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dev.to staff on July 24, 2018

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Hello everyone, I'm Charlotte, I'm currently doing a 6-months bootcamp to become a web dev! I ended up here because I want to learn more and read more about tech news, languages such as PHP, JS, Ruby, etc. By the way, I'm looking for a traineeship in Amsterdam to start in December! My favourite non-coding hobby is probably music (not playing, more gigs and listening)! Cheers!


Hi Charlotte. I think there's a strong correlation between having an appreciation of music and being interested in code. My degrees were in music, and now I'm a developer. I used to think I'd had an unusual journey, but I keep meeting people who've come into the industry the same way!


These may be spam, but can't avoid replying on your comment, I was a musician for 15 years, leave it couple years ago to start software development, glad to hear that there are more people like me. People always seems to be shocked about my career change.



Musicians make the best devs. I’ve seen it again and again.


Hey Charlotte, welcome to dev.to, I am also new joining the community :) I hope your dreams will come true in finding your internship in Amsterdam! I love listening music too, what is your favorite? Cheers and good luck learning!


Hello Charlotte I too am doing a 6-month FullStack developer bootcamp here at Columbia University , the stack we are learning is MERN which is MongoDB Express React Node


Best of luck Charlotte, new here as well.love discovering new music. Lucky bones band song matchstick men is one I came across recently. Check it out and enjoy if you get the chance.
Good luck with it all.


Hello Charlotte. Nice to know something about you. Cheers!!!


Hey Charlotte! So awesome that you're doing a bootcamp - I did one last year, and it was the best decision I've ever made. I wish you all the best in your coding!!


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Hi everyone, I'm Kip, I don't like to comment very much because I dont have the good knowledge and experience to do that the most of the time and my english is bad too, but I'm trying actually. I'm feel better reading the amazings entries that exist here, the save button is my best friend ! Thanks everyone for share their experience, tips, advices, knowledge, guides with all, is all that I can say with total confidence. BTW I love 'Friends' TV show, I had to say.


Hi kip
Good to know about the save feature, will look into site now.
Also I had a friends T-shirt from the studio in NYC when I was in school and it was one of the coolest with the new York skyline, have not thought of that trip in years. Thanks kip 😁😁


Thanks for being a great part of the community Kip!


Hi Kip - Friends is by far one of my all time favorites! :)


I had to reply to u just because u said u love FRIENDS tv show, I am a die hard fan myself :)


I finished watching FRIENDS a couple days ago :D the Best TV show))


Hi everyone, I'm Osama not "bin ladin", I'm currently trying to learn C++ cause I'm computer science student "2nd semester" and I need some help, my favorite movie "interstellar" TV " person of interest" Music "X&Y" By Coldplay, thanks bye.


Hi everyone, I discovered dev.to through Hacker News. All the articles I read were a pleasure to read.

I'd like to enter such a community to share thoughts, news, tips and tricks about programming.

I am a 40 yo developer from France, but I'm currently living in Asia with my wife and our baby (she's from Philippines). We traveled through China, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines so far.

Tech gadgets i bought (and love):

  • Inmotion V8 Unicycle
  • DJ Mavic Pro drone

Drama I watched:

  • Hana Yori Dango
  • Signal

US series I watched:

  • Dexter
  • Breaking Bad
  • Walking Dead

Anime I loved:

  • Monster
  • Elfen Lied

Books I am reading or read recently:

  • 12 Rules for Life An Antidote to Chaos
  • The Obstacle Is the Way
  • 100 ways to motivate yourself
  • Autobiography of a Yogi

Sports I love

  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Trail running

I wrote my first article: Remember why you love to code


Hacker news is a good site to explore and get amazing info!


Thanks for sharing your article! I like Dexter, Breaking Bad, Psycho Pass, Black Lagoon, and Atlanta myself.


Oh Monster is a great series! I love it! I want to see it again.


Hello Everyone, I am Nitin. I am a Software Engineer by qualification and right now running my own software company. I have good experience in the eCommerce area. I am looking forward to build up my knowledgebase and at the same time will try to contribute to the community.

My hobbies are - painting and cartooning.


Hey Nitin, I am really looking into the eCommerce space right now with one of my current businesses. I believe it will be the best addition to grow at this point. Welcome to dev.to


Hi Everyone, I'm Angelique, I finished bootcamp(full stack web development)about a year ago. Im having trouble with JS and hoping someone can recommend a link or any advise. I do have enough experience creating websites, worked with Github, heroku, Id, Xd, Sketch, HTML, CSS and backend - Ruby/Rails. Im also looking for an intership in New York. Looking forward to chatting with all of you.


Hi Angelique. Have you used freeCodeCamp? I found their challenges really useful in levelling up my JS skills.


I heard about it, but havnt tried. Will look at it now. Thanks!!!

If you would like to do a complete course on Javascript, Codecademy is a good place to begin with. They have a task-based learning system. They make you implement every concept you learn before moving on to next one. It really helps in understanding the concepts.


Hi, Angelique!

Wes Bos has a fantastic short piece on javascript with 30 little projects to show you how it works. It's called javascript30.


Yeah check out @wesbos ' JavaScript30.com. He also has a great free course thanks to Mozilla on CSS Grid. Check out cssgrid.io. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, Wes and Scott "El Toro Loco" Tolinski have a great one called Syntax. And lastly, he did an AMA on dev.to a while back that might interest you.


Hi everyone. I’m David. I’m a web developer based in Accra, Ghana (West Africa). These days I code mostly in javascript (node.js with express.js). I’m here for the great articles and discussions that always teach me a thing or five. Favorite non-coding hobby would be music. Rap music mostly but I’ll give anything a try.


Good to have you here David. Any companies in Ghana working with Node/Express?


Hi Jermain. Yeah a number of startups (like mine) are. Many that come out of the MEST incubator. Not many of the bigger companies though.


Hi. I'm Jordan. I'm the co-founder of Parabol, an open-source SaaS application for conducting on-line retrospectives and other meetings with your team. I was inspired to join this community by @andreasklinger 's tweet sharing dev.to went opensource. I enjoy writing software for multiplayer collaboration: I love building the tech that makes building Google-docs easier. I work a lot with GraphQL, extending it for pub/sub state distribution.

Fun fact about me: after starting an office-less, fully-distributed company I'm having a hard time imagining ever working in an office again. I value the flexibility and focus over the social atmosphere.

Fun second fact: the late musician Prince used to live with my parents, and my dad wrote a book about the experience


I'm interested in your experience in starting a business without an office. I hope we'll have a chance to talk.

Feel free to share all this with us


Happy to speak! I'm likely to go out on paternity leave any day now (another exciting thing going on in my life) but feel free to write at jordan@parabol.co and we'll set up some time when I'm back.


Agree about being office-less, once you leave that social environment it's difficult to want to go back.



You are an interesting guy. What exactly do you mean by office-less? My jobs have had varying amounts and degrees of office


You're too kind. Thank you.

We all work remotely. Currently there are 5 of us:

  • I'm in Los Angeles, CA
  • My co-founder is in Brooklyn, NY
  • We have a developer in San Diego, CA
  • We have another designer and developer in Dallas, TX
  • And a designer in Zagreb, Croatia

We work hard to make it work. Having the personal flexibility to work when we want, where we want is important to us. We work on 3 different teams, Growth (Marketing and Sales), Product (Design, Implementation, Support and Testing), ExCo (Finance, Legal, and Human Resources). One key is having a fixed cadence for all of our teams. We start each week with a Structured check-in meeting to discover if any of us are blocked on anything and setup ad-hoc meetings if we need to jam together. If something gets real harry, we might fly to visit one another. But that happens maybe 3X per year.

