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dev.to staff on March 18, 2019

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Hi everyone!,
Just starting out my programming journey. I enjoy working with JavaScript, but I am up for learning anything. Excited to contribute to this awesome community.


I think the only person who tagged as an attachment


Hello everyone,

I’m Mina, a Java developer turned C# developer. Although I’m a senior at my work, I still feel like there’s so much to learn. I think that’s the beauty of programming — constant learning.

I also blog on my spare time and am learning React natve. I’ve always dreamed of publishing an app but never really got around to it. I now focus more on writing on my blog (craftedserendipity.com) and programming.

My manager sent me an article from dev.to about code reviews. It piqued my interest so much that I decided to join the community.

Excited to learn from passionate, like-minded people, and to contribute my ideas and experiences to the community. :)


Mina Opada
hi ..
how to create oop in Lua-language


Hi Khairi, unfortunately, I have not tried programming in Lua yet. But, object-oriented programming is a type of programming design. It's kind of based on what the language is catered to.

So, in OOP, we can create classes and relate them to real-world entities. That is okay for, say, Java or C#. But in C, we can't do that because C language doesn't have classes.

Maybe you can apply the OOP Concepts in Lua language. These concepts include polymorphism, encapsulation, etc. Click here for more information on OOP. :)


Hi-ya everyone! My name's Spencer and I mostly do [ actually only do, really ] Javascript stuff. I'm currently trying to learn backend stuff as I've really only ever done things with frontend code. My favorite frontend framework has to be Vue.js, and I'm excited to learn GraphQL.

I came to DEV.to after finding it either through Twitter or Product Hunt, I forget which. The design of the website stood out to me though, and the community here seems great! So, yeah... Here I am :)


Excellent to start with GraphQL (for me) it was with Gatsby. Vue is excellent FED i love it, especially Nuxtify ;)

BED always come with Linux administration, so welcome to the club ;)



Hi everyone,
I'm Helen and i'm a junior dev in JS in a french start'up. I'm working on React (I tried vuejs too but I felt in love with react). I finished school in november 2018 so I've got lots of stuff to learn, discover... I'm enjoying my new work (I was a comics bookseller for 5 years) and I discover Dev.to on march 8th for International Women's day with "Nevertheless she coded".
I'm really happy to discover this community :)


Hi everyone, I'm Chris. I've been doing front end development for a long time, focused more on HTML/CSS/jQuery, with a little backend dev, a little UX and a little mobile app development thrown in. I've specialized in creating accessible sites lately, learned a lot about the WCAG 2.X guidelines.

I recently found this site through a couple of developers that I followed on Twitter. My coworkers mostly use Microsoft Teams to communicate.


Hi, Chris! I've been trying to wrangle better accessibility into our 25,000 pages and our content management system. So far, it's been winning, but progress is happening.


Hey there! I prefer messaging people, but I always intend for the messages to be asynchronous. We as a team strive for async communication, and no one is expected to respond immediately. It's a great way to stay focused and get things done, while talking with one another when needed.


But it sure sounds interesting!

I had not heard of async communication before.


Hey, my name is Cedric. I was brought here from Twitter after doing a follow blitz of developers (Ali Spittel, Ire Aderinokun, and Sara Soueidan just to name a few). I wanted another avenue to learn from like-minded individuals beyond my job. I currently acquired a Javascript cert. after only having working experience with it and jQuery for 9 years.

My coworkers mostly communicate in person and on slack. Majority of our conversations involves who's buying the office cookies next and funny gifs.


Haha I was also brought here on a Twitter follow blitz. I'm Wiley. JavaScript nerd currently selling my time to a small company in Colorado.


Hey :)
Am Sara, i came in here after reading a lot of informative articles that was published here and shared on twitter, and decided to make my blog and share my Journey too.
I have just started working Professionally as a Software developer three months ago.
So its overwhelming a lot of times, and one needs such incredible community to keep going :D


Hey I am Suren... a software developer from Sri Lanka. I have worked with Java and PHP in the past but now doing Python and Javascript development mostly. Still learning those, thought I will check out Dev.to after listening to dev.to creator on product hunt podcast. Excited to be here and meet you all.


Hello world! :-)

I'm a Web/iOS developer and up-and-coming data scientist wrapping up my M.S. in Data Science in 7 weeks! I love a cross-section of software from FP in Swift to computer vision work with deep learning. I work often in the web space and love teaching! My friend Jake Dohm said I should join the community so here I am! I have worked at the same company RoleModel Software for over six years while I've been in school.

I am excited to share things I'm learning with others and look forward to learning from you all.


Welcome! Are you related to Anthony DiLorenzo, the composer?


