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Wednesday Links - Edition 2022-11-30

Cloudflare servers don't own IPs anymore – so how do they connect to the Internet? (12 min)🏷️

Finding heap memory leaks with Async-profiler (3 min)🚰

Introducing Aqua – A Powerful IDE for Test Automation by JetBrains (4 min)🌊

Our (bumpy) road to Jakarta EE 10 (2 min)🚧

Compilation Avoidance (4 min)✋

A small optimization in #Java 19 inside stream API. (1 min)🚅

Decouple to delete (4 min)🔨

Upgrade to Apache Commons Text 1.10 to Avoid New Exploit (2 min)💥

A poor man's API (6 min)🪙

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