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Wednesday Links - Edition 2023-02-08

Squashing DB migrations using Testcontainers (7 min)πŸͺ—

What good are Record Patterns in Java? (9 min)πŸ†

Pattern Matching in Java – 5 Examples for Busy Developers (9 min)πŸ†

Nullness markers to enable flattening (6 min)🏁

JEP draft: Statements before super() (10 min)‴️

ArrayList preoptimization (30 sec)πŸ›‘

Hello, PNG! (12 min)πŸ‘‹

Consider All Microservices Vulnerable β€” And Monitor Their Behavior (7 min)πŸ›

Java Bytecode Simplified: Journey to the Wonderland (5 min)πŸš‹

Gradle’s flexibility in action (10 min)πŸͺ§

We Are Improving Kotlin Library Authors’ Experience! (1 min)πŸ’

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