No, sorry. I do play the Piano, Accordion, and Alto Sax though... :-)


Hellooo :)

I've been a software engineer for over 14 years, focusing on javascript for a little over 10 years now. I've also recently become a Pluralsight author. I'm joining Dev.to so that I can get some technical content out there, and hopefully help someone with a problem they're trying to solve, just like so many articles out there have helped me get to where I am today. I'd love to write more articles about things that I'm working on, and I really like reading content on dev.to.


Hi everyone, I'm Stephanie, I'm a UX designer and mobile expert in Luxembourg, I also teach and talk at conferences.
I don't code that much anymore but I still like to keep up with what's going on in JS, HTML and CSS. I read a few articles on this site and decided to create an account :)
I'm currently learning the basics of swift with the apple playground app and I have to say, it's a nice and fun way to learn.


Hi, everyone.

I'm Al (that's with an L, as in AL, not an I as in Artificial Intelligence). What brought me here was Opera Developer. I switch browsers monthly so I can experience each one as a heavy user. Opera is using Chromium so it's not all that far from Chrome (or soon, Microsoft Edge). Next month it's Safari's turn.

I'm a web developer with a fairly large local government in the US. In my spare time I teach a front-end class at a college, volunteer with Red Cross Disaster IT, volunteer with Creative Mornings breakfast lectures, and try to keep my son from overthrowing the world.



I wanted to take my career into another level after I got inspired from many articles written on this community. And hopefully one day I can also share something that can contribute to others specially on this community.

So yeah hope everyone is doing great and having fun! See yah! :)



I am new to programming (2-3 months) and looking for a home. My 12-week code boot camp is nearly over. It gave me a handle on the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Linux, and PHPMyAdmin/MySQL. Currently, I am trying to learn Bootstrap to help me in the front-end (I'm terrible at design). I want to learn a library and a framework. My next programming language is Python, I hope!


GM! Anthony D. Mays here, Software Engineer @ Google and programmer with 18 years of experience specializing in web technologies (formerly Microsoft stack, now Angular, React, blah, blah).

Also, helping to build a more representative and inclusive tech world by by providing technical interview resources and consulting with companies/non-profits. Stop by my website for tips if you need 'em (amays.me/interview-tips).

Fun fact: I am legit straight outta Compton and was featured in a BuzzFeed video last year (amays.me/buzzfeed).


Hello, looking to pick up some new practices that can be used for various forms of system development. This is with a goal of towards a move from old school sysadmin to devops by simplifying scripts and configs.

I have done some python and bash which I have running on a day by day basis. Dipped my toes in Docker, Swarm, LXC & Kubernetes and a little bit of Golang.

I need to get proficient at development. I've been following Dev on Twitter for sometime. I thought I'd actually use it as my daily news feed now.

So hello... any pointers or advice would be great.


Hi to all the community!
I came here after reading someone post in LinkedIn about this new community. I'm primarily a mobile developer (Flutter, iOs, Android) but also a try-to backend and web developer for need in some project I follow.

I love to communicate in person with people because it gives space to creativity, but chat and email are irreplaceable for fast collaboration.


the awesome book-memes brought me to the dev-community of twitter where I found some great articles. And now I'm working on some projects for the Uni and thinking about sharing my knowledge about netkit and stuff (via an article maybe?) cause I had a hard time figuring out how that works and think that it shouldn't be the standard.


Hello programmers!.

I am Prashant Yadav javascript enthusiast, Founder, and Writer at learnersbucket.com. I continuously learn about javascript, its frameworks, and libraries and share what I have learned with the community.


Hello everyone!
My name is Emura Daisuke.
I am interested in new technologies and algorithms.
By sharing my ideas with everyone, I want to learn many things from everyone.

The first idea Hayate-Shiki is a sorting algorithm .
If you are interested, please take a look.


Hi everyone,

my name is Georg. I am a career changer and I would call myself a "part time" web-developer. One part of my job is to create websites (mostly in WordPress). But I also work with other CMS like Adobe Experience Manager (I just do the content management, not the programming). I started with HTML, CSS, SCSS...and some JavaScript. I haven't graduated from high school or university and had the first 30 years of my life nothing to do with programming or computer specific topics. Therefore I feel like I sometimes need a little longer to understand certain concepts. :-)

For me, programming is fun and I am always curious about new things. #JavaScript and #NodeJS are my main topics at the moment.

I like a lot of posts here on DEV. That's why I am here. I am more likely a reader/consumer than a writer, maybe it's because english is not my native language (obviously). But I like to share good content and who knows, maybe someday I will write a useful article too. ;-)

Nice to be here...


Hello people!
After working as a crew member on cruise ships for 10 years, i ventured myself into programming since '17, i'm in love with JS mainly (React, Vue) but i also had my summers of love with Django and Php, currently i am struggling with React Native, reason which made like Flutter even more.
I am glad i found this site.


Hi! everyone,

I'm David from Mexico city. I studied Communication Science and became over the years more interested in Software development. I have worked for 10 years in the e-learning industry.

