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dev.to staff on August 28, 2018

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Hello! My name is Julia and I am Software Test Analyst.

I have recently started to learn Pyhton, and although I think it will take me some time to understand it properly, I am actually enjoying it! I am really excited to start making projects from some ideas I have in mind :)


Hi Julia,

Is python your first programming language? If so, good choice! After you get to grips with the basics, May I suggest two tiny frameworks, great to get you started depending on your project: Flask is a small web framework, and Click can help you to write CLI apps.

Apart from that, try to understand virtualenv and requirements.txt. They are simple tools and they will change your #pylife!


Pardon me with knowledge Vlad...me #1 post...I'm into machine language...want to grow more with Dev


Hello. Julia, I am Mattie and I think my brains is twisted in a knot learning Portfolio, Code Pen developing, writing a book and continuing with writing my poetry. I will good night, I have now been awake 36 hours.


Thank you; however, I am not sure how long I will be here. Being my true self, the overachiever, I think I bit off more than I can chew this time. Should I learn to code before becoming too involved with Portfolio or vice versa?

Ok, now I need to go change the setting in the computer because this is what I get when I type an apostrophe (è), question mark (É). Windows 10 Pro is not a user friendly OS.

Will be back in a few days; however, I think I will play around with Python after resetting the keyboard.

Hope all is safe from the hurricane.

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One and half day!?


Hi Julia, i can suggest you a very cool framework that i recently discovered called Masonite.

I used to coding in php with Laravel and this one i am suggesting to you is very similar to that one.

Here you can find more about masonite if you interested in knowing

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That's pretty cool


Hey Julia, take a look at Julia language, it's like Python. But since you share its name you can become an SME. Only kidding please stick to what you know and enjoy learning it.


Hi Julia,

Nice to see you here!

I am also actually studying Python right now. And I am very excited to start to study Machine Learning. I think about that.


Hi and welcome! No need to rush, just take your time and enjoy yourself. The world of development is vast and very exciting so you're on a great path. Enjoy!



Any tips on doing Test-Driven Development (TDD)? Have been thinking of going that direction in a while.


Hello, do you have a specific project in mind to implement such method.? As far as see the TDD is very useful for projects with medium - high complexity, specially when multiple people will touch the code and changes are not allowed to even move the production source code out of the expected.

If your project has a testing framework, the TDD will mean that you first write test cases and then functional code. It is nice to see the test cases failing at first and letting you know when you are doing wrong


Hi Julia, had you have a look at JULIA LANGUSGE :)
I'm new for this as well, looking for Rust and Julia languages.


Hello Julia.

Welcome here. Nice to hear that you have started a new journey on python. Wishing you all the best.



hey there i also just started learning Python, i think we should travel this journey together or what you think?

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I'm in


Hi there, My name is Alecs and I`m from Romania. Currently looking to change my career and started learning JavaScript. Looking forward to get better at coding and learning new stuff along the way. A friend of mine who is a full-stack dev told me about dev.to, which is a great community btw. Cheers


Welcome to dev.to Alecs.

There are many who have changed careers by starting with JavaScript without any programming background so I am sure you will do great~

If you don't mind, would you mind sharing what got you into changing career & start learning programming?


First and foremost, best wishes, Alecs!

bgirly, I believe this too. I also believe the day will come, in the not so distant future, where computers will program themselves by us conveying to them in a few sentences or words, the desired results we expect, leaving the people with the knowledge to program computers to program themselves, at the top of the food chain... until the future recurs.


I agree with you. Though I have not successfully jumped ship, but I am learning thoroughly to see that it's achieved before another new year resolution is made and yes, I started with JavaScript and it's not as much as a beast as they make us newbies think


Nice Alecsandru, keep it up. Keep learning. Start from the backend then move slowly and carefully to the frontends to understand the https flow. Most important stuff yet don't break your head so much. Then resources of everyday are: Google, StackOverflow, GitHub, This network I'd guess 🙂, and YOUR creativity and ability to solve problems. Welcome to the future (present) 🌟🌎


check out freecodecamp.org

Changed my life and mindset!


Hi, Alecsandru, I have made this change of carreer in 2015. No regrets so far. I started programming with C#, but when I discovered Node.js, I could not let go JavaScript anymore. Good luck, man!


Hello everyone! This is Joan, software developer. I am new here, just discovered this site through GitHub. Glad to meet you all!


I randomly saw an article in my google feed (which I ended up tweeting) from dev.to, and I have thought about blogging about my technical experiences a bit, so here I am. :)

I graduated in CS in 2014 and worked as a developer for GM for a while. The corporate life was horrible and I wasn't progressing as a developer. I've since left and have been working at a startup ever since and it's been the best thing for me and my career. It's quick and agile, and I'm always learning new things.

Anyways, I'm here now and even I'm curious what I'll be posting. :)


Developer at GM! Did you develop on the cars? Or probably more like the internal tools for the staff?


They put me on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) using really old software called Siebel owned by Oracle. It was absolutely horrible. There was no coding. Needless to say leaving was the best thing ever. Now it's Docker, Nodejs, React, Redux, AWS, GoLang, Python and all the fun stuff. :)


Hi, there. I'm Mauricio from Colombia. Self-taught JavaScript dev looking forward to get better at coding and learning React and TypeScript.


Welcome Mauricio to dev.to 👋

I haven't learned TypeScript even though I've been using React.
But Shawn "swyx" Wang has been keeping a cheatsheet for TypeScript + React.

Hope the link helps 👍


Interesting a good friend of mine has your last name which I think is pretty unique, maybe you guys are extended family haha.
P.S. Js rocks :)


Hi there software developer by profession looking out to move to blockchain solutions domain, hence here to learn.
Looks like this a great platform to learn and share.


I like the decentralized ledger concept which is fail tolerant, transparent and immutable. Which can solve lot of use cases that is currently solved using a client server architecture and yet not very secure nor fast.

Hi Gopakumar! 👋 You should follow @damcosset . He's big into blockchain etc.

Thank you Nick. I am already reading Damien's articles and that's what inspired me to join Dev.


Nursing Executive by profession, changed to IT in 2009. Functioned as a Program/Project Manager from 2009 until now.


