What time of day are you most productive?

Ben Halpern on June 25, 2019

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My productivity is dynamic and highly optimized for the periods of the day when I don't need to be productive. It's taken years of training and hard work to achieve, but I can proudly say that I'm nearly never productive when I need to be.


Maybe reread what I wrote (haha).

But sure I have some advice. Build a schedule, doesn't matter what the schedule is but stick to it. You'll be amazed by how your brain will automatically try to do things on schedule after a short period of time.


Same for me. Some days it can be earlier, from 5am - 9am or so, but I've found that my brain power tends to decline right around 1:30/2pm, so I try to do as much as possible long before then.


Same for me. I am most productive from early in the morning all the way up until about the time I get tired of being productive. That's not to say I can't be productive in the afternoons; I just don't always want to be. I value a good siesta time.


Yeah, as the day gets older there tends to be more meetings and those are just a total freaking drain on anything good and holy in this world.


I'm mostly productive when everyone else asleep, at times between 1 and 6 am...

I've even managed sometimes to arrange my schedule in a way that I would sleep from 6pm to midnight and than wake up and start working until 7am so I can get ready and go to work and do a 8am-4pm shift, get back home, sleep and do it again.

I know its not the best practice but that is when I'm most productive and I do more stuff in that time than I could ever do during my regular hours. But sadly I can't get my company to let me work on that schedule


Mornings for focused productivity and uninterrupted progress on "deep work." By most evenings I'm pretty burnt out, but if I have more work to do, I'll do really quick and dirty "drafts" of emails or other projects that I'll clean up in the morning.


This is hard for me to answer; due to my kids, I have learned to pull productivity out of the busiest of times 😄

But were I still living alone, I'd say early in the morning, and early evening as a close second.


2-4pm for day job, 11pm to 1am for personal projects.


I feel weird... Definitively 10-12 PM (maybe later the night, depends how much I am motivated) .

The night is so peaceful, no sounds at home, plenty time to try dev things, continuing my side projects, really the best moment (now commuting, can't wait to come home and start my "second" day 😂)


Midnight, apparently.

No, really, I am not a morning person. Evenings, usually late evenings are when I work on side projects and coursework.

During the work day, late morning is my best time. The grogginess as worn off, and the coffee has kicked in.


Cal Newport wrote his wonderful 'Deep Work', where he talked about undisturbed workflow.
For me it's always about period of time between 3am and 7am for I am a college student.
Though, of course, factual productivity depends on vigorosity of the moment!


Remote worker here. Complex stuff in the morning, struggle less with distractions, more tedious stuff before noon. After that it's just attempts to stay focused with intermittent work. I try to sleep early.


Am at my best between 8am and 11am. Once I have lunch am slow as a slug🐌.


For me, it all depends but generally speaking, my most productive times are between 10am - 4pm and again at 9pm - 2am*. In the morning I just like to enjoy the coffee, breakfast etc. then I plan to see what projects or tasks I have lined up.

*only on the weekends


It's complicated and really based on what kind of work has the highest priority -and my role in the work being done. Due to the nature of these roles I obviously can't do all of these things every day for any sustained period of time -although I've tried a few times...

  • Heavy lifting and programming: 11pm-5am

    • e.g. things that require exclusive attention.
    • Frequency: often -even if I have meetings the next day
    • Preference: Preferred -I'm a night owl.
    • Efficiency: Medium / High -I will often pursue some exploratory and reflective endeavors during this time.
  • Business issues and management: 10am-6pm

    • e.g. managing and coordinating via meetings and correspondence.
    • Frequency: 1-5 days per week (when working in that role)
    • Preference: Moderate -It's part of the job and necessary.
    • Efficiency: High -I want to get the business stuff done so I can get back to producing / creating stuff.
  • Social-political mixing (work related) 6pm-11pm

    • e.g. work related "off-hours" relationship building
    • Frequency: rare
    • Preference: Low -Political relationships are only a necessary evil.
    • Efficiency: Medium -If I'm going to be away from doing actual work I try to make these interactions as meaningful as possible.

Unfortunately, my most productive hours are 11pm to 3pm. I've been trying (and failing) to move that forward or back a few hours since sleep is important. But if I need to get something done, I usually have to stay up to do it


10AM! It doesn't matter what time I start, but suddenly, my brain is on fire at 10AM and I can sit there for twelve hours and beyond, if I needed to. Coding in one of those things that I would do for free if I had to. Loving every minute of webdev, as long as it is after 10AM.


The last two hours of work (4-6pm) for me. The subconscious "pressure" of needing to leave and go home soon seems to always get me going 😂


I must say it highly depends on how I slept the night and what tasks I have in front of me.
With tasks that I like / I'm interested in, I am more productive than with tasks I dislike or appear "boring" to me.

