there,

I'm Pek, a game developer in NY.

I've been into programming since before high school and been doing it professionally for the last 8 years. Currently I'm mostly doing Unity 3D consultation.

The Practical Developer has been an inspiration to me. In fact, I'm currently running a curated programming newsletter named Morning Cup of Coding which I believe a lot of developers here would like. I share programming articles that focus on learning something new and very technical on a daily basis.

Somehow I missed the transformation to, but now I'm here and looking forward to participate in it :)



Hey there! This seems like an interesting and active community, so I signed up. I like the focus on inclusiveness and am curious to see how it pans out.

I've been an engineer (mostly backend) for a while, and right now I'm leveling up on VR, Go, and ES6.



Hello All, My name is Brice, i'm an ex-developper, now QA Expert and want to share my thought and experience about it here. I also like to take photography and doing portrait, why not starting a project with contributers?

Have a nice day.

My face


Hello Devs, My name is Kofi: after 7 years of practical experience in Design and Programming, I am satisfied to call myself a Full-Stack Web Developer. I am familiar with:

  • HTML, CSS, JS (I was born with it :P)
  • PHP (7yrs)
  • Angular (Typescript) (3yrs)
  • C# (5yrs)
  • Python (1yr)

I have created PHP 7 & CSS/JS Frameworks for both Client and Server side programming (Check GitHub) at the same time, keeping my passion for Computer Graphics in check through Media Softwares like Photoshop, After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine ... just to mention a few.

I recieved a lot of comments and critics on my PHP Frameworks to conform with PSR as a result of reaching out to Devs like you. I am here to LEARN: teach me and criticize my work.

I believe if your code works, then its outdated: that is to say, there is always something new to learn.


Hello World,

I am Gaurav. I am a freelancer working out of Chennai, India. I write about code, go, dart, git, devops and other things which fascinate me. I hope to learn and share with the community much more than ever as a goal this year. I think is a great platform to do just that!



Hello friends!

My name is Hadi and I'm so happy to be a part of this great community at I've been perusing through the great articles on here recently and have learned so much. I'm currently diving deeper into React and it's nuances and also reading a lot more on core CS principles. Thank you fro all the hard work behind this website. It's a pleasure to meet you all!


Hey Hadi! Glad to have you! Just recently started diving into React (withing the past 3 months) as well. Have you found any good tutorials/articles/etc. that have helped alot?


I come from an Network Engineering background, delving into devops and software development, i want to be grounded in serveless technology, machine learning, artifical intelligence, software defined architecture and automation. I am hoping this blog can connect me with the needed technology and tools to achieve my career goals.

Thank you


Hi all! My name is Ben. I've been coding for over 20 years. I'm currently an Engineer with SapientRazorfish and I work on the eCommerce team. I'm now mainly a JavaScript dev, though I've worked with a lot of back-end frameworks in the past as well as many different dbs over the years. I'm really looking to start sharing my knowledge via my blog and YouTube.


Hello everyone! My name is Ramzes. I am tremendously glad to be here. Hope to find new things which could be useful for me in terms of education and career in Computer Science sphere.

My background:
C/C++ (5 years)
Java (1 year)


Hey Guys !!

I am fullstack javascript developer during the day.....
and during the night....well....i cant tell you's a secret :P xD

I like to know everything about the web, from designing all the way to distributed computing and I have a feeling that this platform will boost that process for me ! :)


Hello you lovely people, im Paul, but you may call me sir 😁
Im a newbie in the world of coding, im more web dev side of things, dabbled with treehouse, freecodecamp and codeacademy, but i keep finding myself going back to
So anywho, looking forward to reading plenty of good info on here, after stubbling here after reading an article on medium.
Not much more to say at the mo, so...... awkward moment, not sure how to finish this off..... 😁


Hello Everyone! I will be starting my first development job this Monday! Career switch from Marketing!
I will be working on React projects and looking forward to learn more!
I found a few weeks ago, really nice place to learn and hang around!


Hello my name is Edwin and I just started to try and learn programming via code academy always wanted to learn and now giving it a shot .


👋🏽Welcome! Thanks for joining our wonderful DEV community.