Hi everybody!
For my sins, I'm traditionally a DBA, and I currently manage a team of database reliability engineers.
I'm learning dart and flutter because the entrepreneur in me wants to be able to get ideas from my head into apps. I also wanted to learn a versatile language that can be used server and client side.
I'm also one of the co-founders of GDG Bristol to showcase Google tech.
A year ago I would've told myself to focus more and cut out the noise. This is something I'm still trying to achieve!


Mainly because dart was built from the ground up to replace JavaScript. Also, it's the language behind Flutter, and Fuschia (Google's next OS) is built with it.

You'll really regret this decision. Flutter/Dart ecosystem is still maturing, and lots of stuff is missing. If you want a single language to rule them all, the answer is JavaScript.

Perhaps. But I'm only a hobbyist, and dart and Flutter meet my needs atm. Super easy to learn too and pure OO. Happy with my decision thus far.

I agree that the development experience is brilliant. I have, however, burned my hands many times before and so stick to Java for Android (don't care about iOS).

But I'm only a hobbyist

It's already too late. You are one of us 😉, a developer.

You will be sucked into the world of fun 😎


What do you do to gain focus and cut out the noise?


Hello! My name is Waweru from Nairobi, Kenya. I am web developer currently working with Laravel & trying out VueJS where I can.

I am starting to learn react, thanks to FreeCodeCamp. Enjoying the journey!



Hi Waweru! Nice to meet you.

I am Kimani, on the same journey as you are of learning ReactJS.



What are you up to so far? Started at freecodecamp.org, decided to take off the gloves and am using it to build something.

How about you? What is your path like?

I am building my blog with GatsbyJS after learning Reactjs basics.


God Speed. Nice to meet you and may interact more in this online village.


Welcome Ndirangu 👋

And 💪 for learning React :)

Mind if I ask how to pronounce your name?


Hello, good people!

I am JM Kimani, an electrical engineer from NBO, Kenya.

I am learning React and have been building a blog with Gatsby. And having a lot fun along the way.

I will probably think of changing careers 🙂 in future or do freelance work.

I stumbled upon Dev.to and it was love at first sight.


Hi JM Kimani,

Welcome! I'm also new and also learning React... All the fun :))


Welcome JM 👋
Great to see you on dev.to.

I stumbled upon Dev.to

And might I ask how you stumbled upon here 😃?


I was looking for apps built with Gatsby and this article came up.

From there you know what happens...😉. One article leads to another.

Thanks mate.

I can see one article leading to another 😛


Hey guys, cheers to all, coding newbie here looking for a career shift. Got into JS at the moment and a good friend told me that the dev.to newsletter is awesome, so here I am.
Fun loving jock at heart, looking to develop and improve my geeky side as well; I'd tell my 2017 self to learn, learn, learn!, it's the best you can do for yourself.



I'm switching careers as well, like many people here if this thread is any indication.

Have fun and all the best with your learning!


Hello I’m Jordan and I was looking around to find more Coding communities to be in. Ran across this one when reading some twitter twits. ☺️

Currently learning as much as I can in PHP with Symfony framework. As well working on learning more of an agile approach to development.

Look forward to learning and sharing with you all,


Hey Jordan!

Cool to see other devs using Symfony, as it is (in my opinion) a very good framework that helps you become a better developer.

For example, during the last year, I dramatically improved my understanding of unit testing and object cohesion, because of how the Symfony dependency injection works.

Looking forward to talk with you about Symfony and PHP!


👋 Welcome to dev.to (pronounced as dev to or dev together without the dot 😜) Jordan~

I've never been exposed to PHP and may I ask what got you into PHP?


Hi I'm a computer application student and interested in learning JavaScripts advance concepts and looking to contribute my efforts on any JS project.
I hope Dev communities helps me to sharp my skills.
Thank You.


Hey Anoop, any places you recommend on where to start with JavaScript? I current live KNP Universities courses they have. But have also heard about javascript30.com


I will recommend you a Udemy JS Course, Which I follow it's really helpful for me to improve my confidence on JS programming.
Udemy Course Link -> udemy.com/the-complete-javascript-...


I started my computing skills at Purdue University
I think it was Fortran. Many hours in line as I waited to make my punch cards, do loops, etc. At age 66 I would love to make an app on my smartphone


Boiler up! Lol, I learned Fortran my freshman year at Purdue, in 2000 in the engineering college. I read that the new language specification has some object- oriented principles... maybe it will make a comeback??


That's incredible! I am here to help if you need anything. :)


Nick, great. I have early on-stage Alzheimer's disease and memory loss. I need something cool and easy to use for Alzheimer's Patients to help them remember things simply. There are millions of people in this country and others that suffer from this disease. It would be great if you checked out altz.org to see what people are going through with dementia, which I also have.

Thanks, @colebanross !

I wanted to mention for other readers that there's a typo in the URL. The correct URL is alz.org.

A couple of my close relatives have had Alzheimer's and I definitely worry about that with me because I'm starting to forget stuff over the years.

Sorry that you are going through all this. I am happy to help you with this project if you have an idea that you'd like to explore.


Hi! I'm John and I've been working in software development for 25 years. I'm also an adjunct professor of Software Development through Rutgers. I've probably seen or used it all at this point but my focus has been on web development and backend stuff (databases, service-bus, etc.)
I came here mostly because I've seen a few friends and colleagues post here and I like the atmosphere: friendly discussion without a lot of chest-thumping :)


Welcome John 👋

I'd love to see/read your take on software development (as I've never been exposed to enterprise development or service-bus).

Have fun and cya around 🙃


Hi John,
Welcome to dev.to :) . Will love to hear your thoughts on Software Development and various technologies.


Hi there!

My name is Tiago and I'm a Front-end Architect and I currently code the most in Javascript and React.

I've been reading many articles here but never had my own profile, so I decided to officially join this community and just created my profile.

Here is my first post in here: dev.to/themindfuldev/how-i-redid-t...

I see how fruitful this community is, and I hope to learn and contribute a lot.

If I could give myself an advice a year ago I would simply say: be patient with yourself, the good things are going to come, you just need to stop worrying and keep working hard, and never lose your mind.


