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dev.to staff on October 16, 2019

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Hello! I'm a FE Developer living in Montevideo, I also love art and music. In my free time when not working or being a dad I play guitar and sing, I'm about to release my first album.


Good luck with it! Remember that if you fight for your dreams, everything will come true in the way you fight for achieve your goals.


Wow! I'm fine. It's incredible how this platform allows us to meet new people.
Are you mobile or web developer? Do you speak any other language different to English and Nepali?

I'm currently working as a web developer. I can speak to few languages English,Nepali & Hindi.


I'm also the ml enthusiast as you are. Good to see you here !!
I have not done any project on nlp or speech recognition I'm interested in some projects on these.
Could you please give me idea or resources from where I can start learning about nlp and speech recognition.
I have good idea about ml/deep learning.

One more thing
I do have developer skills I have many times face problem of deploying project using UI could you please give idea about this.
Which UI framework should I have to learn?
Your guidance will be helpful to me 😊😊
If you don't have much your valuable suggestions are most welcome.
Hope !!!!


Your name is really hard for me to pronounce haha


Thanks for the kind words. Really needed this today.


Yep, some days you're great and others you're not jaja, the good thing is that they're temporary!


Mostly Rock Pop, it has a few bits of blues, a bit of swing a bit of funk. From song to song, it's in spanish but I have some non-spanish speaking friends that like it. You can find it on spotify, if you like it give it a follow :D


Sweet! What kind of guitar do you play? What guitars do you have? I play too and it's always cool to find someone else who codes a plays guitar!


Hi Jarod! I have 3 guitars, unfortunately I have only one with me, when I moved from Venezuela I had to choose, so I chose a G&L S-500, it was a no brainer it is the best I have lol, it's a strat guitar, I don't know if you know the brand, it is a guitar that Leo Fender designed.


Hey Yalung, great to know you love music. Do you play guitar?


Hey Yalung Tang! I feel good to hear about your upcoming album.
Let me know when it goes live😊😊


November 1st! It will be on spotify, itunes and all that, not a great launch just what I can.


Hello and welcome. I’ve also just joined. Good luck with the album.


Wow apart from programming, other thing I love doing is playing the drum set. Cool to know you love music too


Good luck with your first album, feel free to share your music


All the best for your album.

I'm new to FE dev. Just began to learn html, css and js. Any suggestions from you will help me a lot in this journey. Thank you.


hey, thank you, just research about the frontend developer career path over the internet, if you have any questions let me know


Rock Pop, you can find me on Spotify, tell me what you think! Lyrics are in spanish haha I promise I don't say anything bad there!

I speak portuguese so I understand some spanish :). I like your songs! Good luck with the album release!

Thank you Marcus! What a great Welcome, good community you guys have over here. I always read here about tech, I might publish something soon, I've learned a thing or two at Globant.


Hey there! I'm a front-end developer with a 9-year experience in building React and JS applications. I'm also an active open-source contributor. Nice to meet you!


I used to sing on a rock band when I was younger, I never released an album but I feel really happy that this is happening to you! 😁


Yalung, I am brand new with coding and am actually considering a relocation to Montevideo, would love to hear more about your experience in the city


Hello Jared! It all depends where do you currently live. Feel free to reach out so we can talk about things you can think of in terms of relocation. Happy coding!


Awesome! Good luck with the album! I wish I could convince myself to keep playing music as well :D


It's not an easy struggle I know, I always want to quit, like 3 times a week, but you only need one gig, 3 or 5 friends to show up their faces to see you play and then you feel great again. Of course, it is like that because I see it like a hobbie, even though some great stuff have been achieved.


Hello, a developer and a music artist might be a better combo.


It's nice to find out that the first comment I see is from people in Montevideo! and also a fellow citizen! :-)


Que paso mi pana? I mean, hello Victor, how ya' doin'?

Todo bien o qué? Cómo están los toques en MVD?

Todo fino. El 7 de noviembre es el showcase del disco en bar tazu bro! Es al lado de bluzz live.


Hey there, I'm a Full Stack Developer located in New Jersey. Looking to get to know some people, I'm very fond of and specialize in all types of JavaScript, very familiar with React and Express, been getting more familiar with Python and C (depending on how I'm feeling on that particular day). Please reach out if you'd like to chat, I'd love to get to know new people.