Feel free to ask any questions right here, and please don't be shy about jumping into discussions around the site. We're all here to learn from each other.


hi @all,

my name is julian, i stumpled upon this site because a friend of mine sent me the link to awesome post of @brpaz

blogging my thoughts was a wish i had for several years now. i always wanted to selfhost my blog but never had time to look for a good markdown solution.
if i had a topic for a blogpost, i only wrote it down locally. after seen i thought i give it a try.

mainly i am a devops but i also have some experience as photographer. developing using symfony (php) and operating using debian with kvm and puppet. i <3 to automate things. security and privacy are also things i am into.



Hello, community! My coworker introduced me to this community and I'm very excited to join. You all seem very inviting, welcoming, helpful, and encouraging, and I'm excited to be a part of it! I've been coding since 2014, and getting paid for it since 2015. I want to grow my career in web development, currently doing a lot of work in Ruby on Rails and React/Redux front ends. I look forward to learning from you all!


Hi everyone, I'm Aysun! I'm a software developer. These days at work, I develop in Golang to process financial data. I'm also working on my python ML skills outside work. I just heard about this community and excited to join.


Hi everyone!! I'm Rod been learning to code for a year now, I'm a Computer Science graduate but working as a Safety Officer and NSTP faculty. I've been wanting to shift careers and really practice my Bachelors Degree, so last year I've been doing my best to learn coding and trying to catch up with the current technologies, I'll be focusing on web and game development. I'm currently learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, GameMaker, and Unity. Glad to be here :)


Hello, freeman here from Nigeria, a biochemical technologist and a full stack dev.
I write PHP (Big fan of Laravels’ Lucid Architecture), Nodejs(Expressjs) and AngularJs. I have been fully active on the steemit community where I write articles on web development. I find this community intriguing!!! A place where I can learn and make new friends from around the world. I am really happy to be here🤓🤓🤓


Hello, my name is freeman, I am from Nigeria, a chemist and a full stack developer. I write PHP, Laravel ( Big fan of the Licid Architecture), Angularjs and Nodejs. I have been fully active on the steemit community where I write programming tutorials. The reason am here, is to make new friends and learn more from the community. Nice to meet you guys!!!!!!


Hey there :)

My name is Richard. I am 25 years old and I am currently studying code at Lambda School.

Recently, I published an article on Medium where I talked about the problem-solving lessons I learned while on my coding journey.

To my surprise, that post did so well, it became one of the top 40 most popular posts in all of Medium!

So I republished it here:

I'm super happy I found this community. What are some of your favorite things about Where should I start?

Looking forward to starting a conversation with you all!


Hello everyone, I'm a newcomer in web dev world. I'm just beginning to learn to code @BeCode in Brussels. I'm eager to learn, to see, to experience and share knowledge with the community.


Hello, all! I'm a person who has long been fascinated by technology and over the years has made efforts at getting better. I've written some wonderful band-aids for myself and businesses I've worked for in #bash and #python and variants of #sql.

Here to read. Here to learn. Here to talk. Here to get better. Here for change.


Hi everyone!
I'm a self learned developer and it has been 9 years I work as web developer and still learning. I was googling about new web technologies and I landed here. I feel happy that I found this great community of developers with cool and awesome members.


Hi, I'm Emanuel. I work at a small design studio in Germany. I consider myself a "full stack web developer", because I basically do everything here - frontend and backend development, deployment, some light server administration tasks …

I've been following @thepractivaldev on Twitter for a while and enjoyed many of the posts I've read on this website. I especially liked the beginner friendly and overall welcoming culture, so I finally created an account ☺️


Hi! My name is Michael Hoffmann and I publish my private software projects under the pseudonym Mokkapps and write some blog posts. I am very interested in development of mobile apps, websites and video games. Additionally I like cryptocurrency related topics.


Hello World.
Am Vikas and I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands, lovely place and great people. Am a software craftsman busy architecting - developing solutions, empowering developers,educating customers on software best practices . Currently building blockchain solutions on ethereum platform during the day and doing hobby assignments during the night. I also like cycling and Minecraft-ing with my son during weekends and also do long distance running. Glad to connect with ya'all.


Hey everyone!

I am excited to have found this site (through CodeNewbie's CNC2018). I am an Applied Math graduate and have quite a bit of coding experience. I can't wait to get to know everyone and I look forward to some great reads.

I'm job hunting in Philly if you know anyone hiring there!