Hi Tiago,


Love this: "If I could give myself an advice a year ago I would simply say: be patient with yourself, the good things are going to come, you just need to stop worrying and keep working hard, and never lose your mind." -- it's a good reminder for me as I'm learning React currently :)


Hi, @isas1 ! Thanks very much!

Happy learning! If you haven’t seen it yet I suggesting reading this article for a great recap on React:

Beautiful! Thanks so much — That’s going to be very handy :)


Hello everyone! I am a web developer from Uzbekistan. I am currently learning Laravel web framework. Lots of my google searches about variouse dev topics brought me here several times. So, I decided to join. This place is really fun and had lots of inspiring and educational stories. Happy coding for everyone!


Hey y'all! I'm Felicia and I'm starting out my journey in Software Development with Launch School. Currently I'm learning Ruby and I've touched on JavaScript before with a couple books and online tutorials. I'm excited for what's to come!


Welcome everybody, so great to have you!

If you're not sure where to start with the community, considering asking a question as a follow-up on anyone's post. People here love to elaborate on what they've written. 😄


I have no idea how I got here, but seems like I stumbled upon a little gem online. I was about to comment on a post, so I went through the registration process with Twitter... then I changed my mind about the comment. My eyes caught the attention of the "write a post" button.

What? Such a nice site, and focused on webdev & tech. Nice. And you can write posts? What is this?

/searches for #wordpress
... found!

I got distracted with other parts of the site and after browsing around, it seems like an amazing site, part Twitter, part blog, vc, part tech community. Seems great, feels like the good old days of FOSS forums but in the modern version.

How did I not know about it before, or did I? -- Honestly, I have no clue right now.

But I'm glad to be here now and will check it all out.

Hello, everybody.

Oh yeah, the past 20 years have taken me through an interesting career in IT, networking, bizdev, and webdev and webdesign. Lately more so in marketing and training. I blog at notagrouch.com and manage a couple dozen other sites.

Expert in various fields, but just good enough as a coder to break stuff. I'm constantly searching for improvements and expanding my knowledge. Currently doing deep dives into SEO with WordPress and without it. I have a love and hate relationship with social networks... and I guess that's about it for my intro post.

Oh yeah... Also paying a lot of attention to the WordPress Gutenberg controversy.

And my own advice a year ago should have been: Start teaching now. Don't get complacent, and start expanding.



Hey Oscar, like your angle on development. Good developers break stuff all the time. That's how you learn.


Thank you! yes, I have learned that from great developers.


Hi, my name is Sada. I'm studying full stack wed development and branching also to python. I would like to become an ethical hacker. Its a slow process with full time work. But i will eventually get there. If anyone has any good tips on retaining information better let me know.


Welcome Sada! Hope you enjoy the place!

As many people have told me on this site, best way to learn is by making and breaking your own stuff. So get your hands dirty and start your own projects or contribute to open-source is my advice.


Hi everyone! I am an experienced Ruby on Rails developer based in India. I have some basic skills about nodejs but I want to improve it. my focus is learning and helping others.

I am glad to be a part of dev.to!


Welcome to dev.to Kushal 👋

Let's have fun together learning & sharing.

You can either apply for a mentorship or be a mentor for others here.


Hi Sung, that's the great option. I would like to help others through mentorship.



Hello! I am Foteini from Greece and I just discovered this community :))! I have been into the wonderful world of development only for the last year, to front-end technologies. I have fallen in love with JavaScript and I have a strong feeling that programming is better for me than design. I love react and I would also love to dive into unit testing. I am really happy to be here!


And we're very happy to have you in our community! Welcome aboard!



I'm a backend developer (Ruby on Rails) from Colombia.

I've read a lot od articles here but jus until today decided to join and be an active member of this community.


Great thing you decided to be an active member. People here are very knowledgeable and really cool :)


Hi Juan! Sure thing. I've seen a lot of good content here. Now I want to thank those people by commenting, reacting or discussing.

I'm also planning on posting here :)

PS: following you on github


Hello everyone! I came across dev.to in on my dailynow.co homepage. Looks like a great site for knowledge and become part of a dev community. Im currently enrolled in a 6 month full stack web development cohort. Im about halfway through the cohort now and it definitely has been challenging. Ive learned a lot in the couple months so far in the program and I'm excited to keep learning but wow sometimes it feels like an overwhelming amount of info to learn...Anyone else coming from a bootcamp?


Hey! I'm coming from a 6 month bootcamp based in Nashville! Where is your bootcamp? How are you liking it so far? My experience was great, and intense at the same time :)


I did one but not as extensive as yours, it was more like crash course bootcamp type of thing.


Hello! I am new to developing. I am currently in a bootcamp at GA Tech learning the MERN stack. I work for a regional real estate firm and I handle all of their technology and operations.

I decided to venture into coding so that we would have internal control over our back office system, which is already a proprietary system but it is managed by a third party at this time.

Can't wait to learn and help others!


Hi Reduncan, welcome to dev.to 👋

If you want to become a mentor/mentee, check out Mentorship section under "Avatar -> Settings"

And cya around~


Hello, My name is Niket. I'm a programmer at heart who needs to wear too many hats.

Over last 10 years I have worked with many technologies and some of them are Ruby, Rails, Go, CouchDB, Postgres, Javascript(and variants), ReactJS, Lots of services from AWS. Also, I have worked in many other functions of typical web application business in team size 10 to 30.


Hey Guys!

I'm a Javascript developer recently turned Mobile developer with React Native. I recently published my first app to the Google Play store and currently looking for my next project as I'm updating my porfolio site.


Hello, I am Mattie and a novice at developing. I just learned yesterday what a Code pen is but I came back anyway and I am determined to succeed. I am a RN who decided to dabble in technology in 2009. I am a Program/Project Manager in Clinical IT.


Hi all,
I am Pearl /originally from Mongolia./ currently got into Coding Boot Camp / career shift from Human Resource/ and looking forward to becoming a programmer. I am so glad I found this community. /thanks to our instructor :)/


Hi there.
This is Hasan from Jordan, a father of 2 lovely girls and 1 boy, looking for advancing my supply chain should with AI, so learning Julia language, and have interest about Rust language as well.


