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dev.to staff on August 19, 2019

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Hello dev community, ο›Œ

I am 16 and primarily a game developer but also have experience doing back end development on python as well as a javascript on a basic level. Currently i am helping manage a team of over 10 people on a new game.

I can program in Python and Lua, and have experience using blender, unity and roblox studio as well as other programs such as photoshop, Drawplus and editing programs.

Nice to meet you all, I have recently joined this platform and am looking forward to discussing and conversing with you all in the future!


My buddy was just at the Roblox conference which was last week. Roblox is rapidly growing which is awesome. In my teenage years, all I did was put together teams to try to mod or build video games.

At my mom's computer store we had a large conference table and I'd have 14 or so at the start of the project and near the end, it would be 3 people. Building teams is a serious challenge.

Discord certainly makes things easier now.

The first game I modded was UT99. So that might give you an idea how long ago.

Do you have a cool game idea for the Roblox platform?

If you ever want some infrastructure knowledge with cloud computing I can give you a bit of direction.


My buddy was just at the Roblox conference which was last week.

Ah I missed that as it was while i was on holiday πŸ’”

Roblox is rapidly growing which is awesome

Crazy fast,100m active users now.

Building teams is a serious challenge.

Found the same until I started properly networking and earning a name for myself on discord.

Do you have a cool game idea for the Roblox platform?

Yep, working on it. πŸ˜‰ I'm project lead.

If you ever want some infrastructure knowledge with cloud computing I can give you a bit of direction.

That'd be great, def need in the future.
If you ever need any help with python, lua, video gaming markets, Roblox.
Feel free to DM me in the connect app.


Seems cool, Theo. Happy to know that you learnt all this at that age. :)


Thank you, still feel like I have a hell of a lot more to learn!

Haha yeah. I wish I had started learning from before. I am studying computer degrees and i knew nothing before i took this.


Hi Theo, can you tell us more about the new game?


Sure its an open map adventure game with low poly graphics based on floating islands.


Super cool!

Keep it up, hopefully I'll see some of your post on how your team build that game ;)


very cool. cant seem to keep my kids off Roblox, so youre definitely headed the right direction.


Hello! I'm 34 yo and have been learning coding for about three years now without much success. I have a goal in mind which is to start working as a jr. developer before my next birthday (Aug 1, 2020).

Right now I'm learning js, react and redux. Cheers and hello! :)


Hi Roel!

Good luck with your job search.
For startups, technical prowess is not as important as getting things done.

So if you can get 1-to-1 with the hiring person/key decision-maker and speak to what their startup does and tell them what you would do to impact the business and then just get started without asking that's a great way to break in.


I'd add to that, that bringing other skills along with coding can be a great way to outshine other applicants. E.g. if you were an accountant before deciding to start coding, then joining a company that develops accounting software would give you a huge advantage over a kid fresh out of college who don't know his debits from his credits :)

Greate advice, man, thanks. My ultimate goal would be to work as a developer for something related to music or literaturue which are my other big interests :D


Good luck, Roel! I'm also on my 30s and trying to get the first dev job.


Thats great! PM me if you want to work on something together, man. Cheers!


Hey Roel! You get closer every day. Besides learning the tech the best thing that helped me get a job was just talking to people. Don't be afraid to go to meetups if you can.


I think there are some in my city! Will look into that! Thanks man! :D


I absolutely love react and redux. Would love to help you in this journey of yours in any way I can. Feel free to reach out.


Wow! I just saw your answer. Thanks A LOT, man. I'd love to have more friends I can chat with and learn :D


Welcome! If you have any questions about learning js/react - I'd be glad to help :) good luck!


Nice to meet you, Roel! Keep your head up and remember, even senior devs google the most basic of things from time to time.


Hey y'all, I'm Ada. I'm a non-binary (pronouns they/them) 18 year old web dev who primarily codes in Node.js (though I regularly dabble in Go and Rust.). I found out about this place a while back and have read a handful of articles from here but have been a bit reluctant to join due to past bad experiences with noninclusive dev spaces, hopefully that isn't the case here.

Anyways, nice to meet y'all, I'm looking forward to hopefully being an active participant in the community!


Welcome Ada to Dev.to!

Dev.to is quite inclusive to all, so rarely will you find you'll need to use that report button.


Hi Ada!

I love that you use the word yall! I grew up in Oklahoma and just moved to Denver. I don't get to hear it as much as I would like. Welcome to the new space, I'm new as well. We'll see how this goes together :)

Have a great day!


Funnily enough I actually picked up y'all through osmosis from a friend who moved here up north from Texas!


Hello everyone. I've been working on my developer skills for a couple years now and figure I need to broaden my community beyond those around me with no interest in it.

I'm a late starter at 34, and honestly I get a little discouraged reading about teenagers much farther along then I am. Any success stories out there from others getting into software development after leaving another career?