Start a conversation with me on twitter


Hi, my name is Nedy Udombat, I am front-end web developer although I also write other languages like (java, matlab etc). I am curently at @budgetier and @hotelsng. I enjoy writing a lot, especially about the little things in technology that people forget to write about(because little things matter). I love this community and I am more that happy to be here.


Hi there! This is Albert Hsue. I'm a college teacher dedicated to Production Automation and Mechatronics Application, majored in automatic control of Mechanical Engineering. I'm from southern Taiwan, a big fan to the emerging AI and AIot tech. Hope to learn, establish, and to make impact to my teaching and researching career.


Hi all,

I'm Joris, a dev from the Netherlands. I've been a web dev for quite a while now and i'm currently specializing in embedded systems.

I'm looking forward to be part of this cool and welcoming community.

If you have any questions about web dev, embedded systems, living in the Netherlands or anything else, let me know!


Hello everyone!

My name is Paris. I am currently a Senior iOS Engineer from San Francisco, CA (originally Oakland), with plans on becoming a Technical Lead and/or Principal Architect. What excites me about these roles is similar to the characteristics of this community—constant learning, neverending kindness, pure altruism, and solving problems with (mostly) simple solutions.


Hey there,
My name is Sujit and I am working as a Senior Software Engineer in San Franciso. Most of my time I work Java, Spring, Spring Boot, and Java ecosystems tool suites. I always learn new stuff and try to explore with sample projects. I hope I can learn a lot from great people at community and stay connected with technology:) .



Hey there everyone, my name is Michael and it's my first time visiting the site since I discovered it on Twitter! It seems a very welcome place for a newbie, that loves coding but is slow to learn and gets confused(Im 52, I'm easliy confused, especially about where I've left my teeth!).

Anyhow I am looking forward to discovering what the coding world has in store for me.


Hello guys, my name is Precious Adeyinka form Nigeria, and it is so nice to meet you all, I can't wait to get along with you guys and know you by your name, I couldn't believe someone could make a well-articulated write-up on tutorial purgatory like such. I am a Software Developer, graphic designer, web developer & designer and would love to learn a lot from you guys too.


Hey everyone! :) My name is Alexander Kallaway, I am a Full Stack dev @ Pilot Interactive, Inc. I mostly work with JS, but have started learning Go (golang) not so long ago and absolutely love it!

I've created the #100DaysOfCode and the #100DaysOfX in order to help others (and myself :) make learning to code a habit - and acquire other habits.

I am focused on sharing/learning more about habit formation, skill acquisition, as well as effective learning techniques and strategies.

Fun fact: I am a huge stand-up comedy nerd :)

Excited to meet you all! :)


Hey there, I'm Paul the DarkArtsWizard on Twitter. I'm a software test automation engineer and artist. Started writing code in vbScript in 2005 when my C-based WinRunner tool got deep-sixed by HP. Yup, there's a market for guys who write in BASIC. Also a creative coder and dabble in statistical analysis.

I do demos on YouTube and have just started to play with Docker, Java Selenium and LeanFT/UFT Pro for test automation. Also have a goofy sense of humor.


My name is Andrew and I'm from Ghana. I'am a .Net developer currently learning python/django which I find exciting and pretty lightweight.

I build enterprise solutions on a daily and love to getaway trips when I can make the time.


Hello , My name Sandip Das, a Full Stack Web Developer, currently enjoying working on JavaScript everyday basis - both front-end and back end using Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, polymer etc and it's quite a while now, these days also learning and experimenting with lot of new techs and always learning something new everyday.


Hello everyone!

My name is Artur, I work as a PHP / Frontend developer during the day and turn into hobby game developer at night (Batman position was already filled). I've been doing this for 10 years now and I still enjoy making new stuff.

Occasionally I like to share my knowledge and experience on my gamedev blog.

Nice to meet you all!