There are a growing number of these sorts of companies: Invision, Zapier, Hot Jar, and so many more.

Ahh, I vastly underestimated the amount of officeless-ness you were speaking of. That is a neat concept. Thanks for elaborating!


Just became 23, reading implementation of DDD. Looking for connections, friends, foes and rivals! Hit me up, I want to trade knowledge. #HappyBirthday


My development environment is a mix/match of VSCode w/ vim and docker(compose).
I learn/use whatever is expected of me, or when new tech comes out(right now a laravel/react stack).
I create a list of what i'd like to explore like "kotlin" and "reason".

What takes up most of my time now is reading about domain-driven design and microservices.
And I do like to read theory/patterns more than I like new libraries and other tech hype(because there's something new everyday).

Nice! I played around with Laravel and built a web app with it. It was kind of cool. I just went with Vue to keep things simple. I prefer React and I’m learning Node and Express and then I want to rebuild the app using that stack.

Laravel intergrates well with Vue as well, so no wonder!
At some point I will try to make something in Vue, but feel I like i don't have the time for it at the moment.

Also a part of the reason is I've yet to try frameworks such as GatsbyJS/Next.js which was developed with reactjs/nodejs in mind.
They focus more on server-rendered and isomorphic components in which I find interesting/confusing.

And I'm about to get in the mindset of Reasonml, the new language also built with React in mind.

Btw, if there's anything I can help with don't shy away from asking - I feel I learn the most by interacting with people other coders.

I built my portfolio site using Gatsby and the NetlifyCMS. It's pretty cool. Gatsby actually doesn't interact with a database. It just creates static files on the HTML build and those sit on the server, so I liked it a lot when I was starting with React. It essentially allowed me to build a React app with "dynamic" information but no back-end. If you want to check out out, I put the links to the site and the code below.

I liked the idea behind laravel, but I prefer Javascript to PHP so I want to get into Sailsjs or something like that. It just creates an MVC architecture for the Nodejs app. Sailsjs is built on top of Expressjs.

Sounds great, thanks for clarification.

Regarding persistence: You might be interested in tech like, I think it's called cosmicjs, a kinda headless cms.

I don't really like the php syntax either, but I do like the "flexibility" even though many "real devs" would disagree.

Yeah, my initial complaint was the "halt the site comes to" when it loads because it uses a single-threaded setup. Then it was just kind of a pain to have to change gears between php, html, css, and js all the time. Setting things up initially and then just using Sass and JS makes things much more enjoyable to me.

I've spent time looking at headless CMSs(?) but surprisingly haven't come across CosmicJS. I'll give that a look. So far I like NetlifyCMS, and I've played around with Wordpress, Cockpit, Directus, Strapi, and a few others.

I think it's relatively new too.
You mentioned Strapi, maybe sanity.io/?
Look promising, but never tried it personally.

I wanted to get started(properly) with something based on firebase.

Part of the challenge is finding one of these that will work well for clients. If I need to update something, none of these would be a problem. I feel that the layout and maybe some of the terminology could be problematic for a client who isn't super tech-savvy. That is one big benefit to Wordpress is predefined fields. On my to-do list is trying Wordpress as a headless CMS using the rest api they offer.

Just remembered I had something else contentful.com/.
I'll leave it to you to figure them out, it's a little too much for me :p

I've looked at it but haven't played around with it yet. Mostly I'm just looking for non-techie CMS which allows me to build a front-end using javascript using an api. I mean, I guess either I'll find one I like or I'll just build it eventually lol.


Happy belated birthday to you and many more happy ones.


Thank you so much :) still nice to hear even thought it's a couple of weeks ago


👋Hi everyone, for the past couple of months I've been digging the articles and resources here; great work! I'm a growth marketer at Dropbox where I work with email and notifications to improve our activation process for new Dropbox Paper users. Where my email marketers at? :)

Non-coding hobby?
Hmm... I really enjoy bio-hacking nutrition. I'm always game to talk about it.



Hey JZ, welcome to the DEV community!

I'd be really interested in learning more about emails for growth marketing, on-boarding, re-activation ("we miss you"), milestones, etc. Do you know of any resources that would be a good start for me to start reading?

Also... I'll bite (pun?). Care to expand a bit on your bio-hacking efforts?


Thanks for the welcome, Peter.

Some of my favorite and go-to resources are:

  • reallygoodemails.com/ (tons of ideas for email content and design; as well as interviews)
  • jwegan.com/ (fantastic resource for growth marketing)
  • Hacking Growth (really good book to read on building the thinking behind growth marketing)

Hahah - nice pun. One of the bio-hacks I've come to implement and adjust is the incorporation of bulletproof coffee in the morning. I usually drink these on days when I'm intermittently fasting. Awesome recipe - 1 tbsp MCT oil, 1 tbsp grass-fed butter or ghee, 1 - 2 cups of coffee. Keeps me pretty full through dinner.

Just bought a copy of Hacking Growth on Amazon. Will check back in after I read it 👌🏽

I'm compelled by the idea of Bulletproof coffee (and keto) in general. I'll give it a look.


Hello Everyone, I'm Mahesh, I'm a Mechanical Engineer by education. I'm a budding developer(a complete noob :P) and I want to connect with the experts in the industry as well as my peers to learn from them to be a good Software Developer. My other hobbies are Reading(Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mythology), Watching Movies(Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mythology).Cheers!


Hi Mahesh! I'm a mechanical engineer too! Welcome to Dev.to :) Let me know if you have any questions or need anything. Hopefully you find some good articles -- and maybe even share your own!


Hello Ryan! Thrilled to know that you too are a Mechanical Engineer :) I have been following your articles and they are awesome! Oh yes! Now I know that you are a mechanical engineer, I won't hesitate to ask questions when in doubt or whenever I am stuck ;) Your articles are a great help for beginners.

That's awesome, I'm glad my articles were helpful. I'll try to come up with more! And definitely feel free. I'm always happy to try to help :)

Thanks a lot. As of now, I'm just a newbie, I know a tiny bit of basic python. I'm trying to learn automation using python as my entry point to the field. I will go through your articles, learn and try to start my own automation project. I will definitely ask for help when stuck.

It sounds like you might really enjoy Automate the Boring Stuff by Al Sweigart. It's free to read online!

Yes! It's really helpful. I am learning a lot from that.

Also, I'm going through your article about "3 Common Mistakes that Python Newbies Make". I found it useful.

Cool! Make sure to read through the comments on that one. There's a lot of good info in the comments. :)


Hi everyone! My name is Ru and I used to be a psychologist. Half a year ago I have decided to learn web development and now I'm here)) I live in Russia and I also hope to improve my English by reading posts here and writing some.
Now I'm learning JS, HTML/CSS and reading about jQuery :D
Wish me luck) I do really like it!)


So what is your goal for learning web development? Like what motivated you to move away from being a psychologist? Or, are you learning so you can do something for your psychologist works? :)


Hi!) I worked with children for two years as a psychologist and now my main goal is to figure out how exactly I can teach them programming languages using funny games. That why I'm learning now)))

To be honest, that is one of the greatest goals. I really appreciate how you want to shape the future of many people. :)

What has been your struggle so far with your goal?

Well, the struggle is pretty hard for me =) It's unusual to start thinking differently
Now I have learned about html/css and learning JS. Writing easy functions and websites and I like it a lot!