I enjoy writting things in Python, Javascript and Php, in a more functional way. I like Functional Programming alot.

Currently, i'm trying to learn about reactive programming and the common design ideas that we can find between OO and Functional programming styles. Also i find OO Design Patterns a very interesting topic.

I spend time in self-paced learning things about NodeJs, React, GraphQL and Django.

I'm really happy to join this awesome community.


Hi to all, i put this site to my personal array data, i found this somewhere on comments ;)...

Im a Full Stack Developer, love to work but always learning, im afraid to sleep cause something new will pass me by...

Linux 4ever, Python, JS(is)Awesome, Go...


Hey dev.to community 👋🏻 I was just looking at the Developer Avocados 🥑 newsletter - which linked to an article here. What a great corner of the internet 🌐

I'm a Creative Technologist at cxpartners - a user-centered design agency based in Bristol, London and Chicago. ❤️

I work with researchers, designers and developers to create prototypes that solve user needs.


Hello everyone 👋🏻,

I'm a 31 yo Italian living in London and I'm new to code.
About 4 months ago I started my journey to become a frontend developer.

Google brought me here as it knows me better than myself so I guess it knew this was a good thing for me. 😜

I'm currently learning and practising with HTML and CSS to build responsive websites and about two weeks ago I started to learn Javascript.
I'm learning one thing at the time, I want to have a good base before moving to learn frameworks for example or other things.

I am full off doubts about many things but I guess (I hope) it's normal in these early stages.

I'm sure I will learn more here with your help! ☺️


Hello , Everyone.
Started my journey about 2 yrs ago unfortunately lost hope and stopped studying , causing a major set back , im back and ready to learn so that i can get out of the food service industry. Any Advice? Specially on Studying, staying motivated and finding Projects.


Hey everyone,

I'm Steve, mainly been a .Net developer since finishing uni and recently started learning some JS frameworks to work alongside.

I have a bad habit of speaking to coworkers in person, but trying to be better about having those conversations over team chat so everyone's up to date.



Been an IT infrastructure person for a long, long time; a Service Manager now with a large Telco...

Got bitten by a bug to be a dev creating beautiful, useful apps & services.

Flutter, Firebase, Angular, Python, Django, a vast variety of intelligent APIs and cloud backends have all made it very attractive to jump right it!


Hi guys, my name is Darko, and previously I wrote my share of articles on Medium, but recently it started to annoy me with its limited read plans and I'm considering dev.to for my future dev articles. I'm currently mostly doing JavaScript, but I have xp in many many other things. Happy reading and coding!


Hallo, my name is Paolo.

I work on the front-end/design part and occasionally as full-stack developer.

Just brought here by twitter, it's really nice to see that there is another place where to share or to learn new, shiny stuff.



Hi all! I have been developing applications with Python, Django and JavaScript for some time now.I have just started learning ReactJs. I was looking for a great community to learn, share and contribute and I was introduced to dev.to. I'm exited to be here!!


Hey there! I always see these posts in Twitter and today I decided to join as a member instead an anonymus reader. I'm learning Angular, Go and Dart but also interested in AI.
I also like to blog in my native language - spanish -, but sometimes I feel the enthusiasm to write in English, so here i am!


Hi everyone!

Adrian here. I'm writing tools and .... more tools, for developers.
The latest one: a Full-Stack web app generator.
Basically, the developer receives a UI-Ready Web App in React, Vue.js bundled with Laravel, express or Flask in the backend.

I was writing this tool because @Github is full of starters with no support or usable UI-Kit.

Thank you! :)


Hey there! My name is Sanjeet and I'm a 17 year old maker and technology enthusiast, with a passion for design. Check out my Medium blog: medium.com/@thesanjeetc

I'm really excited to be part of such an amazing community... let's see where this goes!


Hi there,
I am Duc. I write software using .NET stack for 13+ years. Recently saw John Papa posted on the dev.to so I think it must be something cool. I checked out and wow I was bought in immediately.
Hopefully, I can give something to the community because it gives me too much. Over the years, I have built a good knowledge foundation about software design, OOP, architecture, ... things that make software better.


Hello everyone
I am Flora from Nigeria and I’m a beginner with no background knowledge of programming or software engineering. I want to learn all that I can to be a developer one day. I’d appreciate support from everyone

Im happy to be here


Hello() @Everybody
Well, as a junior software engineer I have still many knowledge gaps to fill. Especially I'm very interested in knowing more about the huge variety of language+frameworks for my pending personal small projects!


Welcome 👋 Roshak to dev.to~

You will see posts in variety of "languages+frameworks" under tags page.

Might be overwhelming initially but pick your poison~ :)


Hi all!

I'm Lisa, and I like to say that I came to tech "the long way round" (aka I graduated with a journalism major in 2010 -- bad idea). But I knew HTML and CSS and a smattering of Javascript, so I ended up going to grad school, studied user experience, and wound up being a front-end engineer.