Hi, everyone. I've been reading post over here for a while, but only until now I've decided to sign up.
I really like how understanding and helpful everyone is around here.
I'm currently a half-time intern at a big company's engineering center in Mexico, building internal websites and automating tools.
I hope to learn a lot more and collaborate in this community :)


Hello all, the names Luke I'm a life long student surrounded with nobody who understands what I'm talking about most of the time. I've soldiered through a number of Google Apps script tools and have decided that I want to do my best to focus on a more involved language. I had made my mind up on Polymer but found my lack of formal education leaving me uncertain about what I don't know. So I I decided to go after Angular as it is similar with a fair amount more content and reference info. I'm looking to build a scalable customer service app which will hope fully become a resource to inform manufacturers of eJuice with what aspect of flavor people actually do and don't like. I have no idea how this app was opened on my phone as I looked down and it was there. Hope everyone is learning something new each day and cheers!


Hey fellow codelovers

I started 2008 developping frequency models for settop boxes and backbone systems, after 10years in a ton of different environments I find my self loving cloud native stuff, even though I havent really done much with it yet;)

Hobbies: coding, automating, 3dprinting, photography with my lovely Sony Aiii and traveling :)

Looking forward to my time on



Hey everyone! My name is Zaid. I just finished a masters in software design, and I am interested in learning/coding in python, java, and SQL. I am at a crossroads. My prior experience is in report writing and Business intelligence, and application support (a vague term for analyzing software logfiles and troubleshooting). However, I've always wanted to work as a programmer/software engineer/coder doing things in webdev or django or java. I took Java and Python classes as well as NoSQL and traditional databases, and I want to do some work that combines those technologies, but I don't have the work experience to show for it.

I'd like to learn from others about:

  • How did you land a job as a coder? especially for those with a non-CS background.
  • what sort of skills do you highlight during an interview or on a resume?
  • How do you answer technical interview questions?

Thanks and looking forward to joining this community!


Hi, Y'all! My name is Giovanni. I'm a student (@brazil [the country and not some enterprise]), occasionally I'm a speaker and I program just for to hobby. I contribute to some opensource projects. I'm GNU/Linux user and I intend to create some videos for @youtube. And of course I'm a coffee lover, Vim user and I think that's all folks.


Hello All! I am Karlo. I am from the island of Cebu, Philippines! I am tester and I am interested in automation. Unfortunately, I haven't found a test framework I like. :(

Reading helped me sharpen my tech/coding knowledge.

Oh! I love craft beer and burgers. Follow me @karloabapo on twitter.


Hello Geeks,
I am Divyesh, I have been reading dev articles quite some time now and its been great to learn cool stuff and implement it in real life to solve small problems and save ourselves from spending time on it.
It's great to be a part of an awesome community.


Hi guys! I am Karan. I am a computer science undergrad and a Mozilla Open Leader. I am a Java developer and am currently building my skills in the JavaScript ecosystem. Node Babel and Preact are my favourites! Am stoked about open source and JS optimization techniques and aim to build and contribute to tools helping web compete with native!


Hello! I am Amy. I am a software developer based out of Canada. My current gig is in health tech, and I am full stack. I am excited to be a part of this community, and look forward to opportunities where I can contribute.


Hello to all devs. I really like to be a part of this community. My name is Hamidur Rahman. Currently pursuing Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (Sophomore year). My dream is to become a Software Developer.


Hi, my name's Alex. I'm just student for now, but i'm learning PHP and i've just begun on my first project in Laravel.

ha. I'm Brazilian and my English is not very good, so just a little patience. 😊


Hi everyone! My name is Rosa and I recently graduated from NYU and majored in CS. I recently found out about this site and I think it is awesome! I am interested in front-end development! In August, I will be starting full-time at the AmEx office in NYC. Other interests include music, art, traveling and the Office (fave show ever). Super excited to join this community!

alt text


Hello fellow coders,

I'm a self taught JS (Vue) developer that caught the coding bug in my 30s, and I shifted my entire life to focus on it.

I love making projects on ideas I have, 4 to date, mostly in Vue.

I'm still learning and want to gain a deep understanding of CS, so I'm currently taking edX's CS50, reading CISP, learning React and Python, and plan on doing a lot more.

Looking forward to meeting more coders!


Hey everybody :)
I'm Zach, I have made the long winding road from design to development over the past 10 years or so. I am currently transitioning from front end development* to **developer evangelist at Nextiva. I have been following via twitter for a while now and am pleasantly surprised by the good natured culture which I have found so far in this community. I work in both Phoenix Arizona and Kiev (Ukraine) I am currently using React and Sass for all the things in the presentation layer and going to back to Node for a server in my personal projects.