If you want to learn better, maybe join FreeCodeCamp?
If you want to teach kids, maybe check how others are doing at tynker.com and similar sites.

Hope you have a great journey ahead.


Hi everyone,
My name's Rina, and I'm here to learn more about coding. My goal is to become a fullstack developer. I'm doing some pre-bootcamp programs now. I seem to have become addicted to JavaScript.


Hi! I'm Massimo, I'm from Belgium and I'm a almost brand new in the dev community.

I'm actually following a 6-months bootcamp in web dev. I like to learn new stuff and develop new skills.
Previously I was creative/art director in several advertising agencies. But after 8 years to work in advertising I wanted to do something else , so here I am...
During my free time I like coding (of course :-)) and I like to play music (electronic stuff), running, bicycling, ...
(Sometimes my english is shitty don't blame me it's not my mother tongue)



What are you learning in your bootcamp? What bootcamp is it? Hey if you can speak another language your already a step ahead. Welcome!


Hello everyone, I'm Rindra. I'm currently a student in software engineering. Sorry for my bad english. That's a pleasure to read posts in this website. I'm interested in mobile development but also in other development language. Thanks all for sharing tips and advices. Also, I don't comment post very much (still student so not having much experience). Thank you for the welcoming. Cheers!


Privet, dev mates!I'm Paul from cold Siberia (cuttently living in Kiev, Ukraine).

I'm working as full-time python backend developer since Jan, 2018. I'm kind od switcher: before full-time coding I worked as head of marketing. (BTW now I can hating all marketing things with PRO-level).

My Python path was started in 2015, when friend - Java EE developer recomends me try Python, when I was 'crying' on his shoulder about why I can't work properly with JS (my God, this semicolons(;) broke all my passion to coding).

So 3 years later I'm proud to be Python dev, who have minor experience in Erlang and Go. Now I have bootcamp as fullstack dev aaaand... They told me ES6 already have no semicolons (much of time). Damn))

So why I'm here? I want to come my passion to JavaScript back, because it stops all of my progress. I guess I have kind of "mental block" for JS. Hope you, guys, can help me there


Hello, dev community!:)
We are D2C.io team and would love to help anyone to get started with Docker containers and cloud technologies.
We provide ready-made stacks to start in a couple of clicks as well as individual configurations for your applications.


Hello everyone, I am Arturo, I'm a college student here in Puebla, México. I ended up here because I want to learn more about the technology that is been using it at the real world because the college teach some older knowledge. My favorite non-coding hobby is videogames, anime and series


I am learning full stack web development. Trying to cram all of that code into my tiny little brain in 12 months. Wish me luck. I decided to learn web development because I realised I had a passion for it. It started with the idea of blogging and creating websites through wordpress. I wanted to make it more personal, but then when I started looking into what makes a website I wanted to create it. Three months into my course :)

It is very difficult to list all of my hobbies, there are too many and I have been saying for a while that I need to cut them down. There are too many excellent things to like and do.

I look forward to reading some more articles.


Hello everyone,

I'm Hazem. I born in Syria, grew up and living in Jordan and originally I'm from Palestine.

I discovered dev.to through Github trending and I'm so clade to join the dev.to community.

I’m a lead software engineer based in Jordan and Saudi Arabia working with Tam Development LLC. One year ago, we came to Amman - Jordan to open a new software development branch.

I had a good experience in software engineering, database development/administration, 3D industry asset virtualization, managing teams and maintaining our modern family-oriented culture.

My favorite hobby is video games (Blizzard Entertainment games) and I really love farming, fishing, hanging out with friends, music (especially bob marly) and finally and unfortunately, I love high speed.

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge. And I will be happy to help and to be part of this awesome community.

If you are located in Jordan or Saudi Arabia and you need help regarding software engineering please feel free to contact me.

Thank you all!


Hey hey everyone! My name is Alex and I discovered this site on Twitter, and I signed up because it looks really cool! I’m excited to join this seeming welcoming and chill community. I am currently loving React and I hope that I can continue to learn more and practice my skills! :))

Some hobbies include, dancing, piano, and just having a good time. Thanks for reading!


Ciao! I'm Sebastiano Italian, venice city.
I am now living in Japan, Tokyo I just start to study coding and I am having a lot of fun! my English is not really good so please forgive me.
I start this adventure with same online basic tutorial course of HTML, css, JavaScript.

I am 43 years old and I wish to become a web developer, maybe is to late but try anyway!!

JavaScript is the one I really needs some help!!

thanks !!!!!


You are not alone Sebastiano, I'm the same age and trying to start my career over. Keep it up!


Hi everyone! My name is Ravern! I am currently studying Cybersecurity in Singapore after being hyped up by the government to join this course 😎.

My passion lies in web development, both in the frontend and the backend. I know Go, JavaScript, Swift and Python. I also love learning new languages, having recently picked up Ruby and Elixir.

Besides coding, I also love to play frisbee and guitar 🎸. Cheers!


Hello everyone, I'm Jaydeep. I've just started my web development journey and looking forward to a great community experience. I'm exploring machine learning and NLP as well, their applications to help people are what that drive me. I like discussing about philosophy, physics and music.


Hello! I'm Carlos, and I found out about this community through a youtube video from google chrome developers channel. I'm currently learning web development, and I'm super excited to become a part of this fantastic community. I have a background in audio engineering, and I love playing music as a hobby.


Oh, cool. I used to do a lot of audio engineering in my teen years. I don't do much now. I run sound for my church but they play over tracks


Hey dev.to community...I am Shreyas, been in IT industry for 17 years. I have worked on several technologies and in several roles from developer to architect. Yet I feel I have so much to learn from others and community like dev.to helps in achieving that. While I am here to learn, I would be contributing whatever I can. Planning to write a note very soon. Watch out for same.


Hey all! I recently graduated from a 7-month boot camp. I completed their front-end program. Very excited to be job hunting now!! I love JavaScript, React and Express.js. Now that I have time I hope to start reading again, and I might pick up The Culture series by Iain M. Banks.


Hello! My name is Jack. I'm an information systems specialist with a focus on Amazon Web Services, web development in PHP and Node.js, PostgreSQL, and DevOps.

I've been looking for a forum for free-flowing discussion related to software development and when I saw dev.to, I thought of trying it out.

My favorite non-coding hobbies (yes, it's difficult to just put one)? Photography, Traveling, and Writing.


Hello y'all, I'm a former and future software engineer, came here to seek guidance and advice getting back on the horse. I previously worked for the Department of Defense, and now work at Looker. Besides coding I like road trips, camping and playing video games. Love the articles and discussions here, finally decided to sign up :)


Hello, guys! I'm a beginner .NET developer, which I've discovered by chance and I really like it. Also, I'm on my second year of my Master's degree on Cyber Security. It's been a while since I've entered a community, but this one seems fun and the posts here are great, so here I am. As for hobbies, I enjoy several things like reading, sports or music festivals, but I'm still searching for something to put passion into. I'm writing this while having a glass of wine, so Cheers!


Hello everyone, I am Sophie Obomighie, currently a third year student of human anatomy from the university of Benin, Nigeria.
I have practical experience with WordPress, HTML, CSS, Python and django but I'm mostly Python now. I intend to fully transition from medical sciences to programming or at least major in biomedical engineering because I've falling in love with programming.
I decided to join this community because of my resolution to be more intentional about my learning process, to have a reliable community to get help from and to improve on my technical writing skills. Aside programming and school, I volunteer for tech communities like Developer's students club (mobile.twitter.com/dscuniben), The GirlLEAD project (m.facebook.com/girlleadproject/), WAAW foundation
(waawfoundation.org) etc
I also try out Karate in my free time. I feel excited to be here.
Love, Sophie.


