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Day 89/100 Sticky

To make something relevant, one must have an idea to make it more functional and stick to that proposal to make it workable and effective. A strategy that makes sense when everything seems not working according to plan and puts out another method to get through the hurdles on the way. After achieving the designated position, one would benefit from the changes ahead because it possesses the role before claiming it to be the actual holder. Often, the highest rank is compost of a mountain of irrelevant ideas and make things work by gaining support on small strategies that are anonymous and unknown to the public.



The default position of an element can be changed by setting its position property. The position property can take one of five values:

  • static - the default value (it does not need to be specified)
  • relative
  • absolute
  • fixed
  • sticky


  • The sticky value is another position value that keeps an element in the document flow as the user scrolls, but sticks to a specified position as the page is scrolled further. This is done by using the sticky value along with the familiar offset properties, as well as one new one.

Code Snippets

let groceryItem = 'papaya';

switch (groceryItem) {
  case 'tomato':
    console.log('Tomatoes are $0.49');
  case 'lime':
    console.log('Limes are $1.49');
  case 'papaya':
    console.log('Papayas are $1.29');
    console.log('Invalid item');
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a11y myths

Blind people don't watch movies

They definitely do. With the help of audio descriptions they can watch and listen to any media content as all other people do.


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