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Wednesday Links - Edition 2022-12-21 🎁🎄🎅

Running and Building Gradle with Different JDKs - Sip of Java (2 min)🔀

Call for Discussion: New Project: Galahad (2 min)⚔️

Auto-vectorization: How to get beaten by compiler optimization — Java JIT! (10 min)🥊

JFR Event Collection (3 min)🧲

Using JFR and JMC to root cause a performance bug in JMC caused by a typo in JFR (5 min)🐢

Async-profiler - manual by use cases (1 h)📖

Maven, What Are You Waiting For?! (1 m)🐌

Java Card I/O framework (4 min)💳

Java Usage Keeps Climbing, According to New Survey (2 min)📈

How I got rid of YAML in GitHub's CI (10 min)🚮

An immutable Mastodon handle (3 min)🪨

What's Not To Like About This Code? An Experiment. (5 min)🫣

Little Languages Are The Future Of Programming (11 min)🤖

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