Hi Hasan,

What does this mean?

advancing my supply chain should with AI

Is it a problem with autocorrect? Otherwise, hello and good luck with Julia and Rust! They sound interesting!


Hi, it should be skills looks to be auto corrected wrongly :)


Hey there! I am Utku from Turkey, a "Generalist" Software Engineer with almost 5 years of experience. Developed several iOS apps, worked on projects in enterprise Java and gaining experience in Javascript world with the technologies, such as Node.js, Angular and so on.

It's nice to be a part of this community. I am looking forward to make friends, share/extend my knowledge and involve in exciting projects. Best!


Hi Utku, what do you think about Node thus far?


Hi, i'm Angel and i am a Web Developer.

Currently, i do a lot of front-end Dev and not very much programming. i would like to change that. I am starting to learn React, Nodjs, and refining my JS skills. This is my first time joining a community of developers. so i'm nervous and very excited to join.



This is Vishnu, I am learning Android Development now.

I have the medium level of knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS and basics in java.

Apart from Android Development, I am also trying to learn Ethical Hacking.

That's It. I am happy to receive Any tips to better learn Android Development.



Hi everyone! My name is Pyae Phyo Hlaing and I'm from Myanmar (Burma).

I have recently learned about elixir and server administration. For me, the elixir is a really cool language and excited to learn. I knew the dev.to community from the tweet of senior elixir developer that I followed.

When I searched with elixir tag in here, I saw a lot of posts that are written by senior devs. I really enjoyed and excited to join.



Let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Kanin.

I am a Java Developer and I also know JavaScript and Python programming languages. I am currently studying Algorithms, I am actually enjoying them! I am really excited to start to study Machine Learning.

Have a nice day!


Hello, my name is Onar and i am a Computer Science college student. I have dabbled in VB, Java, Linux, C# but as usual the languages are always evolving so I decided to join this site to expand my mentor pool and sources of info. I recently started the deep dive in JS frameworks so articles on Angular, React, and Vue are especially useful to me currently.Thank you in advance for making me a better programmer.


Hello, my name is Cecilia and I'm a backend engineer,

I'm recently trying to develop some useful web apps for myself, so I'm playing around with the frontend stuff. I randomly clicked on a nice article about Angular Dart. Then I found this great community.

Nice to meet you all :D


Hi everyone! My name is Stefan, and I am currently looking to build a career in web development.

After 10 years in academia, I've decided I want something with more flexibility. I've always loved learning languages, and I've found that working with programming languages provides some similar mental challenges, which I enjoy.

Currently, I'm working on building my own website (stefanhodgeskluck.com) and making it mobile-friendly, and I'm also working on a pro-bono project to add to my portfolio. In the meantime, I'm going through the Curriculum at FreeCodeCamp to give myself a foundation in JavaScript and Front-End Libraries. I also have some background in Python, and would love to work on mapping apps some time in the future.


Hi! I was just brought here by an article I was reading about web development for NEWBIES and since I have been looking for more sources and networking to meet more developers, I figured I would give this a shot. I am currently learning Intermediate/Advanced HTML & CSS and about to dive into JavaScript. I have been coding for a couple of months now and I feel like I've gotten nowhere, lol. I do pretty well at Replicas, researching to get what I want... but I still feel like an imposture! Still, I am not deterred and I only want to learn more. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to start coding.

I work full time as a UAS Specialist, building, testing Conceptual Autonomous Aircraft that become fully supported systems deployments. When I am not doing this I am coding!

Anyway, I really need to expand my coding experience, I don't want to feel like an IMPOSTER, I need to break out and really want to find my creativity... really learning how to navigate through code.


Hi, I am Rohan from India, passed M.Sc in Computer Science this year and joined a startup two months ago as a software developer. I work in MEAN stack there, still, lots of learning left though. I suffer from tutorial purgatory and found an article in this site and loved it. Currently, my challenge is to overcome perfectionism.


Hello! My name is Max, and i'm from Russia. My current work is QA engeneer.

I always was amazed by programming and programmers, who most of the time create something new. So, i decide to try myself in that direction. I know it's hard and i understand it's require a lot of time, but i think i can make it. JavaScript is my choose for now. I hope to find here a lot of uesful information, and share all what may be useful for people. And to improve my skill of English language :).


Hi! Chase here,

I write primarily in PHP and am beginning to learn Python. I'm pretty new to programming and am looking forward to learning much more!

Anyways.. What is this place? Also, it seems cool, but the design is a little hard on the eyes.


Hi ! My name is Lauri and I'm maintainer of Wekan, Open Source Kanban board wekan.github.io . I'm currently learning more about Meteor Javascript framework meteor.com, MongoDB, Node.js and Javascript in general. I'm also interested in ways to make Wekan more scaleable.

Just a moment ago I made my first post dev.to/xet7/confessions-of-an-open...

I would give advice to myself a year ago to add more time to work estimates.


Hi! My name is Cory and I am new to the world of development. I am extremely ecstatic to be on this journey and I hope to be able to make a career out of my studies someday soon. I am currently studying front-end development (the goal is full-stack) through freecodecamp.com and treehouse.com.


Hi! I'm Eddy and I'm a student from a French computer programming school.
I've learned how to code with C and I'm now learning object oriented languages such as CPP and Ruby.
I'm still considering me as a beginner and I've a looot more things to learn and discover so I'm glad to join the community of dev.to to share with other devs! :)


Hello! My name is Raj. I'm backend java developer, but have worked on many angular & node.js projects. I've been programming for very long time and I like it. I'm always looking for challenging project to work on, although admittedly they're hard to come by.

My current work has python framework, so I'm looking forward to learn python.


Heyo, self-taught web developer now working in Seattle. I primarily use in PHP and JavaScript for work, but learning Golang and machine learning in my spare time. Happy to have found this site!


Hey Brain ! just wondering if you have any projects going on, Laravel stuff ???


Hi James! Nope we don't use any frameworks like Laravel. Completely custom. But as far as personal projects, I'm learning how to train ML models in Python then execute them in Go. Trying to build a recommender system. You?


Hi all,
I'm Michael, supposedly a full stack developer. I know a little about a lot, but not enough about anything.

Primarily JavaScript, have been writing a lot of PHP(laravel) recently.