I'm one of the founders of Sunshower.io, which is primarily written in Java and TypeScript (Aurelia for our JS framework). Our schtick is simple, reasonably priced (well, free, for now) cloud management and optimization.

Wound up getting back into Twitter lately and as a result stumbled upon dev.to!


Hello my Name Is Miguel.
I am a lover of javascript and I am taking my first steps in react Native.
I hope to learn among you and all my knowledge and wisdom will be at your entire disposal.
It is unplace to be part of this community.
Thank you


Hi Everyone,

I'm a Full-stack Developer and the Founder of Tueri.io

I started out writing pure HTML/CSS websites in notepad.exe more than 17 years ago (around the age of 12), progressing through PHP/MySQL, SQL Server, and made the transition to React/GraphQL a couple years ago.

It's amazing to see how far things have come since the early days and exciting to imagine where they are going!



Hello everybody -

I'm a senior level C# developer working for a manufacturing company (recently acquired by a large international conglomerate bent on conquering the data center hardware space). I have a BS in CS but most of what I use every day has been self-taught. I've been programming or decompiling something since 1984 - no card decks for me, but I've lived through modems, floppy disks and knowing everybody who works in every computer store in town...

I learned of this community when I landed on the "Functional fundamentals" series by DrBearhands here on Dev.to - great stuff, even though I have to read each post 3 or 4 times to fully grok the concepts :)

Glad to be here, and I hope to sharpen my blogging skills while I'm here!


Hi !
I'm a brand new member, a -still learning- Junior Fullstrack Js developer from Paris :)
I ended up here out of curiosity, I know nothing about Dev.to, but it looks cool so I wanted to join and contribute to the sweet DEV's community !
Hope I can learn and be inspired from you all :)

~In memes I trust~


Good Evening, Everyone. DevTo seems to be great, I will explore more on it. Any suggestions where to start? I am interested in front-end for most part, at the moment. But also, I am aiming to get more of my focus on back-end soon and then evolve into a full-stack specialist. Any word of advice here is much much welcomed!


👋Hi everyone!
Jumping back into the world of frontend development by building my site in WordPress. Love to talk about sketching, running, parenting. Looking forward to sharing and learning from everyone! 🤙🏾



Been an IT infrastructure person for a long, long time; a Service Manager now with a large Telco...

Got bitten by a bug to be a dev creating beautiful, useful apps & services.

Flutter, Firebase, Angular, Python, Django, a vast variety of intelligent APIs and cloud backends have all made it very attractive to jump right it!


HI! My name is Max (Not really) and I a furry, otaku, gamer and C# Programmer...
I do not know what to say about me, but I'm very nice so do not be afraid to talk to me! (Since it might happen otherwise ^ )


HELLO! I am fiasyo, i joined dev after a friend shared this in search of how to publish my code on net. In for learning i am quite familiar with html, css nd less of javascript but surely growing daily.


Hello everyone,

I'm a french ops guy (linux sysadmin), who can handle bash scripts (can we call it dev?), but didn't really write dev program from scratch. I can read and mix things when it comes to perl or javascript, but i think overall getting more skills in dev will help me in my day2day workjob.

One thing which i'm struggling right now, is that i'd like to move forward and change job, and getting more into the devop flow, but it's pretty hard, because in one hand i want to get more skill on dev, and in the other side i don't also want to get involved in a job where i won't progress on this topic.

I think overall, i really need to improve my skill on my own, maybe by working on own projects, or on underground project for my job.

Thing is, when it comes to personal project, i find it difficult, to get back to work again, after my workday, especially because of my wife and kids. But i guess, to be honest that this is an excuse, because afterall, kids or not, everyone have to put effort in it to get to the desired level.

Well, i guess starting right now is a good beginning, and i wish the journey for you guys will be as fine as possible.


Hey everyone
I'm James.
I see myself as a front end web developer in training,
at least for now. I'm currently learning Javascript, and working on some projects (though it hasn't been kind to me). I also have a passion for ui/ux designing. I hope to make some progress in my journey as a developer, and also to have some fun know this awesome and vibrant community


Hi everyone.
Glad to join and contribute to dev.to community.

I came here to share and learn from all the dev blog post, that's seems to be the right place :)

I wrote my first blog post about opensource.

And within 2-3 weeks, I expect to post a second one about Securing an API, which come from my first public talk

Hope you will enjoy,


Hi guys !,

First day in the community here. I predominantly do Javascript supported by Mongodb, Node.js and have washed my hands in React and Vue. I am also familiar with Java.
Looking forward to have many interesting discussions and interactions with the cool people here. Cheers!!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Muazzam and I am currently living in Tokyo, Japan. I am a self driven, self taught web developer and mostly working in PHP and JavaScript. I like to follow modern trends and try to improve how I do things.