Hi Sophie! Great to have you! Glad you fell in love with programming. I can totally relate to that


Hi everybody. I am syed meesam ali. I'm professionally a civil engineer but was always interested in programming and started with Visual Basic to program a simple structural system (civil engineering related). I developed more interest in programming when i started using VBA in Excel to automate various tasks and found out that almost anything can be automated with programming. Used MATLAB sometime to also program basic stuff related to engineering. Recently I developed deeper interest for Python due to my interest in big data analysis as well as AI. I have taken many courses from edX and still continuing my learning primary from edx as well as some UDEMY courses. Currently devoting myself to learn in-depth JavaScript as a front-end developer as well as enhance my Python knowledge and looking forward for ways to bring my multiple interests into something composite.

Programming literacy I strongly believe is a super must for future learning in any field. I also am currently teaching VBA for Excel to some students and in future want to develop courses in programming to teach in the most simplest ways.

I am trying to maintain my own Excel advanced page on facebook at: facebook.com/exceladvanced/

I want to be more active in programming and really would love to be part of any active community where people encourage and help each other reaching higher levels of experience and understanding.


Hi fellows devs, I am here because this site and the community publishes excellent posts about development. I am a dev mainly focus on PHP/Laravel & Android. Also I am trying to learn as much as devops as I can. So if you are looking for a kind of devops padawan I'm very interested! Please let me know if I can help you too! Happy coding and beers!


Hi everyone my name is Benjamin Chambule, I am from Mozambique (Africa). I love learning tech stuff. Right now I am working in mobile banking applications (USSD, Android and iOS) in a local bank Millennium BIM (that happens to be the major comercial bank). Been there for two years, since I graduated from high school. I joined the community (dev.to), because here I can learn and find people from all over the world who share the same ideas and interests (learning), with the ultimate goal of being a better professional, technician, and most importantly a better person.
I love designing systems, artificial intelligence, music and walking around.


Hi everyone, I'm Morten from Germany and i'm an independent frontend designer and developer with both an business computer science and communication design education – I believe that these both fields should come as close together as possible since design is not only aesthetics but also functional! I came here because i want to better up my Javascript skills. Besides Coding I'm on my Skateboard and if i'm not skating i like to meditate :) Have a good day, fellow coders <3


Hello everyone :)

I'm Christian, a frontend dev from Denmark. I have about 5 years of getting payed doing everything under the umnbrella of "frontend" and I've always worked for small companies as I do now.

When I'm not trying to solve problems the best way, I lift and throw around with some heavy weights, play online games, watch tv-shows and read the occasional book (but not enough) on my Kindle. Just read Dark Matter which was very much worth reading.

So hi!


Hello everyone,
I am Pramod. I am from Bengaluru(India). I am working as an Android Developer from last 5 years and just last month joined one of the leading US retail giants. I also have some experience in backend development as I have developed some APIs in play framework in my previous company. My hobbies are reading and binge watch on movies or TV series.


Hi folks! Just heard about this site from Github on twitter. I'm primarily a Ruby on Rails dev but dabble in Python and am looking to learn Go and Rust. Hopefully, this site is a good way to stay in the loop on trends and make my coding experience more social. I've developed a boilerplate SaaS app (2 actually, see my Github) and am thinking about doing a video series explaining various features and choices in a modular way that could apply to any Rails app.


Hi everybody, I'm JR, a javascript developer since 4 year now and i'm still loving it ! I've come here to stay up to date on new tech and talk with awesome people of course ;) I've done some PHP too on my early year of experience. My favorites hobbies are to hang up with friends and watch film and series (like a lot even is these are crappy film Oo)


Hello everyone, I am Bill, from Shenzhen, China. I knew dev.to by accident when I was browsing the github trends.

I love programming, and I have been a coder since 2011 after graduated.

My blog URL is bingfeng.me, and all comments are welcomed.

Nice to meet you all again, and I believe this great community will bloom fast.


Hi everyone, I am a front end developer for about 4 years now and I started learning React about a year ago. Recently I've been working on a project using React which I think is the best way to learn.
I know the react community is quite big and growing fast, and I think it's wonderful everyone can share their experience and knowledge in the name of a developing technology.
And my favourite non-coding hobby is ... I have a few actually - I like to travel and photograph and also I am very passionate about interior design, graphic design, UX, etc.



I'm Peder, a full stack developer based in Wales (UK), but hailing from Norway, currently working full time at an exciting tech company here in Wales. I love helping people so I'm here to help where I can, and to possibly read some interesting articles and perhaps learn something new myself!

My favourite non-coding hobby is composing music (though this could be coding related too :D)

I found dev.to via GitHub.


Hey guys, great to be here.
I have been enjoying various articles from here for half a year anonymously and finally decided to join the community and give back.
I'm a full-stack developer at Philips and I love open source.
My main work is with Java for backend and Angular for frontend but I love discovering new technologies.
Oh, and my non-coding hobbies are guitar, drums, kite-surfing and D&D.



Funny thing I "learned" in college how to do Backend with Java and the Spring framework and later add Angular for the Frontend (even with some Android on it).
Now personally I enjoy much more the Frontend work and being doing stuff with JavaScript both Node and React. Funny how the stack changes hehe


Hi, all! I'm Lucy from the USA, and after I got my BS/IT degree I started as a tester/documenter. I tracked test results in dBASE III, and then my boss brought me a new tool - Access, and it was Windows-based - ooh! I then went through VBA and VB and have been working in C#/WinForms and C#/MVC for a few years. I still love solving puzzles as a career, and getting to help make other people's jobs easier so they can go home on time.

When I'm not coding, I sing with a local women's chorus. Now I'm the music librarian, and have build a Windows application that tracks seasons, songs, singers, attendance, and who has what copies of which songs. I've also started an MVC app for the same data, so I can take attendance on my phone. Sooo... what is this "non-coding" you speak of? :)


Hello everyone! I'm Dhairya. I'm currently learning Data Science on my own, and will try to make some cool projects using that. It's my long sought idea of a project with analysis of soccer games, players, etc, since I love this game so much.

By the way, as someone who is trying to learn his ways into this field, I am absolutely loving this site! Kudos to the creators and developers involved. And the community here seems to be amazing and so welcoming. I genuinely love this!


Hello everyone,My names Warren. I'm currently in my 3rd year of study at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. I'm a software development student doing my diploma and looking to pursue my degree next year. I learnt about this site through my Google news feed. Looking to learn more about the different languages out there to add to my list and always up for new challenges. Hope to learn alot from all of the fellow developers on here!!


Hi, I'm Nicolas from Paris, I discovered this website with this post.
I love learning new things and make stuff, especially when it's about programming.
I also play the flute and love bicycles.


Hi everyone my name is Jose Carlos, but everybody call me joss.

I'm a Mexican Fullstack developer looking for share a little bit of knowledge and also learn a lot from you, I've ever was in the developer environment. I am currently working as an assistant teacher at Ironhack. And to start well, I would like a couple of recommendations, I want to learn a new language, I use javascript as the main one and I want something interesting for the backend. What do you think about elixir?


Hi all, Nivesh here!