Hey markamaze, I'm 34 and just graduated last year with an Associates degree after over a decade in Entertainment and Special Effects, and got super lucky landing a job at a Software company. If I can do it, you can as well.

What worked for me was to go to a lot of networking events, especially Meetup events focused on the languages I liked learning about. Then, try and find little free one-day or weekend conferences where you can go learn as well. Don't just focus on learning though! Focus on getting to know the other people who come out and get to know the community you're in. So many opportunities come from the community and your own network. If you're not surrounded by people who have this interest, that's ok, but the more people around you with the interest, the faster you will grow and land that gig.

Best of luck in your endeavors!


Don't worry about younger people have more knowledge or not, sometimes I feel the same and I've writing software for more than 23 years. Young people have a lot of energy and more free time, but what's important is the own motivation and the desire to learn new things.


Hey there! I'm 33 and just getting started too. I moved from nursing to tech a few years ago and refuse to look back. I've learned that there are a LOT of little niches out there where you can not only utilize your previous experience, you'll be valued for it.


I hope so. It was my experience that lead to my idea for software to do much of my previous job that led to my leaving it.

You can already say that you were a champion of adopting new technology that helped to cut down costs and better automate processes at your previous job!


I'm a late starter, too. I'm 37 and been working professionally as a software dev for 3 years. I had a 10-year career in biology, but it just wasn't going anywhere. I'd been teaching myself as a hobby and doing a bit of WordPress dev/admin as a side-gig to help save up money. Quit my job and went to a 12-week bootcamp.

A couple months after the bootcamp, I got a full-time job as a junior UI developer. Then about 2 years after that, got promoted at the same company to intermediate software developer.

The bootcamp wasn't everything, but it did give me connections and an ability to learn fast. On top of that, already have progressed through a career has definitely helped me continue to progress and grow in this career. I know how to be in a job, how to be a mentor, how to be effective in a team.

I think part of changing careers is finding a company that's a good fit for giving you a shot - not as a favour but because they recognize that your past experience is a huge asset in addition to your tech skills.

In the bootcamp, I was definitely one of the older students, but that was okay. I didn't end up making super close friends like a lot of the 20-somethings did, but I wasn't there for that. I did find people that I enjoyed working with professionally.

Not to say that a bootcamp is the only way, but for me, I really needed the structure and the guidance on what to learn next. There's always people to compare yourself to, but there's only one you with your breadth of experience and maturity - just have to find the right role where they see that as a value!


I feel like I'm starting late also at 33, but we have to start somewhere right?! Good luck!!


Hello wonderful dev.to community! I have browsed this website many times but finally decided to make an account 😜


Hi, a bit about me:

I'm Java developer making my best to use automation, testing and refactoring so my team can work on hard problems,
and deliver their project on time and with quality.

I live in Barcelona and I'm a member of JBCNConf staff since 2016.

I'm looking forward to be helpful in this community.


"I'm Java developer making my best to use automation, testing and refactoring so my team can work on hard problems,
and deliver their project on time and with quality."

I'm already a fan of your job. :)


Welcome Sergio! If I had to live anywhere it would be in Barcelona even if I had to learn a bit of Catalan.


Hey DEV!

My name is Noah Labhart. I'm a startup founder, CTO and podcast host. Also, husband, Dad, outdoorsmen, musician and follower of Jesus. I like to stay busy, below are links to my projects. I'm more of an architect now than an IC, but I still like to get my hands dirty from time to time.

Code Story Podcast - codestory.co

Veryable, CTO & Co-Founder -veryableops.com
Touchtap, CEO & Founder - touchtap.com

Looking forward to being more active in the community - besides just buying the sweet gear!



Welcome Noah πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

Check out what the LadyBug Podcast is doing:

In Dev.to you can use Liquid tags to embed your podcast into an article if you have your podcast on Spotify


Good evening everyone i am Oyinkansola by name and i am a front end web developer, happy to be in such a growing community


Hello Damilola, I'm new here, I just joined today. I'm just starting out tho. I'm learning HTML, CSS and I hope to start JavaScript in few days.

It's nice connecting with you here.


Hey there!

Excited to be a part of the community. I'm just getting started (seriously this time!) with how to code, what I want to do, and how to get there. I already work in tech (product manager), but I'm so non-technical that it's hilarious. I'm happy to be here and can't wait to learn from everyone!


I often feel like I'm lacking in my tech skills (even though I help build dev tools!) Nice to know I'm not alone in the feeling :)

This place seems like a cool place to jumpstart knowledge in easy bits!


Keep at it and don’t get discouraged! Technology can be difficult if you weren’t raised around it, but I’m sure you can succeed! Good luck!


Uhm, Hi? My name is Ana. I am a Ruby on Rails Developer.

Lately I've this desire to be more active in community, that's why I decide to create an account in this platform.

