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Rio Cantre
Rio Cantre

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Day 85/100 Ternary Operator

There are endless possibilities if one would try to do great to achieve a particular goal and put tons of trial and error to the test.


We can use a ternary operator to perform this same functionality:

isNightTime ? console.log('Turn on the lights!') : console.log('Turn off the lights!');
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In the example above:

  • The condition, isNightTime, is provided before the ?.
  • Two expressions follow the ? and are separated by a colon :.
  • If the condition evaluates to true, the first expression executes.
  • If the condition evaluates to false, the second expression executes.

Code Snippets

let userName = 'Teddy';

if(userName) {
  console.log('Hello There!');

let userQuestion = 'Why is the sky blue?';
console.log(`${userName}, I have a question for you. ${userQuestion}`);

let randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 8);
// console.log(randomNumber);

let eightBall = '';
eightBall = randomNumber;

switch (eightBall) {
  case 8:
    console.log('It is certain');
  case 7:
    console.log('It is decidedly so');
  case 6:
    console.log('Reply hazy try again');
  case 5:
    console.log('Cannot predict now');
  case 4:
    console.log('Do not count on it');
  case 3:
    console.log('My sources say no');
  case 2:
    console.log('Outlook not so good');
  case 1:
    console.log('Signs point to yes');

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