  • I believe esports gonna be the next big thing, the tides are shifting...
  • I see myself as Solution Architect, not that I am but still believe me. -_-
  • I am totally into node.js, xyz.js frameworks, cool backend tech stuff like ELK.
  • Ditched full time Job to explore full time consultant space. #remote
  • Learning golang and elixir, your views are welcome.
  • Half way through blockchain stuff too #swag
  • Lately reading reWork, must read believe me.

Check out my portfolio when free: niveshsingh.com/

Anyone watching The international starting August 10 2018 ? #LetsGoLiquid


Hi all!
I’m located in France (Montpellier- South). Like cats (I guess like everyone too) I have had a pretty atypik background as developer, manager of a Music Shop, Director of an IT/Computer Science school, lastly Director of a Tech consulting Firm (coaching a community of 60 engineers).
This dev.to seems a great idea.
Looking forward to talking with you.


Hi guys! I'm Mihai, I'm 15 years old and love to code! I'm learning computer science and cpp at my high school and in my spare time I'm doing web development, I love to go to contests and recently went to America for a great computer science contest(i know i'm a show off :D). I came here from a great tweet about social platforms for programmers! My favourite non-coding hobbies are entrepreneurship, cars and music! Have an amazing day :D!


Hello everyone! I'm Jorge. I'm a long time reader but joining the community now. I'm a former physical therapist turned software developer. I've been coding full-time for about 3 years now. I've had many hobbies in my life but the ones I keep coming back to are music and DIY. I've also become really interested in meditation and mental/physical health in general and how those affect my work and life. Later!


👋Hello everyone, I'm Andy. I have been working as a Linux System Engineer for seven years, then went back to college and graduated with a Computer Science degree. Currently, I am looking for an SRE position in the SF Bay Area. During my preparation for interviews, dev.to showed up for so many time in Google Search results. I think I must join this community because it looks original and fun!

I can't live without coffee, books, and python. Now let me look around to see where I can contribute.


Hello, I am Jake. I have a B.S. degree in Chemistry and spent about four years working as a research assistant in a theoretical and computational biophysics and chemistry laboratory. The bulk of my work was performing ab initio quantum calculations and simulations on small biomolecular systems, namely peptides and disaccharides which was a lot of fun because I got to run my jobs on some of the most powerful high-performance computing clusters in the world. After that, I couldn't find any opportunities that I enjoyed so I freelanced as a web developer learning a little PHP and MySQL. Then I became a little more serious and learned Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript (jQuery AJAX Node ES6 React Webpack Vue) all of that was fairly recently and I was able to combine it with my Linux experience from the computational lab so I'm just about to start a new job in San Jose, California as a DevOps Engineering Consultant. I am working on the AWS Solutions Architect and Kubernetes certifications as well as learning Go and Python. I ended up on this website because I clicked a link on my Twitter feed. My non-coding hobby is amateur black & white photography.


Hello! I'm waddlesplash. I'm paid to work on newspaper software by day, and I volunteer for Haiku by night. I'm not quite sure how much time I'll spend on dev.to, but, it looks pretty awesome so far! :)

Perhaps I should write up some of my adventures of working on Haiku here. Though it looks like tales of stack alignment woes and tail-call debugging are perhaps a little outside of what seems to be the regular fare here...


Hello everyone, I'm Sanjiv Barnwal (Shaw), I'm currently working with a London based digital agency named DuBSEO, from last 5-years on SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing. I signed up here with Dev.to because I want to learn new idea more and more about digital marketing, tech news, languages such as PHP, Magento, Laravell, and Node JS etc. By the way, I'm looking to contribute as a guest blogger here with unique information about search engine updates and social media updates and how to fix them! My favourite hobby is helping business with onpage seo changes (not paid)! Cheers!
Sanjiv Barnwal (Shaw)
Digital Marketing head at DubSEO London


Hey everyone, my name is Brett. I have tinkered with programming for a while but, in an effort to level up and solidify my skills, I just finished a 6 months coding bootcamp at Northwestern University. I am excited about using Javascript more and, now that the bootcamp is over, have been starting to deep dive more into React. I do hear a lot of good things about Elm and have been curious to try that out as well. Outside of coding, I really enjoy playing guitar and makin' music. Looking forward to chatting with you all!


Hi developers, I'm Akshay. My love for open source brings me here, from this tweet by GitHub
I am looking forward to DEV-Android repository and would like to start contributing. Nowadays, I am exploring Android and me also into the communities for which you can watch my video on the Google Developers India channel here I am open for all kind of discussions, Let's connect


Hello World!!
This is Susheel, currently working as Research Engineer in Hyundai Mobis Technical Centre Of India and engineering the In-vehicle Network Data for Telematics Applications in Hyundai and Kia Cars.
I would like to explore various technologies not just to some field...web related..data science..etc.
I am passionate photographer so this is my favorite hobby!!


Hey there, I'm Kwaleyela, I'm a 16 year old currently teaching myself how to code :-) I found myself here because I want to learn more about technology and coding, my favorite non-coding hobby is Music (I'm a rapper & song writer) _^


Hello everyone, I am Sam. I'm currently doing 3 year degree in mathematics and computer science. I ended up here because I want to learn not only from the classroom but also from other people. My fav non coding hobby is playing video games. Chao😊


Hey guys, excited to join the community. I'm a junior in college studying software engineering. After two internships, I'm still trying to figure out my future -- I love coding but it's hard to find that same magic in a 9-5 job. I came here from Practical Dev Twitter, and I love the coding community. Counting on you guys to help me along my journey


Hello all, I'm Derek. Literally I am brand new to coding as in day 2 of my program where I drill nothing but basics for 50 days then rejoin the #100DaysOfCode community. Currently I am focusing on Python then working my way through all of its libraries and extensions. In my free time I like to spend time with my wife and kids.... And well learn to code.


Hi everyone,
just started to code 4 months ago.
The goal was to find a new professional path through something fun and interesting
Now it just feels right

I'm here to share and gather stuff about coding and technology, i feel this is the place for it :)

Later this year, i am going to start looking for an internship and then for a job.
I thought dev.to could also provide me with fresh pieces of news and information about those

It's nice to be here,
See you ;)


Hi everyone, I'm Laurent from France.
I teach web development and am always looking for new opportunities to learn stuff so here i am.
I use mostly use JS (Vue.js & Node.js) and a little bit of PHP (Laravel).
I'm waiting for the open source transition, hoping I will have enough time to contribute.
When I don't teach or code, I take care of my kids. And read comic books if there's some free time left (which honestly doesn't happen often).


Hello. I'm Stefan, frontend developer, Angular enthusiast and deep learning trainee on Coursera:). Hope to learn new things around here. I enjoy longboarding, airsoft, squash, hiking, driving fast and going to the gym. Currently working on an Angular workshop. Hope I can contribute something. Keep coding guys.


Hi everyone, I'm Nick, I work as a junior software engineer at a fairly large company in Europe.

I don't remember what brought me here but I can bet it was Google now feed, and I couldn't be more grateful for being here.

My dream is to contribute code to an open source project but I guess I am afraid that I don't have the technical knowledge to do so, and certainly I don't have the time at the moment. Also, I have no idea where to start from.

My favorite non-coding hobby is photography.

Nice to meet you all!


Hello everyone,

I am Gevik, I discovered dev.to through Hacker News. I have been developing software for the past 20 years. Currently I am developing a new UI framework in TypeScript. I came here to learn and perhaps share a thing or two.


I folks, I'm Chris. I'm a web engineer living in New York City working in the medical field. I've recently starting doing a deep dive into machine learning, and my strongest language is JavaScript. In my spare time I write and perform comedy.


