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Rio Cantre
Rio Cantre

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Day 91/100 Color for UI

Selecting the appropriate colors for your designs must first know the common aspects and keys to convey.


Different types of color blindness

  • red-green, where users have a difficult time differentiating between the red and green colors.

  • blue-yellow, where the blues tend to appear greener

  • monochromatic, when users can’t see color at all.

The keys to designing for UI

  • Select a dominant brand color and supporting accent colors.

  • Use contrast to define sections and differentiate actions.

  • Use semantic colors for error and success messages.

  • Incorporate default colors for text and backgrounds where needed.

  • Neutral colors can provide good contrast.

Code Snippets

if (false) {
  console.log('The code in this block will not run.');
} else {
  console.log('But the code in this block will!');

// Prints: But the code in this block will!
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I'm counting my days, and exploring my imagination. Extracting all the information I learned on this challenge. Now , I have to expand my motivation to become better in writing proper blogs.

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