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Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb)
Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb)

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While Loop – JavaScript Series – Part 13

Suppose we are going to print 1 to 10 on the console. But how we can do it ? We can do it easily

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But this is not a good way to do it. Currently we can do it because it's only ten times. But suppose we need to print 1 - 100. How to do it ?
This is where we use loops. We're going to use while loop today!
While is easy. Just remember what we learned in our last tutorial. While loop syntax is -

while (condition) {
  // code block to be executed
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Let's write some real codes now. If we wants to print 1 - 100 then we are going to store the values in variable and we are going to start from 1. So var number = 1
Now we are going to start our while. While and the condition will be.

while (number < 101) {
  //code block that we wants to do
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Alt Text

Now we are going to print the values from the first one. We need to increase the value of number to break the condition, if the condition doesn't break then it will stuck forever. So we always break the loop condition

Alt Text

See the result in browser

Alt Text

Do you understand the while loop ?

You can see the graphical version here

Source Codes - { Check commits }

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A tutorial for JavaScript Beginners


A tutorial for Absolute Beginners of JavaScript.

You can find the total pdf in - Here

You can check the commits to find the part by part codes.


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