Hi everyone,
I'm in my second year of Comp science after giving up the full time job and going after something I want to do.
We have covered basics like html, javascript, css and this year php and Java.
Loving the course but my code is deffo not up to scratch. Came here to learn from others and get ahead in college and work.
Hobbies hmm, we have a one year old so time for hobbies has really gone out the window, but recently started cycling a bit to de-stress and bouldering which are both great for the head. Swimming is next on the list I can't do two lengths.
Thanks everyone


Hello there, I'm Thomas 👋

I've followed dev.to twitter account for some time now but I've never taken the leap to sign up in here.
My co-worker @nickytonline is always telling me about this awesome community and I thought I could help and bring some positive things as well, especially now the codebase is open source.

Aside from coding, I like fishing. I find it very relaxing and helps me recharge away from the screen.

Have a wonderful day,


Noice. Cool that you finally joined. I think @ben and his crew may have a few issues in the recently open sourced dev.to repo if at some point you want to tackle one 😉


Hello. Who would have thought there was a sort of twitter thing for devs? Like reddit/programming and twitter had a facebook baby. I showed up because I heard this site went open source.

I've just been going on news.ycombinator.com to get my dev news for the past few months, maybe dev.to will be good as well.

Non-coding hobby: video games, podcasting


Hello everyone, I'm Jose. I've been doing web dev for a year now, jump from full stack, to front-end recently, and also I'm learning to build REST API's with node.js and express. My non-coding hobby by far, is watch Anime and also games. Get here after reading couple interesting articles.


Hi everyone, Abderrazzak from Morocco, I am an aspiring android and front end developer, I want to be the kind of code-guy that designers love to work with if I dont become a designer myself. Some interesting facts about me include: I speak four languages (Arabic, French, English and another one that you arent probably familiar with, called Berber or Amazigh language lmgtfy.com/?q=Berber+language ). Another fact is that I only had access to internet less than two years ago (Morocco still is a third country), but I am already sick of consuming, I would like to create and build something that can be valuable. I watch some Anime and I love kevin Hart. Would have liked to write more about myself .. but less is more ... I am always open to questions and also if you want to help me please fell free to do it.


Hey everyone!

I'm Ishan and I'm from India. I'm 17, currently in my senior year of high school. I've had the good fortune of bagging an internship at a local EduTech company. I work with Python, Django, OpenCV, Vue and Electron.

However, I have a terrible work ethic and am horribly disorganized. I'm hoping to improve myself in those regards and make some dev buddies along the way.

I'm a huge fan of alt-rock music, dreampop and shoegaze. In my spare time, I like to read. Right now, I'm reading Jack Kerouac's On The Road, and loving every line of it.

I also love to watch movies and anime. I like movies like Ruby Sparks, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Scott Pilgrim V/s The World.

I hope we'll all get along well! Cheers!


Hiya, I'm Konrad and I've been learning web development since nearly two years focusing mainly on front-end and computer science theory and history. I'm looking forward to get some good insights on how to land your first full time job and do the stuff I love for more than just in my spare time.

Oh and also I love to play all kinds of guitars.


Hello Konrad! Welcome to the community. You're gonna learn so much from the community and hopefully you could teach some of us how to play guitar.


Greetings Everyone!

My name is Ryan and I have started a new career on the path of web development after teaching chemistry for almost ten years. I am currently part of the Grow with Google Scholarship which is hosted by Udacity and I am about to finish the frontend development program soon and will be starting the Computer Science/Fullstack Web program with Lambda School at the end of this month. I am interested in aspects of all languages, however, my current focus is centered on JavaScript and its frameworks. I also have an affinity for aspects of deep learning and artificial intelligence topics as well. I found my way here from the trending repositories section on GitHub and immediately it caught my attention. As a person currently in a career change to this sector of work, I am honestly quite nervous and looking for advice and wisdom from members of the community - and I just can tell right from the start that this community is going to be the place for me to find such advice without worrying about how long I have been developing for or how I learned to develop. I look forward to meeting and learning from everyone!


Hi Ryan, Welcome to the community. We all strive to build the most welcoming, helpful community, so I hope/think you'll feel right at home here :).


Hi all, I'm Keenan. I'm currently a little over 1.5 years out of school for CS & IT, and over a year into my first grown up job at a large company. I'm currently in a rotation program that allows me to switch roles every six months or so, to help with my personal development and find my niche. I also like to fiddle with home automation, so you'll hopefully be seeing a few Home Assistant posts from me as I learn the ropes.

Favorite non-coding hobby is probably flying drones, even though I'm taking a bit of a hiatus at the moment due to my last one getting munched on by a dog. Happy to be here!


Hi all! I'm Rebecca, I'm a Javascript engineer. At work, I build React Native mobile apps, and in my own time I build full stack React web apps, and I'm learning Swift for iOS. When I'm not coding, I like to read, rock climb, weight lift, and toy around with the Raspberry Pi. I made the career switch to software a year ago, so I'm still learning a lot, and loving every second of it!


@Everyone, I'm Kamal, currently working as Software Architect in a startup based on Bangalore. I mostly work with Node.js and other stuffs which basically uses JavaScript. I love programming. I read an interesting article here, so just thought joining here to keep myself up-to-date and keep learning new things happening around. I love cooking and travelling. Please do feel free to ask me doubts about coding or cooking(may be co*ing).


Hey. My name's Julian. I'm a newbie, currently enrolled in Udacity's Front End Nanodegree program through their partnership with Google, and also enrolled at Flatiron School. Happy to be here!


Hello! I'm Erick, I'm currently a Swift developer, I ended here because a recommendation from a Friend, I'm currently trying to catch up with the new stuff in JS (I hated JS), I'm a little more experienced in Ruby, what I'm aiming right now is to improve my code and learn about the new practices in coding, my favorite non-coding hobby is playing the guitar in fact I'm a studio session player, so I've fun sometimes on gigs and stuff like that.

Hope to see you all on the boards



Hello everyone, I'm Julz. I'm a Web Developer and Project Manager based in Cape Town. I came across ThePracticalDev on twitter a while back and love how the posts are often concise and well broken down - great for learning and refreshing on concepts!
My fav non-coding hobby is road tripping.


Hello everyone, I'm Sarthak. I have been programming since past one year. I am here to learn, grow and contribute. I am currently into Data Analysis.I love to code in Python, but I do carry knowledge of R and Java.

My Hobbies are playing chess and poker.



I used to play chess too many years ago and I really loved it! Unfortunately now I've lost most of it, but I'm pondering about getting back to it some day.


Heyo, I'm Patriks. I'm a programming student working part time as a machine learning engineer. Two years ago, in my first inernship, i discovered how litte i know and have been trying to connect up the dots ever since. I hope to hear some stories how people manage to make a a practical difference to the world and not go crazy/burned out.
I'm an avid backpacker and gamer. My favourite band is fugazi.


We all hit that point when we realize how much we have to learn! I think for me was around the time I started interviewing for my first internship.


Hi Everyone!
I'm Shyam from Nepal and I'm super excited to join the Dev.to community. I think this is the first dev community I have ever joined. I used to read the posts from the fellow devs in dev.to and they all felt very positive and encouraging. I have found that the altogether vibe of the community is inclusive and I'm so glad to be a part of the team.
Hope I can contribute to the community in every possible way.
Have a great day/night wherever you are!