Hi there! Danny Gallagher here.

I am a games developer, most recently I was lead programmer on Snipperclips for Nintendo.

I kind of just came across this site whilst looking for reading material and so I thought I would jump in.

Nice to be here <3


Hey DEVs,

I am Android Developer | Open source contributor. And I love to create tools which make developers life easy. Of course, mine too. you can see my portfolio of android apps here

You can find me busy here.

-- Pankaj Jangid


Hi, I am Amit from Bangalore, India. I am following the practical dev from quite some time on twitter and always found their articles very helpful. I am working as a Frontend Engineer and I am here to learn and to contribute to the best of my abilities.


Well hi there. My name is Robert, most people call me Mr Wilde and I have worked with technology for almost 25 years. From engineering to sound & lighting, IT and now programming. I am working on preliminary training to get into robotic engineering, have to refresh my calculus and trigonometry.
Presently I am mostly a WordPress developer doing a little bit of Laravel developing as well. Wanting to learn Python and Golang as I get into robotic engineering.
I am from Brisbane, Australia and if I not coding I am building PC's or watching documentaries about physics/space. About the only thing I like outside of tech is snowboarding and just hanging out with my son.


Hello world!

My name is Aaron, I'm a info-sec student studying in Japan! I started out my journey as a developer with Java but have since branched off into Python, Nodejs, C, and C++. It's been a wild ride so far and I'm excited to join the community!


Hello. I saw a post asking for mitigations for EFAIL. So I (posted)[] a (link to a mitigation strategy)[] for the particularly stubborn issue of sending messages from an EFAIL-safe sender to an EFAIL-unsafe sender, along with a short outline. I would greatly appreciate any critical feedback. Cheers! Craig


Hi! My name is Jenny. I am a C#.NET developer with lots of Windows experience looking to branch out into more full stack web development . I've just accepted an offer for a Senior Developer where I will be doing just this! Exciting!


Hi all!
My name is Daniele.
I come here often and like this community very much.
I started coding 3 years ago to help the small family business where I work and
it has become my passion (a feeling that I haven't had in a long time, switching
careers constantly and even graduating in electronics engineering).
I want to learn as much as I can and hope to share something useful.
I am very much into nodejs and all the javascript echo-system. When I have some spare time
I print cubes with my 3D printer :-)


Hey this is Punit. Backend dev in ruby on rails from Mumbai, India. Trying to become full stack getting my hand dirty in react. Thinking to learn AI and new technologies around but hardly made any progress ;).


Hi there,

Since I appear to be visiting this site frequently, I decided to register. And today I've decided to fill in a bit my profile and become more active.

I love:

  • Javascript
  • .NET Core

I am getting into:

  • React
  • GraphQL

I live in Prague, Czech Republic. If you happen to visit this beautiful city, give me a shout and we can go for a cup of coffee or even for a beer!


Hi Everybody I was reading a little about this website and finally made the desition to being part of this Big world, i Hope can learn a lot, share ideas, whatever that can help us, so nice to meet ya! (Sorry for my english)


Hello everyone,

My name is Cliff. I spent years working with a client/server RDBMS called 4th Dimension (4D). Anyone? Well anyway, I'm a recent graduate of a cyber security bootcamp, where I was introduced to (among many other things) Python. I rather like it.

Since the bootcamp ended, I've been seeking employment and also trying to get better at Python and figuring out what I can do with it. Also interested in getting better at SQL, and data in general.

I found this community after following @thepracticaldev on twitter, and this looks like a grade place to be!


Hi all,

I'm Joris, a dev from the Netherlands. I've been a web dev for quite a while now and i'm currently specializing in embedded systems.

I'm looking forward to be part of this cool and welcoming community.

If you have any questions about web dev, embedded systems, living in the Netherlands or anything else, let me know!


Hey Folks, my name is Chris. Originally a .Net Dev recently moved across to focus on Salesforce. Love reading the threads on the site, and interested in all things techy, so thought what better time to say Hi!

This is me on a good day!