I look forward to some nice and interesting discussions ~~


Hey all,
I'm currently working as a Salesforce developer but trying to get back into doing more straight up web development, so I'm working on some side projects involving graphql and react. Also low-key looking for a new job so just trying to keep my networking muscles active!


I had to do a few months of Salesforce development. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
You have to have serious skills to develop on Salesforce


I've been doing it for 3ish years now, and it's definitely a strange beast. But as I started to figure out its quirks (many, many quirks!), it's gotten a lot easier. And easier to see the benefits of it as a platform. But I'm still trying to move out of it - leaping on any projects at my current job that are off-platform and also looking for a new position...

Full-stack probably but just stating to figure stuff out


Big probs, Salesforce development is no joke. Whatever company you end up with will be lucky to have you!



I work for Heavybit, a startup accelerator focused on helping startups building developer and enterprise tools go to market with their product. I'm here to learn more about what dev teams need to be successful, share learnings from the Heavybit community with DEV, and look for ideas to improve how we educate our own program members.

Looking forward to joining the conversation with you all!


A friend recommended this community πŸ”₯ I mostly came for the #Vim posts (posted one myself actually). Anyway, glad to be here πŸ‘‹


Welcome Jesse!

Hope you dig DEV.

That looks like a great post. πŸ˜€

Just a quick pointer, you can also link to posts like this if you'd like.

Here's the syntax for the embed in case you want to do it like this in the future:
{% link https://dev.to/jesseleite/it-s-dangerous-to-vim-alone-take-fzf-2i1i %}


Welcome, Jesse!
Your friend was wise to recommend such a nice and helpful community.
Enjoy your stay!


Hello! I'm four months into my first Frontend Dev job after a career change. It's had its ups and downs but really love the work! Using Ember, Rails, PostgreSQL at work. But first love is React, Redux, Node.


Welcome Mary Jo!

Dev.to could use more UX people!
I haven't heard of Ember in quite a while, how is that javascript framework holding up?


Thanks Andrew! I'm still pretty green, but I find handling global state with Ember cumbersome. Some of it is undoubtedly on my end - I need to accept convention over configuration. ;-)

convention over configuration That's a ruby mantra I haven't heard in a long while.

My other favourite being limitations lead to creative solutions



I've been making, fixing and debugging WordPress sites and Angular applications over 10 years.
I have mid to advanced knowledge about JS, Angular, PHP, MySQL, WP, Apache, Git and same other open source technologies.

Also I'm father and a husband that struggles to find a steady job / projects where I'll be able to earn money for my family while doing what I love to do.

I need some guidance how to become better coder in order to go the next level and make awesome stuff.

I hope this is the right place where I can find some answers.

Best regards


This is a month later - but nice to meet you Cedomir! Have you been able to find some projects since you wrote this post? Good luck!


Hi Chris. It is never to late. Thank you for your response :) It is good to know that there are people like you who wants to help.
Nice to meet you , too.

I'm currently finishing Laravel RESTful / Angular (7) project. I'm giving my best to be coded with best coding practice, but I'm not sure if made good choices, if I coded all methods (made all classes) in the way to be considered as a best coding practice.

I need guidance how to use my "raw" Angular and PHP OOP knowledge and learn how to make good reusable code that will be ease for someone else to maintain and extend.

I'm struggling to see the big picture and make tho whole of the application in my mind before I start to coding.

Maybe this will sound funny to the experienced coders, but these are some of the questions that I have not complete answers for, and need help to find them in order to become better coder:

Where and why to use Interface or Abstract class?
When and why to use Models in Angular?


There are much more questions and much more to learn, but for now I don't have systematic approach how to learn all that I need in order to go to the next level and became better programmer.


I'm always open for new challenges.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards

I'm afraid I don't have much Angular or PHP skills! I'm mostly React :)

Could you maybe make a DEV post with those questions? Or: ask on stackoverflow or twitter? Also: if there are any Angular meetups in your city, then you could message the organizers - they are usually happy to help, or find someone who could help you.

Sorry - hope you figure that out! It sounds like you're on the right track though: just keep working on it! The feeling that you don't know what you're doing will be replace with joy once you figure it out :) Good luck!


Who else here is an open source enthusiast / radical / extremist?


Radical here!

Although I agree with RMS, so I guess you could say "extremist"! Nothing motivates me towards the movement more than knowing it's an ethical imperative. "Open source" is the boring corporate morality-free version of software freedom, but hey, our end results are nearly always the same, so the communities overlap greatly!


I'm an enthusiast. How would you describe an "extremist"?


sorry I thought I replied haha
Extremist is just hyperbole for radical I guess


Here I am! I've been programming for ~20yrs but only recently started exploring web development and... well, it's a humbling experience. The more you learn, the more you realize you don't know. My heart is still in native applications for desktop and mobile.


