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Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb)
Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb)

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Setup Code Editor – JavaScript Series – Part 11

Up until now we just worked with the console. But now we’ll work on a code editor.

I’m mostly a vscode fan so I’m going to use vscode. You can use whatever you want.

For folder I’ll create like –

Alt Text

There is nothing in css or js file. Now we’ll include this with the index.html

Alt Text

I’m using the live server extensions to run the files.

Alt Text

Now we’ll just console in our script.js file and we can see the result on our console of the website.

Alt Text

I am using the live server extension which give me the way to run live the code

Alt Text

I use the prettier which helps me to easily arrange the code, so I don’t have any messy codes.

Alt Text

Is this lot to take or this is easy ?

You can see the graphical version here

Source Codes - { Check commits }

GitHub logo nerdjfpb / javaScript-Series

A tutorial for JavaScript Beginners


A tutorial for Absolute Beginners of JavaScript.

You can find the total pdf in - Here

You can check the commits to find the part by part codes.


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