But to break it down to times of the day: mostly early in the morning and late at night (especially in the summer).


I'd say first thing in the morning, so long as I slept well. I'm also at my most extroverted first-thing in the morning, which is weird. Doesn't last very long though.

Around 2-4pm, I get into an energy trough and accomplish next-to-nothing. My physical energy recovers, but by the time I'm home around 6pm my mental energy is mostly gone and I don't want to do anything but play games, watch Netflix, etc.


I'm highly productive when task deadline is too close. 😂🤣


At the beggining of my day, when I just got 8 hours of good sleep. There is nothing better than waking up, sipping on a good coffee while firing the machine and listening to some good music.

I rapidly enter in power beast mode not long enough after my small morning ritual. Of course, energy is depeletin during the day and I don't have the same drive as in the morning. That's why I plan my days with energy: I know which tasks require more focus and energy and which one can be done passively.

During the summer internships, my work day is typically 7-8 hrs and it ranges from coding to reading doc. I go home, cook supper while listening on some podcast or audio book. After eating, some maintenance task while still listening to podcasts. Then I take a break to either play video games or watch some youtube videos. Then 1-2 hours before sleep, it's no screen time. I prep my lunch for the next day then I read my book of the moment.

During a uni semester, my work day is still the same instead it's just classes or blocks of studying/assignments/homework.

In both cases, I include sport and from time to time a special event like an activity with friends/family or a tech meetup.


I'm a zombie until noon. I have a productive period in the early afternoon, and another one late at night.


Same here. I notice I'm more productive about doing stuff in the afternoon, and productive about being creative, coming up with ideas late at night.


7am - 1pm in the morning I work best after that my metal stamina seems to wear off and ill get more easily distracted


This depends on the heat index. We reached a peak of 42-60deg celcius these past few weeks. I'd be mostly productive at anytime of the day if it was cooler.


I tend to have spurts. So sometimes at 6am-8am, then 9am-midday, then 2pm-4pm, then in the evening too. But it's not always at these times. It varies day to day to be honest.


Mornings, my productivity plummets after much.


2-5pm after the lunch-dizzyness is over. Mornings are not so efficient, 9-12 is too sprinkled with breakfast, meetings, usually some clarifications and discussions.


Morning is fairly consistently when I get the most done. I find it easiest to focus from about 6:30 through 10ish.


Starting with my afternoon coffee around 2pm until I go home around 5:30-6pm. Freshly caffeinated, and most of my meetings are in the morning , so I can focus better in the afternoon.


When the day start, at 7am to 6pm, my code time average is 7-8 hours per day according to WakaTime ;)

And you ?


Until 13:00.
It's not important when I start it's everytime the same... Morning is my time!


MORNINGS but that is also when people like to schedule meetings, so my productivity drops those days.


I'm so active at that time around 2 a.m when nobody is awake.


Late night and early morning. During Afternoons I just nap and Netflix. Ughh


I’m most productive during 10 am - 2 pm, after that my brain decides it’s had enough. So I make sure I knock out as much during that time.


00:00-04-00, I love working at night. Just with my boss would let me.🤣🤣


Afternoon - Night I think. Luckily I mostly work with people from the US.

Especially now, where we have 30-40°C in Germany, working at noon isn't very nice. XD


Its when my 1 year and 5 month old baby girl is sleeping... No, actually when she's awake and bugging me while coding. It keeps my brain really active. :D


I am most productivity between 7 am - 11 am, my thoughts are clearer in that period, 12 - 2 pm I could get by but anything after 3 pm is a struggle.


After lunch, after i eat my productivity disappear 😂


I can really focus starting at 6pm. I used to consider myself most productive in the morning, but since I've started programming, I've become more of a night owl.


10 am to 4 pm that for me but it was only through my own time tracking software that I realise it.


After lunch. I need to properly wake up before I'm 100% productive.
I'm the most creative when I'm supposed to sleep, usually late at night.


The mornings are when I have my foo on and I can tackle any big task Period.


Remote worker here. I'm most productive at night between 7pm - 11pm. Overall, I'm pretty distracted during the day.


I'm typically most productive in the afternoon. I feel like I specifically hit my stride around 2pm!


Morning, and it’s not even close. The book ‘When’ by Daniel Pink talks all about timing and when we’re most productive. Great read!


I'm typically most productive in the morning to mid-day. Then I get my second wind in the evening.


4:30 to somewhere north of 10:00. I'm just a morning person.


Always sees to be in the evening from 7pm onwards.


10am to 12am. At that moment the coffee fuel give me max rpm :) ☕️🚀🚀

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