Hi everyone, I'm Rully Ramanda, a software engineer, i know dev.to for quite some time, but just tried signed in right now. My favorite programming languages are python and javascript, although i like to explore the other languages as well. For non-coding hobbies i like gaming (i play DotA 2 too :-D), music, reading etc.


Hey there I am Jens. In the dev business since 1995 (yes, you read that correct). I like inline skating, coding and listening to electronic music (mainly).
I am curios what I experience in this community.


Hi everyone, I'm Talut Tasgiran. I'm currently working at mobile software company in Turkey. I'm developing React-Native apps. Also I'm sharing RN packages & other type packages as open source on github.com/talut

I really enjoying reading new tech news & language news etc. Also I'm always trying new things about coding & developing.

My favorite non-coding hobby is reading philosophy books. (existentialism is my favorite subject)

I'm found here from Github explore.

Have a good day all of you. Greetings from Turkey/Ankara :)


Hey all, I'm Zain. I'm an experienced developer primarily focused on front-end technologies for most of my career but never shy away from backend work. Especially a fan of JS for both ends.

I'm looking forward to learning new things and contributing as much as I can to the community. This seems like a great place and I've been having a blast since I joined.


Hello, I'm Chrissy, I'm a UX Engineer from Glasgow, Scotland. I've been in the industry for 6 years, starting as a web designer before becoming more focused on researching and experimenting with UX/UI.

In my spare time, I climb the mountains of Scotland, take photographs and mountain bike.


Hey, I’m Amanda! Currently I’m re-teaching myself HTML & CSS. I took a class and learned the basics about 2 years ago but decided to restart with Codecademy, my notes, and the internet in order to build my website. I’m a Multimedia Artist but really like logo design and branding. Still trying to break into the industry though le sigh
Any tips and tricks for beginners will be greatly appreciated!


Oh, and my favorite non-coding hobby might be listening to podcasts (is that a hobby?)


Hello everyone, I'm Bijay. I am a python enthusiast, just getting into the world of python. Devops, Machine Learning and Networking are the topics that I am currently looking into along with django framework for web development.
My favorite kind of music is classical music specially of Beethoven and Debussy. Hope to expand my knowledge in this realm and thank you everyone for sharing the experiences, advices, tips and many more. Looking forward to talking with you all. :)


allo! I'm Kritner, I don't know what this site is, saw a link on the coding blocks podcast slack.

I'm a full stack dev, recently working on backend c# code mostly. Working with dotnet core, crypto testing, and looking to expand my knowledge and help others! I'm poking around docker (kritner.com is hosted via docker on my homelab), as well as seeing if Orleans is something I could utilize to distribute long running CPU bound code.

Recently became a dad (2 years ago already?!), and I started keto about 4 weeks ago w/ my wife, to help support her, and in hopes I'll see my abs again (i started working on my dad bod about a decade ago). I don't have time for much else at the moment, but do thoroughly enjoy learning new things, gaming, jogging, cooking, reading.



(Listen "two steps from hell - Impossible" while reading my intro because its boring!!)

Hi everyone, I'm Saurabh, I'm an Electrical Engineer (by accident) but now making small stuff online (by choice) - like ThemesFor.App, Engigogo, and QDONOW. Nowadays I spend most of my time to develop small tools, watching One piece and learning AI.


Hi everyone, I'm Eli. I've been in the industry for a little under 4 years and I'm currently a release engineer at Docker.

Currently I"m interested in getting better at Go and learning Linux internals better.

Fun fact about me, I started coding through Minecraft plugin develop. RIP Bukkit.


Hellooo! My name is Tony. I am a Full Stack Developer based in the Washington D.C. metro area. I am here because I have come to learn dev.to is now open sourced and that makes my heart smile. Most of all, I am looking forward to learning from everyone! I would have to say my favorite hobbies out side of coding would include anything related to family, wine, street tacos and metaphysics 👁


G'day! Hi y'all I'm Sergio I'm a techy guy from Sydney, PHP and Python developer who is trying to move to the devops world. I came here following a trail of crumbs about Event Sourcing. I'm far from being an expert but if there's anything that I can help anyone with I'll give my best. Thanks a lot for all the super useful content you all share here.


Welcome, Sergio! You might enjoy browsing the (all-time) most popular articles submitted to #devops. You can check them all out here: dev.to/t/devops/top/infinity


Hello there, my name is Greg. I've been invited here by Deji Adesoga who has also helped me promote my react tutorial website. I am known as JavaScript Teacher on Twitter and Medium. I update my GitHub daily with pretty much everything I craft in the waking life, from new tutorial drafts, and new visual diagrams to source code and home brew coding projects I am working on. I've been programming in JavaScript since Netscape Navigator days. I am a writer at Learning Curve Books education company focused on visual tutorials. Anyways, just wanted to post a brief introduction. Hope to contribute to this community in any way I can :)


Hello everyone, My name is Karan. I am from Nepal. I am 26. Currently, I am working on the Salesforce platform and before that I worked on big data for a year.
I am currently trying to be a full stack developer and develop some amazing projects.

I spend most of my time on my laptop and when I don't it means either I am sleeping or I am reading a book (though I watch Impractical Jokers and play Clash Royale on my mobile as well [only when I am bored]).

I also read and practice Mathematics and find Mathematics very very beautiful. I will be joining Masters soon.

I have a 9 to 6 job, so I spend most of my time in my office.

I found this website in hacker news and I am liking it a lot.

I am hoping to meet new people and learn new things.


Hello everyone, I'm Tom. I just saw the latest "State of the Web" video featuring Jess and Ben. They did a good job describing this community, so much that they made me join it :)

I work as a professional Web developer, mostly on React, Node.js, and Vue.

Cheers to all volley-ball players out there, either for competition or just for fun !


Hello everyone, I have been a full stack JS Dev since about 2012. Before that I was a contract game Dev working in unity3d, and C#. Now, I work as a tech lead for an ionic project, mostly managing other developers. I don't get to program as much as I like, but it's still great to be in the thick of things, and help out my devs when they need it.

I joined dev.to mostly because I have been enjoying the content everyone makes and wanted to be a part of the community.

For the non-coding hobby it used to be video games, but now it's helping my autistic son learn to talk.


Hi Everyone, I'm Alex, I finished bootcamp(full stack in .Net)about a year ago. I'm from Fort Lauderdale and looking for traineeship in the area. I want to be an expert in JS (JS is the future). I feel comfortble with HTML, CSS, SQL, and working knowledge in C#. Main goals is to be a full stack in .NET(Web App).

I have a background in Network technician, and I love playing basketball and softball as a hobby.

I look forward to reading some more articles


Hey everyone!

I am slowly learning webdev in my free time and would love to transition into a developer role one day.

I used to blog about iPhone apps and games as well as Jailbreak tweaks. I also ran a Jailbreak news podcast for a while, which is sort of what got me into webdev.

After using WordPress for a while I began to crave more. A friend turned me on to jekyll and I’ve been playing around with it since.

Currently trying to focus on the basics and get a good foundation with semantic HTML5 and CSS3, then I plan on moving to SAAS/ SCSS then move on to JavaScript (which confuses the F out of me).


Hello everyone, I'm Ilyas,I'm currently working as an API Specialist and I'm Google Apigee certified API Engineer, but I like to call myself a FullStack Developer. I love NodeJS and everything it brought to us. Apart from my office hours, I do some freelancing. The reason of being here is to simply be in touch with people who love technology :). Other than work, i listen to music and go out with my friends.


Hi all, I'm Lon. I write mostly Javascript, but recently I've been getting my hands dirty with a bit of Go. So I'd love to learn a lot of more on that. I was referred here by one of my mentors. Cheers!