Photo on a good day


I'm a Seattle-based NB currently in a full-stack web dev program on a career change from working in specialty coffee. I'm learning the Ruby on Rails framework mainly. <3 back-end, </3 front-end. Looking to expand my skills by learning some other languages soon! (Java, C++, the usual ones on all the job listings)


Hi Dev Community this is Neer and I am trying to learn vanilla javascript while experimenting with ruby on rails. I got to know about practical dev from hilarious silicon valley clip posted in twitter when amazon was down :)


Hello all. I found my way here after signing up for #CNC2018. I didn't finish the project, because 2018 has been blowing up in my face since the first day. But I'm here now, and happy to put my fledgling Github account to practical use.


My name is Chris. I've been building and modifying custom Android ROMs for years. I'd consider myself a beginning programmer with a lot of knowledge about Linux and Android, as well as some knowledge of Java and c/c++, and I'd like to learn more about those languages. Also some beginners knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP. Glad to join the community.


Hey all!
My name is Connor.

I have been programming since 2012 when I entered college as a CS major, initially learning Scheme as my introduction to function oriented languages, then onto Java for object based. From there I explored into web frameworks when Rails became more mainstream, assisting in developing a site for my college's student run newspaper, and smaller tasks in Sinatra.

Finally landed onto Python, where I primarily work now as an internal developer and db/sys admin... for the college that I went to, who hired me after I graduated.

In my spare time I work on art of a variety of types that interest me in the moment, some which can be found on my website: .

Looking forward to learning and contributing here!


Hi folks, I'm Sander!

I've been reading a couple of articles here and there and just had to sign up to reply to a comment because someone was wrong on the internet (!!!).

I'm currently self-employed working on @EpiciniumGame in C++ and I'm also experimenting in Rust a little bit.


Hi, dear community!

I'm Krishna from Codeasy...
Hope you’ll not consider this as spam, though it is a kind of self-promotion a bit :-)

My post is about introducing myself and asking your feedback.

Around one year ago my friends - a web developer and a game developer, decided to create a programming tutorial. and asked me to join))

What do they told me "We always wanted to help people who struggle with programming assignments and make it as clear as possible and as easy as it can be. To make it really fun and involving, we built it as an adventure story, where you travel in time and fight machines in future by... coding! The final goal of the story is to save the world and become a software developer!"

Sounds great?! Yap, I thought! That's how project was born.

We focused on C# programming language, but in the very beginning, it does not play that much of a role, as the course gives basics of programming.
The course is free for all including practical assignments and offers additional paid features.

Please, take a look at, tell us what you think, did you enjoy it or not and maybe even get to the top of our leaderboard!

Happy coding!


Hi! I've been reading DEV posts straight from Twitter for some time now. Only recently did I get to explore the site and I am hooked. I usually enjoy lurking and being anonymous but decided to sign up to join in on discussions. I appreciate the constructive and welcoming atmosphere of the community.


Hello everyone! I've been lurking for too long and decided to make an account. I'm planning to write articles about procedures that took me too long to figure out, both as a way to ingrain the lesson in my head and also help others that might stumble upon the same issue. Cheers!


Hi there, I'm Pere. I work managing tasks (assign, review, schedule, and so on) in a support datacenter team. I'm planning to adquire some elemental skills as a developer since I'm considering a change in my career. So, from very, very scratch to what it takes, I'm an absolute beginner.


Hello all. Got this site from a fellow programmer looking for learning resources. I got involved with the front-end of a project that is implementing VueJS. Hope to find interesting perspectives on web frameworks and webdev in general.


Hello devs,

My Name is Rajat Mathur. I am a software developer with recent interest in building and learning how to create Dapps on Ethereum blockchain.

I just finished my first project Split or Steal
It is an e2e project with both Dapp (web3js) and Smart Contract (Solidity) code.

If you guys like the project please,

Star on Github
Like on Facebook
Join on Telegram
Play the Split or Steal


Hi devs! My name is Genesis. I'm unemployed, a newbie coder, studying currently on web development and computer science for a good foundation concepts. I want to be a Full Stack Developer or JavaScript Developer, I wanted to learn React, but I'm not yet ready, because I want to master vanilla JavaScript first, on my learning part I'm currently on manipulating DOM, though I'm having a hard time, my resources I'm using are Modern JavaScript From the Beginning by brad traversy, The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele, CS50 by harvard Edx, Programming Foundations Fundamentals by Simon Allardice, codecademy, and freecodecamp. If you have any advise I would love and appreciate it. Happy coding for all of us.


