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Wednesday Links - Edition 2021-08-25

Structuring Your Code for Spring Framework and Spring Boot (7 min)🍫

Common Pitfalls When Testing Spring Boot Applications (10 min)πŸͺ€

If you want to use Mockito and restrict yourself to interfaces... (30 sec)βœ‹

SpringFramework 5.3.10 will bring support for "soft assertions" (30 sec)πŸͺΆ

One does not simply calculate the absolute value (5 min)βš”οΈ

Kotlin 1.5.30 Is Now Available! (9 min)πŸŽ‰

Reading stdin and The Kotlin DSL for Gradle (2 min)πŸ”£

Is there a need for speed in the Cloud? (4 min)πŸš„

Free Docker registries (1 min)🏦

The tale of two forks: GlassFish and Payara (5 min read)🐟

Is today’s microservice bloated than yesterday’s monolithic? (3 min)πŸŽͺ

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