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Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb)
Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb)

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JavaScript Series – JavaScript Types – Part 2

We’ll finally learn about some coding stuff today. It’s basic today.

We’ll writing JavaScript code on the console of google chrome. You can find it on

menu >> developer tools >> select console from the tab

shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + I

Alt Text

You can try Mozilla Firefox console too. It’s up to you what you want to use, but I prefer chrome, so I’m going to stuck with it. With time, we’ll go to some text-editor to write code, now we can write code in console.

Javascript have 7 types. You can think types as values. They are –

a. Number
b. String
c. Boolean
d. Undefined
e. Null
f. Symbol (new in ES6)
g. Object

Today we’ll talk about Number.

We can easily add number in JavaScript. Just adding the ‘+’ operator in middle

Alt Text

We can do all the arithmetic things here using JavaScript. Plus, Minus, Division, Multiplication etc. Easy math right ? This is all numbers, they are allowed in JavaScript.

Working on some more arithmetic logics.

Alt Text

Now I’ve question. Do you know what ‘%’ means in real life? I am sure you know. But check this –

Alt Text

It is not the same right? Think more about it.




Enough?! Okay! This is actually ‘modulo’ this gives us the reminder!
Next part is coming soon…

Alt Text

You can see the graphical version here

Source Codes - { Check commits }

GitHub logo nerdjfpb / javaScript-Series

A tutorial for JavaScript Beginners


A tutorial for Absolute Beginners of JavaScript.

You can find the total pdf in - Here

You can check the commits to find the part by part codes.


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