Hi guys, I am seeni. I am kind of more than medium in python. I am looking for resources and project ideas for topics such as distributed computing , Data Science and Deep Learning. If you have any Share it?


Hello! I'm José and I'm a Computer Engineering student.

I've been studying this career for three years and I'm aspiring to be a game designer/developer.

I discovered dev.to not so long ago when it went open source and find it very interesting to make a developer blog to motivate myself with my proyects and maybe helping others who stumble upon it.


Hey!, My name is Fernando, I am web & backend developer

I used to use PHP and Python, but also Javascript. My favorite stack is Laravel & Vuejs. In Python i recently met Masonite framework and i love it.

I am thinking to write some articles about Masonite soon here.

Greetings from Chile!


Howdy, they call me Tyler, most of the time. I'm a php Linux dev looking for work. I enjoy coding tools for web development and deployment. I'm always trying to KIS everything, which often times, bites me in the ass.

My Google feed led me here several times, so I figure it's about time I singed up. I enjoy the articles, and love the sloth.


Yo, people! I'm Benjamin from Chile and I've been into programming since my mid-teen years!

Crashed on here from GitHub. Hoping to get into chill discussions, get inspired and learn more and more fluidly.


Hello! My name is Phil and I'm a student at Ramapo College, majoring in Computer Science. I'm in my last year and I'm currently using JavaFX to implement a Tennis Match Charting Assistant. I can't wait to get more involved in what looks like an amazing community. :)


Hello! My name is Tahsin. I am Full Stack Web Developer and I have a deggree of Computer Engineering.

I have been writing code 7 years. I love programming.

I have been developed projects with Php,Laravel,Vue.js,React.js,GraphQL,Asp.Net MVC,Asp.Net Core.

I am enjoying with Laravel,React.js,Vue.js. Especially, I am stuck with SPA.

I am new this platform.

Also I am looking for Remote Jobs :)


Hi there! I'm hemanth and currently an associate software engineer. I'm right now learning perl and also HTML, CSS, JS, etc. I'm trying hard to learn them well and hope I'll have something really useful from this community to develop myself and my career.


Hi, I'm Denver and I've wanted to be a computer professional for a long time. I've refocussed that to Web Developer. I've not finished training (Udemy),and will be very receptive to tips on where and what to study to get competent at this. I'm 48.


Hello! My name is Philippe Nadon, and i am a student at the U of Alberta. I'm currently double majoring in Math/Physics and Computing Science, and I have some experience with python and java.

I stumbled upon this site as I was looking for a solution to host a website for free for my portfolio, using something like github pages.


Hi, I'm Justin and I am a software engineer for a marketing intelligence company.

I am (mostly) self taught and work primarily in php and Javascript. Recently I have been switching to typescript and started learning golang.

I work mostly on internal web software with tons of business logic and allowing others to utilize our data for statistical marketing.

I am here to learn some new techniques and share what I have learned.


Hi all,
I'm a Junior Full Stack Software Engineer, I mainly work with React, Node and Java.

I'm a reader here for more than a year. I read a minimum of 5 posts per day

I've decided to sign up a week ago and share my experience with you guys, i will be writing posts soon. Such a great community, Cheers!


Hello! I'm the sole developer for a startup (I'm not even sure I can even call it a startup anymore). And I'm here to develop relationships with like-minded individuals who share similar interests. I'm currently focusing on improving my knowledge in JavaScript, Node, and MongoDB. Mainly rewriting an application's back-end. I enjoy reading and learning about things that'll help me become better; in work and in life.

A piece of advise I would've given my younger self is that it's important to have a daily study regime. Even if it's just 10 minutes a day. Have an allocated time set aside for studying. That time compounds!

P.S - I'd love to get in touch with those interested in entrepreneurship!


Hello,I am the guy that reads your posts but never replies, I am a deep enthusiast of multiple programming languages but mostly just an hobbyist. I haven't done anything useful but make animations on the java-script canvas. Thanks for reading have a great day!


Hello, my name is Marcelo, I'm from Brazil and I just started my path on WebDev.
I came here because I found out through some recommendation that this is an awesome place to improve my learning and acquire diverse knowledge.
I'm in love with CSS and JavaScript so far


Hello! My name is Peter John and Iam a Developer
Im here to share my knowledge in web development and coding in open source technologies such as PHP laravel framework.I have good knowledge in developing ecommerce web & app development


Hello! I'm Shane and I am a late bloomer with programming. I'm 34 and recently graduated with my associates in Computer Science. I currently work in my companies Creative Tech division, but my role only monitors users in our systems. I'm spending the next year immersing myself in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to learn front-end development. I learned some in my schooling, but mostly focused on C++ and C#. I like those, but I'm intrigued by JS and all the other languages (python, PHP, etc). I'm focusing on JS for my foundation and then will branch out. I discovered this community through GitHub.

If I could go back a year and talk to myself, I would say start immersing yourself in all things programming now. Don't just rely on your coursework. Go out and discover Dev.to, freeCodeCamp, and anything else to increase my skills. I look forward to learning from you all!



I'm Asim, I work on an open source project called Micro (github.com/micro). I wish a community like this existed when I started out as an engineer many many years ago! Mostly a reader/lurker but looking forward to being part of the community.

If I can be of any help to anyone here please let me know. I know a thing or two about distributed systems, microservices and related topics.

Cheers :)


Hello, I am Kofi Bamfo Quaicoe(KBQ).I read on reactjs and I was eager to learn. In the the course of my studies, I realized I need to learn JavaScript first for better understanding. I started with it and my passion and zeal are great. Thanks....


Hello everyone,

I'm a developer currently focused on Angular and a mixture of backend tech (with Node as my go-to.) Reading a thread and getting pretty deep into the comments, I stumbled upon a fake comment asking me to sign up here - there was no hesitation!

That's the way to ask!


Hi myself Badri Narayan Bhadra
YouTube creator
I started to learn python and I don't know how to make projects. I create social awareness environmental animals loving lifestyle and cultural Video contents to became a healthy and prosperous society. Please help me to improve...


