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Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos

I posses great passion in technologies that help to improve better living. I have a deep interest in working in the field of technical evangelism. Author of Iris web framework.


International Hellenic University

Writing code is tough

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Internationalization and localization with Go

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Apache rewrite for Go and Iris

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What's the fastest template parser in Go?

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Iris version 11.2 released

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A URL Shortener Service using Go, Iris and Bolt

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A Todo MVC Application using Iris and Vue.js

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How to display existing files on server using DropzoneJS and Go

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How to build a file upload form using DropzoneJS and Go

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Go vs .NET Core in terms of HTTP performance

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How to Turn an Android Device into a Web Server

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Hi, I'm Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos

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