Hello everyone...realized 2 years ago that I needed a career change if I was going to put the kids through college. Went back to school to get a BS CompSci degree....only 1 year left!! Can't wait to get out in the real world and become a full-stack web developer. I've really enjoyed working with Python and Django.


Way to go! I know the challenges of college work when you have kids and a family...hang in there! Welcome!


Hello all, I am new to this group. I look forward to learn as mush as possible and fast.I joined this group to continue learning or refresh on my SQL join ability and found this group has way more than that.

I am locating in Florida, near Tampa; working for a manufacturing company. I have been with the same company for 23 years and looking forward for an additional 20 more years...hahaha

Thank you all for this great platform you all have!


Hi bulollas!

Check out Helen's SQL posts they're really good:

helenanders26 image

Hi! I'm Kristen, I am a non-technical employee at a software startup in Austin. Currently trying to learn some basic web development, starting with HTML and CSS, while getting more comfortable with Git & VSCode. The hardest part right now is balancing the screen time I have to have (working, paying bills online, video chatting with family) vs screen time I want to have (learning, exploring, tinkering, creating). Sometimes, after a day of literally just looking and typing, I'm as tired as I was when I did manual labor.


I totally get the feeling!

I'd love to stay longer hours at my computer trying out new things or taking on small side projects but after a full day of working on the computer the last thing I want to do is continue working.

Something that has helped a bit with the reading/learning is to use a secondary device like a tablet, that way I continue with a bit more screen time without feeling I am still working.


I know that feeling! Good luck on the learning. You'll pick up a lot just by hanging around DEV, even if a lot of it goes over your head.

I'm years and years into my career and still don't think I'm all that good at git. So sounds like you're making progress.


Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement! I'm going to need it.


Hello Dev Community,

I'm french, I am 23 years old and I'm a fresh software engineer in Luxembourg.
I have experience in Front-end development and in Hardware.

I've just joined today to learn more and get useful tips from peers.
I'd like to solidify my knowledge in various topics


Hello Akim!
Welcome! I hope you'll share your knowledge and experience, as well!


hi, I am 38 and I am a student at Lambda School. I learned html, css, javascript, react-redux, nodejs and python. I am preparing myself at solving coding challenges and learning the basic cs fundamentals. I hope to learn and grow with all of you


I am Austin I usually developing in python i love creating new ideas and seeing what is possible. i just love programming in general. i have made speech based apps like text to audio converter for files. i hope to learn as much as I can. I am currently going to school for computer science and i have made some apps in my years.


Hey peeps,

I landed my first job a few months ago as an Associate Fullstack Dev! My coworkers showed me this community, and I'm excited to become a part of it!

Just wanted to say, "hey", and thank you all for all of your contributions to this community. You really help the young guns to advance their skills. 😊


Hello everyone,

I am an older developer by the look of it (I'm in my 40's (o.O) ) and while I have always loved to write code (make the computer do the thing!), I have only recently gotten more involved in it.

I'm also an avid table top roleplayer (Dungeons and Dragons and Shadowrun are my faves), and computer gamer.

I've messed about with Basic on the Commodore 64, QBasic in DOS, COBOL (never again), Turbo Pascal (eek!), C++ (in German), Visual Basic, C#, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and so on. I really enjoy working with SQL of all things.

Looking to learn about AWS, Azure, REASTful services, micro-services, kubernetes, GraphQL (which looks awesome), and later neural networks, machine learning and AI.

Never stop learning.

I think that's enough waffle from me for the time being.



Never stop learning indeed! This is a great site for it :)


Hey guys,

I'm Sam, 20 year old Filipino working in Tokyo, Japan πŸ‘‹

It's been about a year and a half since I got my degree in IT and started working as a web developer. I mainly do backend development and web crawling with Python, but I have also worked on some frontend stuff with Angular and React.

I've been lurking for some time now, and finally decided to create an account to join in some discussions πŸ˜‚

Currently reading 'The Phoenix Project' (a recommendation I got here :D), as recently I got really into learning about devops, site reliability engineering, and the like.

Nice to meet you guys!


Definitely a fun read πŸ‘Œ
btw, really cool of you to actually read user introductions πŸ‘


Hey Everyone,

Nice to meet you all!

I'm a remote software developer and huge enthusiast of remote working.

In the past I had some medical issues that forced me to rescind my first job offer out of college.

After some not so fun times, I buckled down, focused on webdev with vue and django, and was able to get to the point where despite my medical issues I could work remotely. I'm really thankful to be in an industry where remote working is possible.

I recently started my own blog where I share my experience as a remote developer along with programming knowledge.

Scrolling through twitter I saw someone mention this site, and it seemed pretty cool, so here I am!


Welcome Alan!

Sorry to hear about medical issues (those are always so terrible), but I'm glad you figured it out eventually!

What do you think is the hardest part about remote work? Or: what do you think most companies trying out remote work could do better?

Thanks! :)


Hey Chris,

I've found remote work to work smoothly when you have an active team engaging with each other on slack or some other platform.

It can be a real pain when communication is too asynchronous and can really slow down development in my experience.

I've seen a lot of devs who don't communicate well struggle in these remote roles.

Thanks, yeah, I've heard (and seen) communication be the biggest potential problem with remote roles. I could see how asynchronous communication would be a really tricky point too, yeah... Thanks for your insights!


Hello fellows,

I am 32 and I have been working as external consultant in several companies. Mostly in embedded software for the automotive area.

Lately, I am trying to get out of embedded software and going more on software development. Currently looking in Python...

In this community, I am looking for some tips on what's going on. Later on of course, I would like also to share some of my knowledge and experience.

Best regards and thanks for accepting me.


Embedded software in Automobiles sounds interesting! I'd love to read more about that! You should write and article! Welcome!


Hi Angela, thanks for the message. Yes, I will think about something to share :)


Welcome everybody!

If you're interested in taking part in a discussion, here are a few posts you could weigh in on:

e.g. what to do when you're unassigned and still want to be productive.

Or this post about the start of the new academic year:

Or start your own thread. If you want to ask a question to the community, use the "discuss" or the "help" tag if it's to resolve a specific problem you're facing.


Hello DEV community!

I’m currently getting a degree in Computer Programming. I’m still inexperienced but I love learning new things. Some recent things I’ve been interested in is Julia and compiler design. I have a plan to build my own programming language in the future. This is going to be an extremely long-term project but I look forward to finishing it in the future.


Hello Alec - welcome!

Building your own programming language is ambitious! Good luck on that and other projects in the future :)


Thank you! It certainly is ambitious, and that’s why I’m taking it slowly to make sure that I have the ability to create the language to my highest standards. I’ve currently only got a tokenizer and some documentation, but over the course of a few years I hope to fully develop it into a functioning language.


Hi, all!

I'm a self-taught software engineer currently transitioning from an Engineering Manager role at Circle Internet Financial back to an Engineer role at Auth0. I spend most of my time working with Node.JS and React but also love GraphQL. I'm excited to be relocating from Medium over to Dev.to!


Hi Matt! Welcome.

I'm always interested to hear from engineers-turned-eningeering-managers: how did you find that transition? Is there any advice that you'd give to others looking to make that change? (Since you're going back to an engineer role, I assume you found out that you like being in the technology more?)



The transition from Engineer to Engineering Manager was jarring for me. I went from writing code ~90% of the time to < 20% of the time very quickly. I found that I was exhausted at the end of a workday but oddly felt like I hadn't accomplished much due to the lack of code contribution. Obviously, this wasn't true as I was efficiently leading a team of engineers now but it can be difficult to fight that feeling at first. I enjoyed managing for a while but eventually found myself diving into side projects on nights and weekends to get my "coding fix".

I'd say that the transition back to individual contributor can be rough as well. Succeeding at technical interviews when you've only been writing ~1 hour of code a day can be challenging.

I don't regret my time in management land as I feel like it sharpened my communication, prioritization, and architectural design skills and reinforced how much I like programming on a daily basis.

Yeah, that makes sense - thanks for your insight! It's funny how we can work a whole day (on managing say), and then feel like we haven't accomplished anything :) I definitely get needing a "code fix" too :)

Good luck on your transition back!


Hi devs,

I am 22 and it's awesome to share and read contents about technology with you all! And I hope that this platform take the place of Medium.

I am a Brazilian, and I have been working with mobile development since 2017. I code Swift mainly, but I enjoy trying other drugs as well, like Dart (Flutter) and Typescript (React Native)πŸ˜‚.

Kidding aside, I love everything that brings value to mobile development, so I hope to see good articles about that.

Nice to meet you guys!


Hi DΓ©cio! Welcome to Dev.to!

Not much Dart content here, maybe you can be the first to show us how to use it!


Hey guys, Good to be here. Currently learning to become a Front-End Web Dev. It's been a shaky ride but getting there. Anyways, it's nice to be part of the community.


Hey Kofi!

Hope ya enjoy it here. You might already know about this, but definitely consider following some tags on the site as that'll make more of this content show up in your feed.

You can check check out some of the most used tags here - dev.to/tags... or just type dev.to/t/nameoftag to see a specific tag's page.

Best of luck on your front-end journey!


Hello! I'm Kenneth and I currently work as a Cloud Engineer. We use an ITSM tool (Service Now) as a front end GUI for the enterprise so anyone can spin up a virtual machine quickly and get to developing. I write and support the puppet code that does all of the provisioning.

My goal is to keep learning and thriving in the cloud computing space. It's an exciting time to be involved. I completely changed my career a little more than a year ago and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

I'm glad I found a good community to geek out with :D


You put that well! That's exactly what I'm doing...geeking out with everyone here! When I talk coding or such with my family, their eyes cloud over! Ha-ha! Welcome!


hi everyone,

i'm a 23 years old primary school teacher who just picked up coding because i find it super interesting and fun. no experience whatsoever, but i'm trying to learn as much as i can through articles, videos etc, and i'm hoping to learn something from this community, too! happy to be here <3


Hey all

Long time developer, just discovering this community. Primarily C# on the backend with TS & React on the front end, but these days I'm trying to code less and turn my projects into companies which involves talking to a lot of people :)

Projects I'm currently working on:

Comb - Jira/Asana competitor. Comb gives you a daily schedule of tasks across all your projects. Incomplete tasks roll over to the next day. We do time tracking & reporting of time spent per project & estimated vs actual. We also have roadmaps for project planning.


SquidQuota - personal budgeting with a focus on staying cashflow positive. I've worked a lot on accounting software, so some of it has rubbed off on me. I wasn't happy with existing solutions so when I got frustrated enough with Excel, I built my own.


Looking forward to getting to know everyone!



Welcome Wesley!

Just to quickly point out that you'll find C# posts here - dev.to/t/csharp. Typing in https://dev.to/t/c# just leads to dev.to/t/c, which isn't the most obvious thing. πŸ™‚

These projects sound great... I'm particularly interested in SquidQuota! Not much of an Excel fan myself, so maybe I'll give it a whirl.

Hope you dig it here!


Hi everyone I'm Ki. I'm 33 and diving head first into web development. I have done some tech work in the past, but it's time for a career change (been in the healthcare reimbursement field for 9 years). If you have any advice or tips and tricks let me know.


Hey everyone,
Some time lurker, first time poster (well, it's not true, it's my second comment). I'm a 27yo former teacher (ESL) in Paris, France. I've been going to a programing school since november, coding almost exclusively in C. I'm starting to study web development on the side and have found this community 1/ super helpful, with a lot of great articles 2/ super positive (it maybe just an impression but everyone seems very encouraging and nice here).


Welcome, anaiel!
We hope you can be a nice addition to our community!πŸ˜‡
Enjoy your stay in DEV!


Hello, I'm Amir, 23.

I'm a backend developer (PHP), with a very good grasp of frontend (CSS, JS). I work at a local startup in a team of 6 people. We are developing a web app for German driving schools where I also manage our clients' WordPress websites.

Oh yeah, and I'm a WordPress expert according to my manager.


Hello! I'm Kel, my pronouns are they/them, and I've been programming for about 25 years, the last 15+ professionally.

I'm a freelance technical consultant nowadays, and I co-host the Getting Apps Done podcast with @jgrahamuk .

I work mostly in C# and Typescript/Javascript, but I also love talking about process and people development. I'm very much a software "generalist".

I'm here to share my experiences, and learn from others. I hope to see you all around!


Hello guys, my name is Gerardo Lopez FalcΓ³n, aka Falcon. Friends and family call me as Falcon, it is weird when people call me as Gerardo.
I'm from Costa Rica, I speak English but I want to create material/contents for people who don't speak English.
It is a big pleasure being here along to you.


Hey myself Sagar arora I'm 21 and i love to learn code in html and css i want to be a creative web developer as well as i have an interest in doing everything with like minded people ping me love to talk let's grow together!!


Welcome Sagar! This is a great place to learn all of that :)


Hi Dev Community!! My name's Jonathan and i'm a computer science student. I'm on 2 years of college and recently, I wrote a paper about Cloud Computing and its impacts on a health system. I'm here to learn with you all!!!


Welcome Jonathan, seems like you’ll fit right in πŸ˜„


Hello! I'm 28, Civil Engineer that moves to Web developer career, I live in Colombia, I still learning about programming, loving javascript tech stack.

Nice to meet you. See you around

(Sorry for my bad english, I'm still learning)


Hello dev community 😁

I am currently working As an RPA developer in dot net frame work also in blueprism also i am also doing python coding for automation projects

Cheers to all who is supporting this community i will do my best to support this community


yo dev community,

I was brought here because I can't stand reading medium articles (and their annoying popups, even with adblock on). I've been doing web development for a while, but have recently been getting into C++ again. Looking forward to becoming part of the community :)


Hello y'all!

I am Louis and I have just started to learn how to code in March 2019. My friends and I have started a start up called Next Step Internet Solutions to build and manage websites for growing businesses. I new things everyday as we go through this adventure. Like yesterday we learned how to install mySQL and PHP to our server so it can run scripts. It is nice to be apart of this community of like minded devs! Hope to work with some of y'all in the future :)!


Welcome! One thing I love about code is that there's always something new to learn :) Good luck with your startup!


Hello , I’m 46 and i’m Transitioning from an iOS developer to JavaScript, I intend to start with front end frameworks such as react and angular, and move from there .
Message to Theo , you are amazing . I was personally trying to make games on a commodore c64 in the 80s , but it didn’t go so well , tech has changed a lot since then it’s crazy !


Welcome Akram! Tech certainly has changed a lot since then :) Good luck with JavaScript!


Hello, I'm Charles, and I'm 31 years old. I just started out learning about web technologies -HTML & CSS for a start. My goal is to become a software developer in the long haul, building both web and mobile apps. Making the world a better place with my little contribution.

I'd love to learn from y'all.


Welcome Charles! This is a good place to learn all that stuff :)


Hello! My name is Alexandre! I am from Brazil! I like to code! I am 44 year old and have 2 children. I am married! Usually I have coding with C# and Javascript thought Angular framework. I worked in some company here in Brazil as developer.


I'm a solutions architect working at WSO2 which is an open source software company. I have built open source software while in engineering and designed programming languages. Nowadays, I'm helping people to build complex enterprise software using open source technologies.


Hello guys,
my name is Isaac, from Nigeria.
Skillful as a Front-end developer, Web designer. Am happy to be part of this wonderful community, in meeting fellow developers.
Thank you for this opportunity.


Hi Dev community,

I'm Emile, I think I originally found out about Dev.to via the Indie Hackers podcast and it seemed like a good community to get involved in.

I'm a full stack developer, trying to improve my skills at the ends of the stack in design and in DevOps.

Also looking to contribute more to open source, and I've been working on sourcesort.com to help others find open source projects that are good for new contributors like I had to.


Hello Dev Community,

I'm Clemence a Fullstack developer and I also have experience with android development using java. Now learning Kotlin for android. Currently working at the University of Cape Coast, e-learning and knowledge management department.

Nice meeting you all.


I'm a full-stack web developer in New York City with a passion for building tools to limit repetitive problem solving and facilitate effective collaboration. With a background in business management, I discovered software development through creating technology-based tools that bring large teams together behind collaborative goals. Bringing strong team-building skills compiled with project management experience, I help companies of all shapes and sizes drive productivity while building team morale.

I've been a resourceful creator and problem solver since childhood. My grandfather included me in designing and building my own treehouses and introduced me to logical puzzles. Those activities conditioned me to approach all types of problems in a methodical way, breaking them down into step-by-step actions to achieve a solid result. When I found myself without the proper tools to organize and communicate with teams of up to 120 employees, I was able to break complex problems down and teach myself how to build the tools I needed.

I have also been an unabashed Star Trek The Next Generation fan since childhood, which inspired me to become a more calm, curious, and courageous person. I love to travel -often on my own- as a means to shaking myself loose from my comfort zone and allowing myself the opportunity to reflect on my life at home from a distance. While I could travel 365 days a year I've found that being a devoted dog dad helps keep me grounded and I'm fascinated by the side-by-side evolution of dogs and people.


Hi Jared! Welcome to Dev.to

My grandpa owned a Candy store. I don't eat much candy now.

Star Trek fan here as well (more of a Ds9 fan). You're going to love my tech talk. The Enterprise-D moves their computer onto AWS and have to deal with their account be compromised. It's a Security talk. Of course, Worf is a key element to the story.

Normally I post my talks on Dev.to with recording but its the only talk and my most popular talk which I never had time to record.



I can't wait to check it out! DS9 grew on me later in life.

One of my fav TNG memes

I believe Data not being allowed to directly interface with the onboard-computer is a security feature. yuk yuk


Hi everyone!

Not sure what I'm doing here but it feels good. I joined to follow the work of developer in the community dev.to/liyasthomas

I like building and running systems. The stack I use mostly is Gitlab, AWS, k8s + Java services. I build with terraform, docker, packer, idea, and anything else I find along the way.


i work in a private cloud server operations..like a system admin wigh some knowledge on python and docker.and kubernetes amd openstack etc..i want to.become a devops admin..want to become more.proficient in python and kubernetea


Hello DEV peoples. My name is William Nemencha, a self taught full stack developer, UI/UX designer, devops guy, and so on. I prefer to be qualified as an "swiss army knife" because it's not about the how, but more about the problem space.

Hello to every newcomer too! πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ


Hi everybody,

I've been following this community for a long time and finally I got around to join!
My preferences are DevOps and agile methodology and this is where I will try to give my contribution, I hope you'll find it useful.

Happy to be here!


Great to have you here. Would love to see your contributions in the area of DevOps.


Hey Dev community!
I’m a systems developer currently working for a publishing project management company, where I develop and maintain the central database. I am passionate about creating automated solutions for users that increase efficiency and productivity.

Up to now I’ve just been learning by trial and error on the job, and my goal is to learn more coding languages outside of VBA for Access so I can transition to a full-time developer role once I gain enough knowledge and skills. I’m still unsure which route to take, so I’m starting with web dev and seeing where that takes me.