Hello, my name is Benneth and I am from Nigeria.
I stumbled into Dev.to to read an article and realised I needed to join immediately.
I am a graduate of software engineering but left out of programming for the past 7 years to join family business.
Now I feel like working my way back into coding but I don't know where to start, which language to look at and what has changed in programming in the years I've lost touch.
A friend adviced I should look at IoT and Cloud.
I could do with some help.


Hi everyone! My name is Drew and I'm a Dev turned CEO. Luckily I get to pick fun projects to code between meetings. The latest article about What Devs Need Do Wrong hit home and I want to find more articles like these.


Hello ... I am Prasanna, polyglot programmer working currently in java, golang, python. I am curious to know about the latest trends in industry and how I can leverage that to be more productive. I find the community and blogs to be interesting, will try to share some of the stuff s which I learnt.


Hello! I'm an NZ based BI Analyst working at a SaaS company building accounting software. I've come from Supply Chain Analytics and am a self-taught SQL analyst/developer. By day, I advise Data Analysts around the business on how to get the data they need and how our models can help them achieve their goals.

By night I've been building things in JavaScript, node.js and am studying towards the AWS Solutions Architect Certification. I like to write about what I learn to support the analysts I work with and hopefully the dev.to community.

Come say hello and have a read of what I've written so far, I'd love to meet you!


Hey Helen! Any SQL learning resources you'd recommend? Great posts so far :)


Hi all! My name is Kimmy and I am a junior instructor at a non-profit coding bootcamp in Nashville. I finished the 6 month bootcamp in March and I've learned so much more as I've helped other students through the course. I have a 2 year old, a husband, and a very silly dog. I'm happy to be here!


Hey, my name is paraparata. I'm interested in security especially in networking. I'm totally newbie here but I've learn python and c as my language, and some basic of networking. I think this community can help me grow up. Thank you and sorry for my English🙏


Hi! I'm Brianne, tech investor and startup advisor in Silicon Valley.

I invest in APIs, Dev Tools and Enterprise software.
I recently invested in Dev.to after meeting many of you at dev events and conferences :)

Other investments include:
Plato - the mentorship platform for engineering managers
Voxeet - the API for live video
Relationship Hero - relationship advice via text and phone

I'm a self-taught developer who loves participating in hackathons, playing video games and watching stand-up comedy on the weekends.

I'd love to connect and follow your projects.


👋Nice to meet y'all!

I'm Bryan, a Product Designer working in an eCommerce based on Jakarta, Indonesia

I've recently worked on responsive web platform written using Pug.js
Learned a thing or two about HTML/CSS, and the basics of the web development
Looking more into deeper relationship with awesome front-end languages & frameworks

hopefully i can found something interesting to discuss with you guys!


Hello! My name is Jason and I am a System Engineer.

Q: What advice would you give yourself a year ago?

A: Don't take the IT Operations Manager position, you will never get any sleep and you will always be tied to the phone.


Hi, i'm Elfo... I mean a software dev. Here to steal your ideas and share mine with you. I decided to read an article/discussion of dev.io every day to learn something new.

What advice would you give myself a year ago?.... be bold af!


Hello everyone! Am victor Eltov and I am upcoming computer Engineer,I recently started to learn java script and c++.

Its safe when you walk with people in the park, they help you sight danger and alert you.. So am here to learn and contribute ..hope am welcome!!


Hello! I'm Phuc and I am Backend Developer with Nodejs.

I had to search for an article about Javascript and I found this community. I straightway fall in love with DEV.TO. I hope we can have an offline party to connect with every developer around the world :).


Hello! My name is Vitaliy. I am Android Developer from Ukraine. Although I have 5 years of experience, I always feel like I am still bad in architecture and patterns... Hope to learn something interesting here.
Also I am dreaming about blogging, but don't know where and how to start.


Hi Vitaliy, if you find something that's new or interesting to you, just write it up! Blogging is a lot like writing code: You don't want to get stuck in analysis paralysis!


Hi! My name is Steve, a novice front (back) end web developer,CSS has been getting on my nerves so I'm studying backend now(Node.js and ASP.NET) so I can discover which 1 appeals to me most. I'm joining DEV.to so I can interact with other Code legends and novice alike and to read amazing programming articles(read Array functions by Frugence Fidel already 😁, I finally understand what array.some(array function does) lol). Hope to have fun here.


Hi everyone, am Dennis Omondi. Am a student taking BSC information science at a local university in kenya. I love programming, i code in Java, javascript (nodejs and express js), php/laravel and currently learning vue js. Am here to learn more from dev.to community. Thanks


Hello! I'm Mark, a disabled veteran (1/75 Rangers) that has too much time on his hands so I am wanting to get into development. I join almost every beta app for Android to give feedback and learn. I'm a Windows Insider, but I am yearning to go farther. In the process of learning the Kali Linux shell now. Any material that you feel I should have, will be most welcomed.


Hi! My name is Eduardo, I'm a Full Stack Developer from Curitiba/PR, Brazil.

I've been learning a lot recently and decided to start working on some content I can publish to help other developers.

Best Regards,
Eduardo Nicastro.


Hi! My name is Hiep and I am from Vietnam.

I joined a startup in college for a website administration role (Wordpress). Eventually we needed a customized point-of-sale app so I learned how to code (thanks to CS50 course from Edx) and using Javascript to write a full stack web app (thanks to MEAN.JS framework and their docs - the project was amazing both as a framework and as a learning resource).

It has been 3 amazing years of my life, from learning how to code to building things with my own hands.

Now our startup has a lot of data so I hope that I can learn more about Python and the Jupyter Project so that I can make sense of them.

I am really glad that I have found this community. Every one is so warm-hearted 😇


Hello, everybody. My name Vova. I learn Js, React and English :)
I learning programming already 6 months. It is really interesting for me and I want to be a part of the world IT community. I will be realy pleasure if you help me with it. I have many different ideas on future and believe that you will like it.


Hello everybody! This is Lorenzo, and I've been a developer for over 3 decades. Don't worry, I'm not your stereotypical old geezer. I have always loved to learn new things and have kept up with (most) of the newest technologies. I love Python but am currently with Java and C# for a couple of my clients. I'm looking for an excuse to play with Go.