Will be happy to share my knowledge and learning from you people.

I like to communicate in person with fellow PMs and for devs chat is the way to go ;)



Hey Everyone!
It's been 2 years since I started programming. I am a full-stack developer [Django, React]. I also do some React Native stuff. I was in devRant for a year and came across this community. Hoping to learn new things on this platform and meet new people.


Hey y'all,

My name is Yaser and I mostly do web stuff. I've had a heck of a journey from ASP Classic to Progressive Web Apps and WebAssembly, so I am so excited to learn and share here. I've been hearing about the platform for a while and was in a dilemma to join or not and finally decided to do it as I know quite a few amazing people who have started too.


Hi everyone. I followed a link on Twitter, that's why I'm here. 😁
I'm a javascript developer, very much interested in UI/UX design

Slack is definitely my preferred means of communication with my co-workers

And I am staying!


What's up?
I'm a full time industrial controls engineer! I live in a weird world outside of most development. I work with SCADA and Rockwell software ( pictured ) to run the conveyor of warehouses around the US.
Because I have a hardware fascination, most of my programming background lies in Arduino and Python. But I'm taking steps to learn some up and coming languages like emojicode


Hello everyone! I've been on this programming journey for nearly half a year now. I've been trying to improve mainly on my front-end skills currently like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and React. I am excited to learn and connect with like-minded people and this awesome community.

I recently found out about dev.to from Discord, Twitter, and Medium. Been going through tons of articles, so why not commit and contribute to this community.


Hello !

New here and looking for technical articles on different topics and a way to get rid of Medium.

The other thing I would love to be able to do is to log in with a mastodon account instead of twitter or/and github one.


Hello everyone,
Call me niki, i'm an amateur coder and programmer currently a year into my bachelor, living in windy New Zealand. Currently interested in webdev and software development, learning php, js and c#. Glad to be apart of an awesome community of people who think alike.


Hello all,
After reading allot of helpful articles on this website, i finally decided to give the community back. I am a Database Architect who designed numerous databases for medium to large scale applications. Now i will be writing articles to share my experiences and discussing the industry's best practices


Hello everyone,
I'm Charles from Nairobi, kenya. Just at the beginning of this year I started my hopefully long programming journey (self taught - youtube/udemy / stack overflow) like many others here. I am here to get learn best JavaScript practices and tricks .I am interested in fullstack JavaScript development.


Hello all,

My name is Chidimma. I'm a QA Engineer. I have done some java and javascript for building Automation frameworks.

Currently, I'm learning Python and trying to switch from being a QA to Software Developer/Engineer.

I learnt about this dev.to while working on Python challenges on edabit.


Right now, just trying to learn about Groovy (and consequently Java) simultaneously with getting on top of the Python toolchain glue I am using; and at the same time the C++ code I have to build. Docker and Jenkins are doing the lifting, so do fill me in on any link-in.


Hello everyone :)

Bio: I've been building tech for so long my fingerprints have worn off.

Man dancing

A couple of questions:

  • What's the best thing about dev.to?
  • What are some cool features?
  • Who are some cool people to follow?

Thank you


Hello All!!! My name is Ankit. I am a backend software engineer working with Java/J2EE technologies, beginning my journey in front end technology using Javascript and Angular. Excited and looking forward to be a part of this community.


Another one just starting... Praying to whatever god listening to me that i can make some extra money on the side after some java experience, maybe even release an app or game.

Anyway, i'm also decently informed about 3d printing. if this skill ever becomes necessary for someone here, just ask away



My name Faishal I from Indonesia, I'm a graduate from Bootcamp programming with major Fullstack Javascript. I'm now working as Backend Developer at Bagubagu Studio. My interest is Javascript, Angular, React, Vue, GraphQl and I want to learn flutter for mobile apps


Hi guys!

I'm Ben and I love muay thaï, didgeridoo and web development.
My favorite toy is currently the PHP framework Laravel, but I've also a deep love for Symfony.

I first came here looking for testers for an open source library I've posted recently, but I'm really happy to join the dev.to community.


Hey everyone :)

I'm just another JVM guy battling between Scala, Java, and whatever gets in the way. Probably the first functional programming moderated advocate you've met 😀.

Feel free to know me a bit better through my blog pedrorijo.com/


Hi! I'm a codaholic. I am learning python and JavaScript and Java. But I think that PY. IS THE BEST. So yeah! 😀

I learnt of Dev.to in my Google+ feed😂. I liked this for it helped me with some problems and opened my mind to different opportunities. THANK U


Hey everyone!

Decided to join to try and gain some more outreach by posting some material I can't me across on my journeys as a developer! Hope to provide some valuable content for people wanting to know about dotnet or all things frontend!


Howdy. I'm Zack. I love teaching people how to code as well as seeing other peoples' code to stay up to date. I have used a lot of languages, but I prefer C#. I have an open source project with examples and code useful for biginners and pros alike.

