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Christopher Kocel
Christopher Kocel

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Wednesday Links - Edition 2021-05-05

Kotlin 1.5.0 has been released (10m read) πŸš€

How the encapsulation of Java runtime internals is conducted (17m read) πŸ™€

Multitenancy architecture with Spring, JPA, Hibernate... (16m read) 🧺

In-depth explanation how Spring Security works (11m read) 🧬

Learn how to forge your custom Java collector (5m read) β›“

Redelivery patterns in RabbitMQ (9m read) πŸ“¨

Use power of jq to navigate over large jsons (19m read) πŸ‘£

Thread dumps explained in details (14m read) 🚧

Builder/Wither for java.lang.record (3m read) 😈

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