I'm Danny and I've been a systems admin for some time now and in my spare time I've been dipping my toe into python and cloud fundamentals in an attempt to mould myself into a better all-rounder, I have recently interviewed for a junior devops role and feel very positive about it so ive joined dev.to in anticipation of an exciting new career! I look forward to getting involved in the community and learning off the best!


Hi there! My name is Nomm and I'm a full-stack web developer with the LAMP stack.

I like to build things for fun and for profit. I live in Barcelona, so if anybody is around here, I'd love to talk shop with someone over a drink or two.


Hello! My name is Bolaji and I am a web designer/developer.I have been learning html and css for some weeks now. I am particularly interested in the styling of web pages and by extension interested in UI design. I am just excited at the prospect of seeing further by virtue of standing on the shoulder of giants through this platform.


Hi! My name is Briana. I attended the Write/Speak/Code workshop yesterday taught by Jess Lee! I've done some technical blogging on Medium but I'm definitely in my early stages and want to blog more. I attended the Flatiron School last winter and worked at Facebook HQ this summer teaching with Girls Who Code! Now I'm back in NYC and job seeking again :) I code in RoR and React.


Hey ! I'm Vishal and founder of Glue Labs.

I'm interested in ML / AI tech in general and trying to build products like chatbots that use a lot of natural language processing (NLP)

Excited to meet you all !


Hi Guys,

I am Krishna Charan, and I am working as a Senior product developer at Uplogic Technologies.

I can here to share my expertise by sharing some blog post to the community. Hope you can enjoy reading my article.



Hey! My name is Anderson and I am software engineering student from Venezuela. Recently I get interested in web dev (Back end) and their community.
I'm currently learning NodeJS, and so excited to contribute open source.
I hope to start my projects as soon as possible, make friends, and write some usefull things here.


Hi Everyone, My name is Manish and I am Full-stack developer.

I am coding for the last 7 years and I have been working on various technologies like .Net, Javascript, NodeJS. Joined this community to expand my knowledge about and receive a different perspective on new languages/framework


Just heard about dev.to on a podcast and wanted to check it out. I'm a second-career developer, who just started my first full-time position at the age of 41. Before that, I was a music teacher and author, but technology has always been my hobby. Even while teaching, I found myself running multiple websites for various groups, and even started building mobile apps and teaching myself to really become a coder. I took off a year of teaching and tried my hand at entrepreneurship, building unison.school, a tool for music teachers and students, and then landed a more stable remote .Net developer job this April!

I'm interested in learning just about anything and everything about software development, so looking forward to checking out dev.to!


Hi, I heard about dev.to from the Changelog podcast and came to learn more. I'm at a crossroads in my career and looking to find out how other devs may have approached the same problem.

I'm really excited about GatsbyJS, React, DevOps, Design Systems, Laravel, GraphQL, Jira, so basically all of the things.


Hi! I am Ariel. I am freelancer developer.

I have worked for almost 3 years with C# and .NET for Windows application and I have been learning for about a year Node.js and React. I am currently looking for remote jobs with React.


Hi all!

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer based in the ridiculously hot part of California. I've been building static websites for about 2 years and web apps for about 6 months. I just graduated from a 5 month coding bootcamp and I was very excited when I came across dev.to. Looking forward to being a part of the community! Feel free to reach out if you wanna talk shop.

Happy coding!


Hey! My name is Franz and I'm a Full Stack Developer from Vienna. At the moment my passion is to build unitecms.io, an Open Source headless CMS (Symfony, GraphQL, vue.js).

I really love to think and talk about content management and try to apply new approaches to this area (like bringing a SSG into an agency workflow).

If you are a web developer or interested in CMS, I would really like to hear about your technology stack!


Hello all! My name is Nick. I am a product manager who is working my hardest to become a developer. Came here after hearing the latest Indie Hackers podcast with Ben Halpern.

I am currently working on a project to help teach some younger family members to code, keep an eye on my posts where I will be explaining that more soon. Excited to be here!



T L H (I know I go by an acronym...lame)

Born Again Developer (corny southern affectation I have seen the light!) looking to keep tabs on the pulse of the industry and learn which avenues to focus my attention on now that I am proficient in basic web development.

Things I can use well: CSS3, HTML5, JS (vanilla), Bash shell scripting

Things I can use/ have used: Python, Java, C++, C

Anyone has any resources, ideas for someone breaking into the industry or wants to pick on the only Linux user who hates Arch, I am all ears.


Hi, I'm Klemen, and my career has recently reached drinking age (in Europe).

I currently live and work in England for a remote company with an awesome collective. I consider myself a full-stack dev, but I've done my best work so far on the frontend. ES6+ is my jam, but I've worked with and taught .NET, PHP and a load of other fairy dust.

Looking forward to many discoveries!


Hi myself Mohini Raut I did above Dev link many times .I learnt how to do it locally installation and create assets,participates and did transaction .When I restart composer rest server connection fails Error also when all transaction done after that buyer and real estate agent balance showed correctly but Seller balance not increased It still showed 10000 but It had to 110000.


Heya, I'm CJ! I am a Software Engineer for a company that creates EMR Software. I primarily work with C#.NET day to day, but I love learning new JS frameworks and libraries like React and Vue and have dabbled in some Node and Express.


Hello, I am Dhairya Chandra - Website and Android Developer.

I am a final year engineering student and Founder and Creator of GadgetsDesk - Tech News Portal. I have a good hands-on experience on Wordpress.

I am planning to move to Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Image Processing.
I have written 2 research papers (Under submission).

For more details Dhairya Chandra (Personal Website)

I hope Dev communities helps me to sharp my skills.
Thank You


Hello! I'm Tori and I'm a release engineer primarily working with Ruby, Rails, and configuration with Puppet. I do a lot of development with some systems work on the side.

I've recently made the transition to Team Lead for the release engineering team, so I'm interested in finding the balance between managing and development.



Let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Kanin.

I am a Java Developer and I also know JavaScript and Python programming languages. I am currently studying Algorithms, I am actually enjoying them! I am really excited to start to study Machine Learning.

Have a nice day!