ZacharyPatten / Towel

Throw in the towel.


"It's a tough galaxy. If you want to survive, you've gotta know... where your towel is." - Ford Prefect

Towel is a C# .Net Standard libary intended to add much needed functionality that is missing in C# as well as redesign some aspects to bring the language up to modern standards.


Build Build Status

Many features are coded and working, but Towel is still in heavy development. It should be ready for its first release later this year.


Towel has fast generic mathematics functions.

Fundamental Operations

T Add<T>(T a, T b)
T Negate<T>(T a)
T Subtract<T>(T a, T b)
T Multiply<T>(T a, T b);
T Divide<T>(T a, T b);
T Modulo<T>(T a, T b);

Feel free to ask me questions. :)


Howdy. I'm Zack. I like to teach people how to code as well as see other peoples' work to stay up to date. I have used many languages, but I generally prefer C#.

I have an open source C# GitHub project with generic mathematics, data structures, algorithms, and more.

Feel free to ask me coding questions. :)

ZacharyPatten / Towel

Throw in the towel.


"It's a tough galaxy. If you want to survive, you've gotta know... where your towel is." - Ford Prefect

Towel is a C# .Net Standard libary intended to add much needed functionality that is missing in C# as well as redesign some aspects to bring the language up to modern standards.


Build Build Status

Many features are coded and working, but Towel is still in heavy development. It should be ready for its first release later this year.


Towel has fast generic mathematics functions.

Fundamental Operations

T Add<T>(T a, T b)
T Negate<T>(T a)
T Subtract<T>(T a, T b)
T Multiply<T>(T a, T b);
T Divide<T>(T a, T b);
T Modulo<T>(T a, T b);

Hey everyone,

I’m just a younger person who wants to conquer the programming and coding skills of the ancients talked of! I also want to become either a programmer or coder in the future as a courier job that is quite fun to me! If you can give me any device on good coding skills, i’d love to take that information into my brain and mush it all together into the rest of it!


Hi, my name is Darko, and I am working as Software developer since 2001., mainly in Visual Foxpro and SQL. Done also some Javascript (AngularJS) with Bootstrap.
Currently I am also using and learning Go, and looking for some project to contribute, and so better learn Go language.

In my spare time I have written this small Web app, for tracking expenses:
Here it is on Github:

I am also planing to create my Blog site, but somehow it is always not enough time for this. :)


Here a classical, senior, uncompleted web developer!
I work mainly with WordPress, Laravel, Vue.js, React, Ionic, mySql, Apache and Linux.
I love testing and learning new things.
I found Dev.to looking for infi about PWA.
I hope to learn and help you all as much as possible! =)


Hello everyone,
I am a solutions consultant working with C#, JavaScript and Angular in my day job and NativeScript and Vue enthusiast while I am off work. Excited to participate and contribute with community.


Hello everyone. I want to connect with people here. I love to learn and im hoping that joining this community will help me to do so. I would like to contribute too as much as i can. Im a self taught programmer in java and would like some advice on how i can attract potential employers without a computer science degree. Entry level java developer opportunity would be great. Thanks everyone!


Hey Everyone!

Been developing in Html/CSS/JS predominantly in WordPress for around 3 years but have done other little projects too.

I've been on Devrant and /r/webdev for a while but this site looks very interesting. I plan to contribute to the discussion where I can.


Hello everyone 😊

I'm Kelsey, a new mom to my miracle baby, learning to code in between naps/bedtime and working towards becoming an Android Developer.

I found my way here through reading KatieofCode's post Neverthelessicode after going on a following spree of other people in dev/programming/tech world.

I'm currently taking the #developcamp by Moms CAN:Code where I'm learning the basics of web development and how to prepare myself for remote work. I'm also taking an Android Development Bootcamp.

I plan on finishing my Android Developer Nanodegree through Udacity & Google, and testing to be certified as a Junior Android Developer by Google. I also plan to obtain an online bachelors degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Mobile&Web Development.

I'm pursuing this path after realizing how much I love coding, the kind/considerate community, and my desire to support my family so we can all have a brighter future.

My preferred method of communication is through some variation of text. I have severe social anxiety so in-person meetings make me quite anxious, although I will participate if needed, my cheeks will just be red and I'll be a bit shy. 😅



I am a full stack web developer who loves universal javascript and single language development stacks! I have been writing node apps for quite a while now and love to create random tools for my own processes and interests.

I came here via a colleague's post and decided to join in on the conversation. This place is refreshing!

I've been working in Portland, Oregon as a polyglot jack of all trades and otherwise completely malleable full stack developer.

