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Tools for Web Development

This section covers the tools you will need to start your web development journey.

The two main tools you will need to follow along:

  1. A Web Browser
  2. A Text/Code Editor

Check the previous section if you still need to download a web browser

You can use a code editor of your choice, but I will be using Sublime Text.

Sublime Text

Some editors for your consideration:


Atom Code Editor

Atom is made by GitHub and you can download it from the application's website.


Notepad++ Code Editor

Notepad++ can be downloaded from the application download page.

Another tool that will be useful to you is the Browser Developer tools that's available in modern Desktop Browsers. If you have a Modern Browser installed (Firefox or Chrome), this is will be available to you.

Developer Tools opened in Firefox 69 on Windows 10

The Developer Tools can be accessed in Firefox and Chrome Browsers using Ctrl + Shift + I (for Windows OS) and Option + Command + I (for macOS).

Updated December 1, 2019: The shortcut for accessing Developer Tools in macOS thanks to voidedmain.

For macOS it's Option + Command + I to open the Developer Tools

Edited September 19, 2020: Grammar fix.

Up Next, lets learn some HTML.

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