Hello! My name is Shante'!


I am an IT Support professional (specializing in Clinical Support & Instructional Technology) looking for a new hobby with a potential career change. I decided to learn the Swift language because I am growing bored of the lack of Apple Watch Apps available and I am disappointed to see devs give up development on the watch. I have some object oriented experience with C# from college but I'm a bit rusty. I love this site and I finally decided to join. Here's to fun & efficient coding!


Hello Devs, My name is Kofi, Full-Stack Web & Graphic Designer. Creator of Project-Air(Web Frameworks, OpenAir Projects and Enterprise Suite). Also a 3D Generalist at Hashem Studioz. I have experience in:

-HTML,CSS,JS (i was born with it :P)
-PHP (7y)
-Angular(Typescript) (3y)
-C# (2y)

After 7 years of practical experience in Design and Programming, I am satisfied to call myself a Full-Stack Web Developer.

I have created Frameworks for both Client and Server side programming:

My Frameworks on GithHub:

-(PHP 7.2+)
CQured (Web API) Framework:
CoreFramework Framework:

At the same time, keeping my passion for Computer Graphics in
check through Media Softwares like Photoshop, After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine ... just to mention a few.

I am here to learn more from you, criticize my works, correct me if im wrong: that will be a massive help to me.
I personally think that if your Application/Project works, then its outdated!


Hello! I'm a career-switcher, a couple of years in as a Django developer. I'm a member of the Django Software Foundation board and interested in extending opportunities in tech to people from all geographic locations and backgrounds.


Hi all, I'm Akbar. Got to know about from my Twitter. I used to work in Android for 4 years. Now I'm into Unity 3D game development. I work on NodeJS and RoR in the spare time. I mentor two of my friends software companies to help them setup their infrastructure and helping them to be upto date with the present technologies.

I never cared about contributing to open source projects due to times issues and many other things. Looks like it created a void in myseld in terms of software development. Maybe I can find some help or I can get help if I'm gonna create something useful for the open source world.



Howdy! My name is Major and I'm a self-taught infrastructure wrangler with a growing knowledge of Python. I work on kernel testing at Red Hat now, but I was working on OpenStack for many years at Rackspace.

I've done some talks on impostor syndrome in the past and I mentor students at the University of Texas San Antonio whenever I can.

I also blog occasionally on and I operate

Ham radio folks can find me on the air as W5WUT. ;)


Hello everyone, I came here searching about the programming language Crystal, which makes me crazy because of its unique characteristics, I think Crystal have a huge potential for develop AI and ML software, also to enter in the niches currently occupied by go, What do you think? Has anyone used it?
And my name is Carlos, from Mexico, single and open minded!! 😉😉


Hi, I am Pablo
I am in the middle age crisis, I have a programming language that nobody uses, I have three kids, and I think the software industry is turning into circles, I program since the time of the microcomputer commodore and if it was not because I discovered the FORTH I would be in an asylum.


I am Abraham, I came into diz platform through d article i read it was awesome... i believe dat diz community will be of help nd also I can help others bcos python has been a programming language I love so much which I stated learning not quite long and I am enjoying it. Thank you


Hello everyone...

I'm Michael Garbade.

I'm glad to be here. Currently, I'm working on building a platform to support developers in advancing their skills. You can check it here:

I hope to provide value to the community. Thanks for welcoming me.


Hello, my name is Jevon. And I am a web developer with using c#. I found out about this community through my Google news feed. I hope I can learn from everybody.


Hello! I'm a design technologist at Amazon. I do front-end development for our design system and prototyping in the world of Amazon Fulfillment Technologies. I love CSS, writing accessible code, and teaching others to do the same! Joined looking for a place to have friendly discussions about web development. :) Here is a picture of my fur babies!

alt text


Hello everyone.
Nice to e-meet you.
I'm Andrey. About year and a half ago I've made a transition from being a data analyst to being a Dev/Team Lead.
This is an awesome community that I'm proud being a part of.


Hi there,

My name is Arik and I'm a self-taught programmer.

After I got my first computer:


life was never the same again...

I'm hear to learn from others and hopefully be of help to anybody that is trying to become a programmer.


Hey everyone! I'm Phil and I'm an assessment architect for Linux Academy. I work with Linux and AWS, and have the incredibly fun job of designing scenarios that teach people how the cloud works.