Short bio:

Began writing poems at the age of 12 in 1999.
Started writing code two years later in 2001.
Schooled for 8 years between 2002-2010.
Worked at a web development agency in 2010.
Worked at a SAAS application company in 2012.
Freelanced full time and went traveling in 2014.
Dedicated life to Open Source software in 2016.
Worked at a digital media publication in 2018.

Aaaaaaannnnddddd now I'm back to freelancing. It's a wild world of rapid and constant change out there, friends! Let's chat about all the things!


Hello everyone!
i am Umer rajpoot, a php developer. i am specialized in codeigniter MVC architecture, Wordpress customization and development and have been doing this since 3 years, Just getting started here, hope it'll be a great time i'll have here. Thank you


Hi all!

I am Marko, an enthusiast of Google Apps Script (and anything related to Google APIs) and now diving full-body into PWAs' wonderland!

By now I am a freelance programmer in my spare time, a paid hobby since I make by times some projects for enterprises and no-profit, but is many years I am thinking (read: dreaming) to become a full-time developer.

But I am rather hesitant (read: scared) to do "the jump" because I have economical responsibility on my family and I have an inferiority complex to real developers since I have no formal education, almost all self-taught, forged in stackoverflow.

Here is a PWA project I created lately and mantain for a latvian no-profit kek.lv/app . I would be glad to know your comments about it, and avid for suggestions (employers: I'm all yours!).

Thanks for dev.to, I discovered this awesome community only lately, but is becoming a regular source of tasty knowledge!


Hey Everyone,

Names Dave, I'm a freelance developer whom, recently got Googles Associate Android Developer Certificate. I still feel pretty new to professional developing, so I thought to enhance my skills that I would start blogging about my developer experiences. If I make any mistakes feel free to help me out, and pointing me to some sources.

Nice to meet you all!


Hi! I wandered here from github :)
I like to talk personally or by chat for convenience, but I have no special preferences, for in-depth topics I prefer email/phone if personal contact is not available.
I have been studying electrical engineering and struggling with the world of IT, even though I am as the same age as PCs, my coding skill is in need of serious re-learning. I love the demoscene and electronic music and plan to get deeper into gamedev/digital arts.


Hi all, just found dev.to and am eager to see what you're all up to. I've been into technology most of my life, but only got into developing around 10 years ago. Still very much a hobbyist, as I've only worked in a research centre before, never for a commercial company. I have my Java SE6 cert, and tinker with Android & (recently) iOS.


Hello all!

A bit about me... I've been writing software for a couple of decades. Generally it's en either C# or Java. I've got some writer's block atm but would love to write some articles.

So if you are new to programming or want to hear some stories of the past feel free to ask; or better yet hit me up with some article ideas you'd like to see veteran in the field write!


Hi there! I’m Antoine, RoR / JS dev (but quite young to this, as I switched to dev from journalism a few months ago ), working as React / front dev in France. Still not sure about what I want to do with those skills in the end but I know for sure that I’m learning a lot and that’s great enough right now :)

Excited to hear from everyone!


Hello everyone!

My name is Paul Halliday and I'm passionate about web development.

I try and learn new things and distill them down into easy, digestible parts. If you're interested in Ionic Framework, you may have seen my videos on YouTube. :)

Excited to join the Dev.to community!


Hello everybody! I enrolled in a bootcamp and I am currently learning Javascript. I want to become a developer to solve problems in the food industry and mobility in cities. I'm really enjoying it so far!


Hi everyone,
I'm Shital Mule. I am Red Hat Certified System Administrator, Red Hat Certified Engineer, Also quite good at Python programming and Shell Scripting. My area of interest is DevOps. Blogs from this site are awesome.


Hey everyone, Tomiwa here!

I'm a software engineering student from Canada.

I mostly work with Angular, React and Python+Django but I'm deeply curious about everything from machine learning and neural nets, blockchains and genetic engineering to digital nomads and financial independence.

I also have a startup called atila.ca that helps students easily find and apply to scholarships.

Feel free to shoot me a message on twitter: @tomiwa1a

Excited to be part of this community!


Hello hello!

Returned to school just last year to properly learn programming, and one of my instructors recommended following this site. Been lurking for a couple of months now, and decided it was high time to start interacting with the community here. Not sure how much I can really contribute right now, but I love reading what people post here.



I've been reading posts on dev.to for awhile, and I finally made an account because I wanted to use the dark theme. I might start posting my own stuff once work picks up. I'm studying computational neuroscience and work as a researcher. I'm also obsessed with free, libre, and open source software.

As for my preferred way of communicating with coworkers? Definitely in person. If that's not possible, then IRC or Matrix.


Hi everyone!

I don't remember how i get here haha.
I'm a Ruby developer, from Chile. I'm father of 3, and i'm starting with this amazing thing sonic-pi.net <3

I prefer Telegram, of course.



