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Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb)
Muhammad Ali (Nerdjfpb)

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Dom Event Introduction - JavaScript Series - Part 27

Events are things like - clicking, hovering on something or typing anything on search. There can be many others event in a website. We can do something based on this event using javascript
We'll start playing just by using a button. Let's add a button to the html. You can find the code in github

Alt Text

You can read more about events in mdn web docs

Alt Text

We are going to use a mouse event for today's example

Alt Text

First we'll get the button using document.querySelector('button')
Second step will be add a EventListener. Which is going to run the event. addEventListener has 2 parameters. One is the event name, another one is function where we are going to write what happens if the event occurs.
Let's write some code now

Alt Text

See the result

Alt Text

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Source Codes - { Check commits }

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A tutorial for JavaScript Beginners


A tutorial for Absolute Beginners of JavaScript.

You can find the total pdf in - Here

You can check the commits to find the part by part codes.


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