Been a reader for a long time, and the other day I went to like a comment and realized I didn't have an account. Time to change that 😎


Hi there my name is Gbenga Oyetade. I'm a software developer at Andela Nigeria. I currently work with javascript. Fun fact: I love visual art and I draw quite well. Some of my works are here


Hello everybody! Just joined community and stumbled upon this thread. I'm a student currently working on a GTK+/Python desktop app for my undergraduate university project (matplotlib, pyserial, sqlalchemy). Hope soon I could write some stuff to share with the community :)

PS. Had a little fun decoding the binary stream on the top of this page, so here's my humble Python "solution". Any tweak is much appreciated!

input = '01110111 01100101 01101100 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100001'.split(' ')
print(''.join([chr(int(i, 2)) for i in input]))



Hey everyone! My name is Cody and I am relatively new to the coding world. I was formerly an accountant before attending a code bootcamp and successfully transitioning to a web developer. Just here to soak in as much knowledge as I can.


Alt text of image
Hey guys & gals! Dee here! Just signed up! I've been "attempting" to learn to code for almost a year... keep getting off track because life keeps getting in the way. Trying to also be better about that. I hope to find some support through this community as well as help throughout my growth as a future dev. Currently allowing Javascript to kick my butt, but I plan on conquering it soon! In my other line of work, I'm a CAD tech for an engineering company, I love my 2 girls more than anything (probably the biggest reason I get sidetracked from learning AND I love exercising! Training for my first triathlon at some point this year. :)


Hello, am freeman from Nigeria, a biochemical technologist and a web developer. I write PHP (Laravel with the love for lucid architecture) also a Nodejs and angular developer. currently I spend most of my time on the steemit community where I write web development tutorial. Am really happy to be here, a place to learn more and make new friends. See ya all


Hey hey, ppl! Andrey here - doing iOS/macOS software by day, and scratching my itches by night which mostly revolve around all the rest things like new Swift tricks to long forgotten but yet living trickier ObjC voodoo to whatever floats in that air like CI/CD, some new and classy as well as long forgotten approaches that still do serve well for my CS problems (that sometimes happen to be ruby/ES/java or stuff I only come to acknowledge it even exists). Since I got some free time here and there I'm going if for this #100days marathon expecting I learn something I never realized I could someday learn - so this is kind of my official ready-set-go(Lang?) Announcement. Let's see where it leads me - hopefully that's somewhere where I'm thankful to arrive to and kick some more gas from there!


Hi Devs,

I just recently discovered this site. So far it seems really cool.

About a year and a half ago, I created a simple static website for my wife. This was my 1st experience with coding anything. I loved it so much that I am currently trying to become a DEV myself.

As of now I'm studying Go, JS, and all things web-dev. Dreaming of one day becoming a full-stack dev, with a specialty(not sure what yet). ✌


Hi guys! I am Karan. I am a computer science undergrad. I am a Java developer and am currently building my skills in the JavaScript ecosystem. Node, Babel and Prepack are my favourites. Am currently stoked about JS optimization and am learning building compilers and transpilers to help optimize web experiences!


Hello. I’m Michael J Stokes and I’ve been a coder for years. I am a bootcamp graduate from General Assembly and been working hard preparing for my coding career ever since.


Hi everyone! I’m glad to have found this very helpful platform with positive, encouraging people. I’m learning front end web development. I’m currently going through an internship where I get to work on Wordpress sites as well as JS and I freelance in my spare time.


A Software Developer/DevOps engineer at Andela. I love automating staff and being around people with similar interest as me.


Hey all! My name is Kaari Strack, and I'm a junior Rails Dev for a DevOps company in the UK! Fresh out of bootcamp, but I've been working my way up to programming for years, solo. Loving every second, and desperate to learn and apply new skills everyday! 🎉


Hi guys,
I'd love to be a member of this cool community!


Peace! I'm a young coder; though i wouldn't call myself a coder... I know python and html basics, and can build simple non-graphic executable apps... Looking for new learning sources, hope this place would help out...


Hello all! I've joined DEV with the intention to brush up my competitive programming in Python :)


Hello everyone. I read a good article and wanted to join. I am looking to get better at webdev and diving into node+express, and django. Looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone.