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Wednesday Links - Edition 2022-09-21

JUnit 5.9.1 is released! (30 sec)🎉

Java 19 is released! (30 sec)🎉

JDK 19 G1/Parallel/Serial GC changes (4 min)🚮

The Story of a Java 17 Native Memory Leak (7 min)💦

A Better Way to Use Gradle With Github Actions (4 min)🐘

Helidon Níma — Helidon on Virtual Threads (6 min)🐦

Building pathological input for Java HashMaps - hash collisions generator (7 min)💥

Type modelling in Kotlin (10 min)🛹

Heroku is dead: Let’s deploy Spring Boot containers on! (16 min)🪰

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