Hi Ed! Welcome to DEV :) Interesting that like both JavaScript and C! Do you like backend, or frontend more?


Originally I would have said frontend, no question. But the more I've worked on backend, the more it's grown on me. It's hard to compare the two, but I'd have to say backend is the winner at this point.

It's interesting! JavaScript really feels like I'm at "home", and for all its eccentricity I've come to really like it for what it is and have a better understanding of its quirks. But programming in a strictly typed language, which requires you to do more manually, feels really nice to me. We'll see if I feel the same way in a few months, haha

Interesting! Yes, I definitely understand the feeling of "home" in a programming language - that's a great way to put it! :)

At the same time, you run the risk of being way too passive with your learning if you only stick with the familiar. That's why I feel like branching into C has helped me, because it's forced me out of my comfort zone and made me more comfortable with learning seemingly foreign things.

Maybe I should target something like Lisp next, for that purpose! Haha

Yes, there's definitely something to be said about that. I did the SICP videos (the original ones are on youtube!) early in my career - and that was really helpful in seeing that there are other types of programming paradigms, other than OO :)


Hello @chrisachard , i'm like backend. At the time of my college, i did a lot of write code with used C and C ++ 0/


Hello Ed,

I am new to the community but I have been developing for a while (5+ years) I mainly do Python stuff but occasionally tackle C or C++ stuff.

It's great that you have understanding of both JavaScript and C which I do not see occasionally, or perhaps I don't meet enough people =D

Nice to meet you any way!



How do you manage to keep up with learning diverse languages and their differing conventions (JS [React , Express], C, Python). For most people including me this poses a huge challenge. How do you do this


First and foremost, I think the most important thing is making sure you feel very confident in your "native" programming language before branching out. My first real language was JavaScript, and when I first began to learn almost a decade ago, I really failed to teach myself well because, as soon as I saw good things being said about languages like Python or Ruby, I switched and tried to learn them as well. This lead to me getting details about the languages and syntax mixed up, which caused a lot of frustration.

When I picked JavaScript up from scratch again, I devoted myself entirely to that language, and knowing that I was at a professional level. Once I felt confident I understood JS enough that I could come back to it after branching out, I began to learn C. My logic with this was, C looks different enough that there's no way I could ever really mix up C code and JS code. I don't think moving on to a lower-level language next was really necessary, but in my case it probably helped me separate the two in my mind.

I also picked up Python shortly thereafter for my education, and I found that Python has little things about the language that differentiate it from JS, and help me remember the different (e.g. no declaration keywords, no curly braces, different function keyword).

The biggest thing is honestly just practice. Building things and completing challenges using the languages you're learning, which force you to abide by its rules and remember its syntax. I find that learning in-situ like that is much more effective.


Hi, it's really nice to see you here. My dream is to become a fullstack dev. And I just began learning html, css and js. For frontend.

And choose to be selftaught

Is there Anything to say for me as I'm just starting to learn.

Thank you.



I would say the biggest thing starting out is trying not to get discouraged as things start to get tougher. It can be very easy to get frustrated and hopeless when you start to encounter situations where you just have no idea what to do, or can't figure out why your code isn't working. This is normal, and it happens to everyone at one point or another.

Even industry figureheads like Dan Abramov don't know everything, and you will inevitably run into situations where you are delving into unfamiliar territory, and it feels like you'll never find the answer. This is normal, and with time (and repetition) these things you're having trouble with will only help expand your repertoire as you move toward certain mastery. You just need to persevere.

The other thing I'll mention is, make sure you're always building. It can be tempting (and I still fall prey to this, at times) to just focus strictly on learning materials like online courses, textbooks, lecture or tutorial videos, etc. It feels like you're making progress, and you're learning. But the way you will master those skills is by actually applying them. So even if it's something small, go and build some project using the new thing you've learned. Always be practically applying what you're learning, rather than just "learning" it and assuming it will stay in your head.

To avoid burnout, it might be worth looking into the Pomodoro Technique. It helps make sure you're getting proper breaks, and not forgetting to relax and reflect on what you've learned as you go along. Here's a helpful timer for this purpose.

If you have any questions you need help with, or you want to chat at any point, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.


I'm very interested in knowing JavaScript inside and out - still learning, never stop.


Awesome, I've been learning React and all the extras, how're you finding the Context API and Hooks?


That's a very diverse stack, I feel like it's always smart to work with very different tools.

What kind of stuff do you build with python and c?


Dope! I've done multiple front end/ back end stuff too and I lie on the similar interests as you! Welcome to Dev!


Thanks for the warm welcome! Nice to meet you :) Let me know if you ever wanna chat about anything.


I am still trying to figure out how to use vue or react with python as a backend.


Awesome! Anything in particular you've been working on here lately?

Not really, literally just got here, trying to learn, making friends. And see what other FE devs are doing.

Sounds great! Feel free to reach out to me anytime, I'd be happy to chat about anything, maybe we can swap some knowledge.

Thats awesome, and you too. My field is like react and node, pretty much javascript type of guy, trying to go non-class on react now. Willing to chat about anything about frontend or generally web development!
Maybe music as well lol!


Hey there, actually i have started working in react!


Hi, everyone! I'm Adjoa, a software developer from Ghana. I am currently trying to be useful at Agrocenta. I love reading and writing.

I joined DEV.to based on a tweet by Eve Porcello and she convinced me that I am going to be meeting the most honest and friendliest people here!

I am so excited to be here and I am also a Scout. I also love IMAGINE DRAGONS !


First things first
I'ma say all the words inside my head
I'm fired up and tired of the way that things have been, oh ooh
The way that things have been, oh ooh
Second thing second
Welcome to Dev.to!


Oh you've made me a , you've made me a believer, believer!

A Dev.to Believer !!


I'm Vinnie. I'm a recovering sales/customer service rep trying to right my ways by breaking into web dev. I'm currently in an agile full-stack web and mobile hybrid boot camp. I'm about three weeks in - two nights a week for four hours - and I feel like my head is about to explode. I found this through a free online JS tutorial that uses Scrimba. I'm trying to find as many resources as I can to help me understand what is being taught. I'm an avid fisherman. I play the guitar. I have a logical mind and this development stuff just seems to "make sense" to me - sometimes :(


Hi Vince and Welcome! I also just joined this community and I too got into coding through a bootcamp! The bootcamp will be hard, but also try to enjoy it and embrace the learning curve! I look back to my bootcamp with so much joy, it really started my love for coding. Best of luck!


Hey Vinnie! Best of luck with the bootcamp, I'm sure you can do it. Back at university we were told that programming takes on average 8 months to "click"--not sure how true it is, but nonetheless glad it's making sense :D


I have done sales and customer rep work also in the past. Sales is usually pretty fun and customer service is awesome if you work for a good company.


I've learned a lot here! But never had the chance to join, you will like this page so much!


Hi, I'm a software test engineer. I'm trying to switch into the role of software developer so I've picked Python and been learning it for past month or so. When I'm not in front of a computer, you'll find me on my bike.


great, i started with python a while back too, and it's been great.
how has the learning process been for you


It has been exciting. I mean I've done some basic programming in c, c# in college but Python is something else. I've used 'Automate The Boring Stuff with Python' initially. Currently working on a project for a friend. It's like learn and implement which I'd say is the best way to learn.

true. I started with so much youtube tutorials but found out later i wasn't really understand deep enough, until i started building some projects.
am guessing your on the web development part of python

Yeah, right now I am doing web development. But I want to explore things before I stick to one track. What are you working on if you don't mind me asking


Wow, that's intense. Well, I have this photographer friend. So I'm building a portfolio sort of webapp for her. It is still in very initial phase of development. Previously I've done basic projects like to-do app

I'm working with Django. How long have you been learning/working with Python.

My job sometimes doesn't give me the time to do anything else.

Hi! I just started learning in python. Any suggestions for resources. What all types of projects can i try doing.

You might wanna start with 'Automate The boring stuff with Python'. I'd say it's one of the best book for python. You can buy it or it's available for free on automatetheboringstuff.com. also keep practicing on platforms like hackerrank, codewars. For projects, you might want to start small like to-do app or a portfolio website. I know a lot of people do the same projects but you've got to start somewhere and I read somewhere if you want to understand how the wheel works then sometimes you gotta reinvent it. Don't worry about anything else other than learning for now.


I am curious about being a software test engineer, what tools do you use? How do you do it? What is the most challenging part of the job?


Sorry for replying so late. So job of a software test engineer basically entails following things:

  • writing test scenarios and test cases
  • testing your application using these test cases
  • logging incidents/bugs
  • testing these bugs once they are fixed
  • writing automation scripts
  • and so on Whatever I mentioned above is a very basic outline of the job profile and there are so many other things in this field. I've used tools like Tosca, Postman, WcfStorm, Fiddler, Uranium, etc. You should at least know basic sql so you don't have to run to your dev each time you need to perform some database testing. The most challenging thing I believe is getting the job done in such a short time period. Most of the time what happens is there's a tight schedule. You are supposed to get 2-3 days for testing the application but instead you get 1 or half day as development gets stretched/there's some technical issue/some unidentified requirements. So you have to keep your brain as caffeinated as possible and be a ninja. Hope this clarifies your idea about software testing.

Hello, I am a human and I don't know what this site is about just yet! I think it's something like medium but only for developers?

If you - yes you - are reading this and have a pet or know someone who has a pet, please say hi from me.


Hi there!

I have a pet! And if you read until the end of this comment, I'll let ya meet him.

So, I'd say DEV is indeed kinda like Medium but for devs. But there's more to it for sure...

Here's a really awesome post that explains a lot about what DEV is and some of the basics:

And here's my cat Kiernan:


Technically I have 2 other cats, but I can't just go throwing out pics of all 3 cats at once — gotta leave something to keep'em coming back.


Hi! I have 2 1/2 pets... 2 cats and a dog which we raised but now she's the beloved dog of all neighbors around town xD

And yeah it's like Medium for devs but free, open-source, and more newbie-friendly. It's a lovely community, as you'll notice! 😃


My 4 dogs say thank you. Well, not literally. But they're certainly glad haha


P.S: This hi is from a fellow human (aka me) and his cat!


Hey Im Grace, I'm actually a designer but I have to pass some programming classes to graduate so here I'm haha so I'm bad at this but I try, now about me, I enjoy drawing and love cute animals, this place seems very friendly so color me surprised, I had no idea a site like this existed but it feels very welcoming <3


Welcome! I teach game design and we get a lot of art and design students coming over to programming because it's required. Most grit their teeth and bear it and a few get bit by the programming bug and become 'tech artists'! All survive!

We're mostly friendly. I think you're in the right place for help and warm fuzzy feelings about programming!


Hi Grace! What are you learning in your programming class?

I also had to take a programming class for my undergrad (minor in electronic music), and I remember it being fun at first, then really hard all of a sudden. What helped me was having a music friend who was a CS major explain things, lol.

I guess that's what this is kind of like? (I'm new here too)


Android studio, I had web programming too but that one was "easy", HTML and CSS are designer friendly.

lol the "We are going to learn how to make apps!" was pretty cool but the more we advance the harder it gets haha, sadly the other majors with programming dont take AS so they can't solve specific questions.

I hear you. Well, best of luck! I don't think I'll be much help either, unfortunately, but hopefully you find some folks here who will be :)


Welcome! 👋

Everyone's at different stages of their learning journey. It's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed or super critical of your own work when starting out. I'm sure you'll kick butt in your courses. :)

Good luck and have fun!


as a (self-diagnosed) asperger's case, i'm totally about structure and logic. people like me NEED people like you who can add beauty or style with a bit of markup. - all that to say, "glad you are a part of this".


Awww thank you, yeah programmers and designers are the perfect opposites, when we work together was can make great things


Hi Grace! I mostly do design myself, too. I just joined as well, this community is really cool!


Hi guys, I'm Rashad, an 18 years old developer. I've always wanted to start blogging to improve my technical writing skills. And here I am, finally decided to start with CTF (Capture The Flag) writeup. And maybe moving on to tutorials and other stuff in the future.

Excited to be part of the community!


Hi Rashad, welcome to DEV! and I read your article, great job 🌻


Hello 👋

New to the community and a new DEV. Full-stack developer based in Dallas, trying to learn the Angular ropes and .NET idiosyncrasies (needed spell check for that one). Looking to become a better and more security focused DEV.

Also, made my first ever pull request to an open source project. Although it was incredibly small and of low-impact, I felt like I had entered into a new chapter.