Hey guys ! new to the community, super interested in contributing / starting my own open source projects. I've ended up here cause I consider myself in a bit of coding rut since starting my first full time job after finishing school back in May. I've always been a social person which is one of the reasons I loved going to school for Computer Science so much. I have a messy list of random ideas for simple projects etc that I'd like to do in my spare time with friends. I'm a junior software developer for a automotive parts manufacturing company, we use the php framework laravel and vue js. I'm still super novice in both in my own opinion. I've never dived into Machine Learning, AI, or any other computer sciencey topics. Anyways ! I'm gonna be more active on here to keep myself motivated and make new friends and build fun simple things as I learn more.

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Congratulations James on finishing school!!!


Hello Everyone, am Kent, software engineering, enthusiastic in Rust, developer in Python, Java and React mainly. I have done projects in Pascal scripting (delphi), Java spring, C#, android and php before besides what I am currently doing. I got 10 years experience in web and software development. I have a few notes to share over the project experiences and developers guides to quickly do stuff. Thank you for welcoming me to this community.


Hello there!

Natasha here, designer and Java newbie.

I've started to learn Java recently and at the moment I feel lost :) although I must say I'm enjoying this new knowledge influx quite a bit.

I have to be honest and admit that sometimes it can be overwhelming. However, people often say - development is a marathon, not a sprint (OK, no one says that :)) so I will take my time with it.

Live long and prosper!


Hi, welcome to this community. If you need help/advice with Java, just let me know :)


Hi,I'm Ted. I've coded in a couple of languages before; spent most of my time in Java, but recently I went to Kotlin. I learned about dev.to from twitter. I like exploring new things, hence, am here to learn.


Hey guys,
My name is Anoop Shenoy and I am a Front End Developer by profession. I stumbled upon this forum while trying to explore how can I create a portfolio using React JS. Though I am familiar with JS, I’ve never got an opportunity to work on JS frameworks. So, I am planning to get started with React first. Looking forward to keep up with the existing trends in the market.



Hi there.

Registered just to say hi, but I've been around here for a while.
Reading new posts daily while having a coffee at work.

Looking for advice and general mentoring.
You guys are great with your articles.


I really love the way @damcosset explained about the block chain


Hi! I'm Clinton, and I've been a programmer for 20+ years, but am always learning more and feel like I'm still at the beginning of a long journey. These days, I mainly use Python and JavaScript (often with React.) My current job is teaching others to become software developers.


Hi, My name is Nasrin and I was a software test engineer for around 6 years before moving to Kaiserslautern, Germany, to study Embedded Systems/ Verification in TU Kaiserslautern.

I have always been scared of programming, thinking I could never be good at it, but in the past 3 years we had to automate our tests and I started working with Selenium/ Python in RobotFramework, and now I program using C++, SystemC module, and I'm more comfortable with them now.

However, I'd still hide somewhere if you say "Java"!


The rumors say that java hides from c++ developers. Welcome to the community!


Hi guys! My name is Miguel and i am a Full Stack Developer.

I try to help the community by participating in other projects, learning new languages and updating myself.

What i am doing? I have been learned more about javascript languages like node and react. I am able to participate in another international project, let me know if you are interested :)


Hello! My name is Tejas Shetty

I have recently started to learn Python, Numpy, Matplotlib, Scipy. I have some experience with Matlab. Basically, I use Python or Matlab to solve problems in Physics.


Hi all, My name is Ashik Paul. I am a Web Developer.

I work in SharePoint Online. I use react.js, typescript etc. I am planning to start angular. I guess its weird to start angular and react.

Advice: Build SOMETHING stupid during your free time. I guarantee you that you will feel proud of it for the rest of your life.


/** Hello there !! **/

I am working with a GUI team from last couple of years.
C++, QT, C are the regular visitors of my screen :)

I have just started learning Python and will be focusing on Django, once I get the basic insight of the language.

Parallely, I am planning to start working on DS and Algos to some some deeper level this time.

Hope we will have a fun time here around and definitely I will learn a lot from your knowledge and experiences.

/*** Sarabjeet ;) ***/


Hi! My name is Milos, i am junior developer from Belgrade, Serbia. I discovered this website trough some article about javascript methods, but i was atracted to stay because of funny retro-modern design of this website.. :) Just wanna to say hello to all of you!


Oooops... think my original intro was in the wrong place - sorry!

Hi! Sam here — somewhat of a hybrid between teacher, programmer and small time entrepreneur.

After dabbling with code in my previous job, which was hardware based, I was bitten by the code monkey because I swiftly grew the desire to learn more. To quench the thirst, I combined a BSc in Computing at University with a web / graphic design startup: cutting my teeth with web technologies, ultimately build my first real app with Angular1 - theinterestgame.com/#!/landing.

Learning was fun but even more so, was helping my fellow students so I opted to combine the two disciplines and teach Computer Science — Next stop: London!

In the capital I trained to teach to 11 - 18 year olds to code — no easy feat but Kings College London is well known for it’s ability to train teachers and I was given the opportunity to learn from some of the leading researchers and teachers on the scene.

A gruelling but rewarding training year took place in mixed, all boys and all girls schools and, hey presto, a year later and my first ‘proper’ year teaching was in the ‘UK School of the Year’! Woo!

During this year, I taught selection statements, iteration, functions and data structures, as well as help the older students with projects ranging from: simple data input programs with Python + SQL to a tamagotchi style dog game with Unity!

Many students showed interest so I kept the keenos engaged with an after school code club. I enjoyed being the the students but still felt like there was something a little wrong — although the education system was (and still is) heading in the right direction, there is a definite void between what the students are asked to learn and the skills needed for a career!

Right now I’m doing less teaching and more networking and more React(ing).

Being (relatively) new to both programming and teaching, I’m hoping to write some beginners posts on what I’m learning: currently, the wonderful React 😊

Very much hoping to connect with the community to bridge the gap between education and communities like these, which in my humble opinion, should be intertwined.

Looking forward to both connecting and hearing your thoughts on what / how to teach tomorrow’s generation.

At your service,

Sam aka Mr.I


Hello World! My name is Chris. I'm from Poland. I'm a Systems Administrator professional and programming enthusiast. I have some experience in bash, python, perl. After work i wrote some code in C, PHP, jQuery.

Currently i'm learning x86 assembly language. I'm hoping to dive a little bit into some offensive security topics.