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Wednesday Links - Edition 2021-10-13

Ten Things I Love About Java 17 (17 min read)❀️

Oracle Proposes Shorter Java LTS Cycle of Two Years (3 min read)πŸš„

The javac Tree API (3 min read)🌳

Performance impact of java.lang.System.getProperty (3 min read)🐌

Big problems at the timezone database (5 min read)βŒ›

Git Command Explorer (30s)🧭

Mockito 4.0.0 released (30s read)🍹

Faster Maven builds in Docker (7 min read)πŸƒ

A Gradle quickie: properly using dependsOn (3 min read)πŸ’πŸ»

IDEA can autocomplete Docker image names (30s read)🐳

All About Opt-In Annotations (9 min read)βœ‹

Multiple instances of the same configuration properties class in Spring Boot (4 min read)βœ–οΈ

How to ruin your Elasticsearch performance - Part 1 & 2 (8 + 16 min read)🐒

CDN: Content Delivery Network: global scale caching (~4 min)🌐

Extracting text from any file is harder than it looks. Extracting formatting is even harder (12 min read)πŸ“œ

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