Heeeelloooo!!!. I'm Juan Manuel, from Madrid(Spain). I'm a middle aged man who wouldn't like to get lost in this incredible era full of technology. This is the reason I have come here. I'd like be in contact with people related with IOT, SOAP/Rest service, Big Data, etc ...
Among my hobbies, I try to improve my English (apologies for my mistakes) and run (have just begun a planning to be in shape)


Hello, My name's Ogechi and I am aspiring (floundering) front-end/UI developer. I got an newsletter from Codrops. I am good with HTML5/CSS3, but I'm having a hard time getting JS to stick. I am currently working on a P1XT-inspired coding guide (I hope it works). Besides coding, I love cooking, baking, listening to podcasts, kickboxing, and reading.



Hi everyone.

Im Levi, from Venezuela. I'm Director of Engineering at MO.

Have more than 13k rep on stackoverflow. I love to try help others because there is not any better way to learn than teaching.

I already created my first post, you can check it out. Try to teach other about my experience building platforms from scratch and obviously learn from others. This is such amazing community.

This is my personal blog. You can find articles about python, django, etc.

Main techs:

AWS (ton of them)
devOps (in general)

What's your favorite non-coding hobby? Swimming.




A buddy sent me the Open Source announcement, congrats dev.to!

I am trying to learn some new languages, my dev background is web HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and now I have tried: Bash, Rust, Python2/3 (PI), C++ (Arduino), Docker and converted fully to Linux. I do have interest in learning about WASM, especially with Rust (I found rust hard but very satisfying when Rustc compiles). Currently I am taking a stab at GraphQL and building a personal development environment via docker. I still have a desire to stay with JavaScript in some way as the ECMAScript changes have been really exciting and I enjoy watching the language and community grow. That's why I decided to try Rust, the community is so talented, helpful and humble; all while some very exciting things happening within the Rust ecosystem.

When I am not coding, I am playing guitar, gaming (DotA2 - I am not good at it though) or BBQ'ing.



Hi All !

I'm Diego and I'm from Argentina. I've been developing for 6 years in PHP and JS with MySQL databases. I have three years of experience in AWS production services and I apply to the AWS Solutions Architect Associate this June.

What I see in my roadmap is putting a strong work in learning more about devops, already use Jenkins, Ansible but I wanna know more about Python scripting(just a beginner now), dockers, etc. For the other part I wanna start sharing thoughts with others in the fields and experience about the different situations that we afront every day in our jobs.

Also i'm starting as digital nomad too.

Happy to help every time that I can, I runned a free workshop in my city about AWS Architecture, with uptime as the objetice(balancers, scalability and more) and I'm thinking to do more around the globe.

Regards !


Hello everyone!

My name is Kevin. I am currently in the Navy and am transitioning out in July of 2019. I've always been interested in coding and knew that it was something I'd like to pursue after my time in the military. I've recently began to learn how to code and am applying for the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy next March for Cloud Application Development. I joined dev.to to soak in as much as I can as I learn and study for the MSSA program next march. So far I'm loving all the articles I've read and am excited to see the amount of support that the programming community has!


Hello there, I'm Caidan. I am currently working as a Software Engineer, writing coding and redefining the development environment. I am here to learn more about game dev, read more tech news, and hopefully find like minded people to further expand my social network. I hope to find people interested in the same fields as I am, and to one day aggregate a passionate and well rounded group of coders, artists, modders, hackers, DIYers, micro-electronists, and other tech enthusiasts.


Hi Everybody, Im Jarret currently teaching 3rd grade math and science. Also currently spending every waking moment trying to learn how to code so I can stop teaching 3rd grade math and science. The amount of free coding resources is staggering, codeacademy,freecodecamp,codewars(I love the game, and figure it out yourself model..but its not easy for someone with no experience) etc. Anyways doing a little bit of everything excited to join the community! Cheers!


Welcome Jarret! As a largely self taught dev who has been through a career change later in life, I would encourage you to take your desire to move into a software field and be willing to take some bold steps.

Yes there are lots of great resources on the web and in print to give the self-motivated access to lots of good tools to learn, but at some point you will find yourself looking at the career change part of the journey. You can do it sir.

Be willing to dive in somewhere and level up on the job. There are lots of folks who are willing to hire a great learner faster than a person who 'knows it all' already.

Best of luck sir.


Thanks for the encouragement, I know I will be able to find a place, eventually. :)


Hello, I’m Humphrey. I discovered dev.to after stumbling upon a twitter profile. I’ve loved some of the articles here so I decided to join. I was recently introduced to Ruby (Rails) and ReactJS. I want to learn more about them in-depth especially React. My non-coding hobbies are designing (graphic, UI), reading, and bing-watching tv series.


Hi beautiful people. My name is Jack Harner. I'm a web designer based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico (Yes it is a US State, no I can't hook you up with any Blue Sky). I specialize in developing custom WordPress solutions, however I'm currently learning to work with a lot more than just WordPress: Node, React, & Laravel to name a few. My design company is Harner Designs.

Programming for me is all about the problem solving. I've got an issue that needs solving, so I figure out how to do it, and then execute. I'm super lazy, but I think that makes the best coders. I'd rather do things as simply as possible. I developed the Material Palette Extension simply because I got tired of digging through the Google Material Design docs to get a color code.


Hi, my name is Ezequiel, i’m 22 and i’m from Argentina. I study software engenering at Universidad Nacional de La Patagonia. I found this page on facebook ads and liked so much the articles. But after reading the comments and getting to know the awesome people that write them i decided to join!
I love computers, i still remember the day my parents bough our first pc , i was 3 years old but i can remember it so clear. I felt something magical when i started playing with it. It was like the tv but i was actully im control of what i was looking and i just couldnt believe it.
19 years have passed since then and i still feel that magic when i touch a pc, even when i got to know them so well, they always have something hidden and ready to be learned about.
I got to love this machines and what they can do so much, that i decided to dedicate my life to them. From learning how they work and lesrning what can i do with them, i’ve learned to programm, edit videos, make videogames and so much more. When i was a kid i was as sure as now that computers and their mysteries are my passion and are the driving force of my every day work


Hi all!! Im Saman, a dotnet dev thats doing everything i can to keep my javascript sharp. I've been hanging out for a bit, its time to make an account and join the conversation : )
Outside of work I like rock climbing and fighting games (street fighter, marvel)


Hey Guys,

I am Sahil Gupta. I have been into Software engineering from past 7 years.

Love to read tech blogs, listen to podcast and watch tech talks

1) If we want to be a great developer, we should understand the problems well before jumping on to solutions.
2) Humbleness leads you to become teachable at any age of your life (experienced it)


Hi everyone! I'm Rahul. I'm currently trying to learn more about web dev and machine learning. My favorite non-coding hobby is playing the guitar. \m/


Hello I am Adelphe,

I was looking any ways and means to start working on Saas applications using Ruby on Rails , my researches have led me in this community.
I am very happy to be here and to start this journey with you.
by the way i am from Congo Brazzaville. Anyone knows where it is ? i guess no ! I need to fall in love with Rails and i know i will.cheers !


Hi here!

I'm a backend developer mostly in coding in PHP/MySQL and I work for Orange.
I heard about you through reddit and feedly and it seems to be a good place to learn.
I'm interested in languages like PHP, Python & Go, and I'm very focused in cross-skills like continuous integration, devops, software craftmanship...

Linux is my home and I'm a CLI lover.