I’m always very grateful to learn from anyone, whether new or seasoned in any area of development. If you have any advice for me, please reach out and share. I hope with time and experience to pay that forward, too! :-)


Hi Tom! That's a common theme here, on Dev.to...always learning! Welcome!


Hi there DEV, I discovered this site last night by clicking through some Twitter accounts from a Retweet. Left the tab open overnight and phew, I remembered to join!

I'm a 28-year-old full-stack web developer with a focus on Laravel and WordPress projects. Mental health awareness and politics are incredibly important to me. Hobbies include games, comic books, all the usual nerdy stuff.

Played around with my settings (Pink theme anyone? 😍) and this place has such a cozy feel to it. I'm excited to be here and start contributing!


Welcome Jack to Dev.to!

There was a recent discussion going on about a Vacation mode. I was making the case could be good for the mental health of users.

Give Users the Ability to Temporarily Hide Their Accounts (Vacation Mode) #3252

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Users occasionally want the ability to temporarily hide / deactivate their account so that they're able to keep their content and history on DEV but if need be can take a break due to work/other online commitments.

Describe the solution you'd like

Perhaps a user could turn on "vacation" mode so that their account is out of view. During this mode:

  • the user wouldn't be able to comment/use reactions/write posts/make listings/message over Connect (maybe other actions?)

  • their writing, profile, and comments wouldn't be visible. (anything that would identifying activity)

  • they could still be logged in to view their feed, add items to their reading list,change things about their profile while it's out of view, etc.

  • notifications would still be controlled under their own setting

Describe alternatives you've considered I considered a similar idea to the above where the user would have to completely be logged out during their vacation.

Additional context Right now, when users have to delete their presence on the site for whatever reason, they can't get it back. They must create a fresh account.

Some say its pink I say its more of a salmon colour.



I'm 31 with 10 years of experience working as project and product manager in software consultancy firms - no programming practice whatsoever.
I want to be more independent, work remotely and overseas - which is a bit harder as a project manager. That's why I've been studying React for half a year now and aiming to change careers soon.
Due to my seniority level as project manager, I've been struggling to try to come up with a reasonable resume, where I can express my willingness and reasons to become a developer.

Any advice is much appreciated.


Welcome Veller!

It will difficult to change careers - but definitely possible. I think explaining that you wanted a career change, so you taught yourself React (which is really impressive!) will get you in the door at least. More and more companies are getting more accepting of self-taught and bootcamp taught people who want to switch roles/jobs.

Good luck!


Hi dev community,
I am an aspiring frontend engineer, my primary language is javascript. But i am willing to take it a step further then i decided to learn react. And i believe i can't do this without the community. Hoping to learn more from you guys.


Hello Dev Community,

Good day!

I am 8 years experience in software development,
I have great experience from asp.net ,mvc,.net.core Sql server. currently i am a software developer,
Nice to meet you all and am looking forward to discussing and conversing with you all in the future, Thank you very much,


Welcome Pandiancn86!

Looking forward to the Windows Linux Kernel?


Thanks Andrew,

Good day!

I have been working windows platform in my careers, if have any opportunity to work in linux , i will learn and work



Hello everyone
English is not my native language, sorry if there are a lot of mistake.
I am a Game Programmer.
27 years old.
just start coding not more than 2 years.

I usually use Visual Studio. Build game uses c++, c#, and some script languages.


Hello dev.to community,
I am a single mother of a 6-year-old son and in web and mobile app development since 2009.

I work in native android, iOS app, and cross-platform apps too in react-native and react for web apps.

At the moment I am expanding skills in backend and server-side.


Hey guys,

I'm currently starting out to put up my first project (apps + website + potentially complex backend). I'm looking for...
a) advice on how to get started (e.g. which languages/skills to learn & best resources to learn them)
b) other people who are just learning to code for informal exchange on progress

Looking forward to meet the community!


Hello! I've been a web developer for a year now. I did a two-year development program after a somewhat fruitless Visual Arts degree.

I work across a lot of stacks which is really fun, except for My Nemesis(tm): email development. Mostly I build Wordpress themes, but I've also done some PHP webapps, React apps, and pure HTML templates. I also know the Adobe Suite platform really well and can do video editing and motion graphics.

In my spare time I've been working on a React Native app that helps coaches with managing tryouts and player development. I also still enjoy illustrating and painting despite suffering through the Visual Arts degree.

Excited to join this platform and continue learning!


Hi there ! My name is Cindy. I live in Paris. I've been a developer for nearly 2 years. I code mostly in PHP and with Symfony. As a retrained developer I try my best to help my fellow late beginners. I can't wait to share my knowledge and to learn from such a welcoming community βœŒπŸΎπŸ’›πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’»