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Wednesday Links - Edition 2022-02-23

Make your tests readable by example (13 min)🌟

Hidden gems in Java 16 and Java 17, from Stream.mapMulti to HexFormat (5 min)πŸ’Ž

Card Table Card Size Shenanigans (5 min)πŸƒ

The JDK Flight Recorder File Format (3 min)✈️

Groovy 4 emulated records (30 sec)πŸ—„οΈ

JUnitPioneer 1.6.0 Released (30 sec)πŸ”οΈ

Spring Security without the WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter (4 min)πŸ›‘οΈ

Troubleshooting Java Applications with Eclipse Jifa (3 min)πŸ”Ž

Fallacies of AI Driven Coding (4 min)πŸ€–

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