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Wednesday Links - Edition 2021-11-17

Embracing Java 17: Here’s What We Learned (5 min)💡

Upgraded to the Shiny Java 17? Now What? (6 min)🤔

Microsoft Deepens Its Investments in Java (5 min)🪙

Spocklight: Adjusting Time With MutableClock (5 min)🕐

JDK Flight Recorder Events in GraalVM Native Binaries (1 min)🏆

Kotlin 1.6.0 Released (11 min)🎉

Gradle JVM Toolchain Support in the Kotlin Plugin (6 min)🧰

Seven Highlights from the Kotlin Roadmap Autumn 2021 (9 min)🛣️

Kubernetes and Docker Updates in IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3 (4 min)☸️

Hello, my Gradle builds are slow! (3 min)🐢

Native-image with Spring Boot (9 min)🍃

Heap Regions X-Large (6 min)🧱

The strong and weak forces of architecture (7 min)💪

We Analyzed 425,909 Favicons (6 min)🖼️

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