Hello (Dev) World!
My name is Mladen. I'm a junior web dev from Serbia. I work with javascript, node, react etc.
I can't really rememeber how I got here since I like to surf the web and follow links and I always have like 50 tabs open. Maybe medium or something like that. Anyway, looking foward to meeting you all, read your stories and hopefully contribute some myself.



Hi all,

I found this site using google. It seems it is a great community. I am excited to be a part of it. I hope I can contribute just a little since I have been in IT for about 30 years (yes, three && zero(lol)).


Hi Everyone! I am migrating here because of a sinking feeling about Medium becoming less relevant as the go-to programming blog platform as the pay wall is closing in. Does anybody else have the feeling that DEV might be the next go to programming blog public platform?


Hello fellow devs!
I'm a UI (front-end) developer. I'm interested in having some discussions with other devs on why they think certain tooling has become so popular. It seems there's a lot of peer pressure and marketing tactics out there promoting certain frameworks, like Angular and React. I look at these tools and I feel they are useful SOMETIMES, but I see them being treated as a silver bullet to all UI tasks. Does anyone else feel this way?


Hey all.

I was bought here a few times by dailynow.co/ having added the extension to chrome and clicking in a few times.

I started playing with HTML/CSS around 10 years ago in my first job to create a site for the school i was working for. moving on from that i ended up in an apps support team working on servers, and hadn't touched and code until around this time last year where i was set upon a path to learn Front end development with JS/HTML/CSS.

Ive now started looking into Vue as my next path along with Node and Express



I'm Micah, I go by larquin or larquinius on the tubes. I've been working as a developer for over 12 years now, and I'm always looking to learn new things.

I work for Test Double, a fully remote software consultancy, so async communication methods are the preferred way for me!


Aloha! I'm a JS coder and very curious about Node and all server-side stuff. I enjoy very much the design of dev.to and planning to expend several minutes reading cool articles, not only about IT.
So if you have some material about AI, Sci-fi, Linux , etc, please text me :)


Hey, I'm Fred! I mainly work with frontend web development technologies (HTML, CSS, JS), and I'm learning more backend stuff with JS frameworks, specifically the MERN stack. I'm mainly focused on just building something amazing with code as a hobby and learning new things.

I found DEV.to when it was featured on the GitHub explore page back in August, and I've mainly just been silently reading on DEV since then. But I think now it's about time I properly contribute to this community!


Hi Everyone!
I'm new here just starting out my wonderful programming journey.Now I'm working with Python, and I'm up for learning more and deep about python language.Beside this, I'm learning everything about software testing since I'm a software testing engineer now. And SEO is also one of the fields that I'm interested in.

Soooo glad to know and join this awesome coder community!



I'm Estefania and go by Stef.

Currently I'm working toward a career in Developer Advocacy. I'm also an organizer for the GDG group in my tiny, tiny area.

I'm excited to learn about different things, make new connections and be part of an awesome community.


Hello everyone!!

My name is Harsha and I am from India pursuing B.E in IT. I am here to explore new tools and technologies.


Hi everyone. I'm Ovie and I love spending long hours on my computer turning ideas in my head into actual products other people can use and appreciate.

I have a bit of experience with the PERN stack (Postgres, Express, React, and Node.js) and recently, I've been playing around with Google's Flutter and I'm loving it so far.

My preferred way of communicating is in person because it's just faster and more genuine.


Hello everyone!
My name is Mitch and I came here because I've constantly seen articles in my Google search and at some point I've been reading articles for over an hour.
Everyone looks awesome and very friendly, so I'm looking forward to it!


Hi everyone! I am Vanessa and I currently am learning JavaScript. I am fluent in C but I wanted to learn the MERN stack as my next challenge.

I found dev.to on Twitter and it seemed like a great community to learn and also share my experiences!


Hello! My name is Pavlos Vinieratos. I am a programmer doing react native. I maintain rn-diff-purge and purge-web. I love rx and have used rxjs and rxswift. Typescript all the way, I wish it was easier/more integrated with more places in the web and things in the node ecosystem. I will try to make some posts about things I find are helpful. I hope you like them. Thanks! :)


Hi. I learned how to write php the OLD way ( no frameworks, mostly procedural ), and have been stuck coding that way on a legacy project for 10 years and am trying to get up to speed with all the new gobbledegook or simply just learn another language.

Wish me luck.


Hi all,

I have been here from twitter. I am a mobile application developer & java developer working on core java project as well. The community looking great looking forward to it & to contribute more in it.


Hi all, I found dev.to through my Chrome new tab suggestions, which I guess is based on the types of content that I usually view on my browser. I've found a lot of interesting articles on this site this way, and today, I finally decided to register an account and join the community.

I'm fairly new to web dev, having started just around 1-1.5 years ago. I previously worked in e-commerce, but after a few years in the field and experimenting with vue and node on the side, I decided that I wanted to spend more time on web development.

Looking forward to always learning more and participating in the community!


Hello everyone,
I'm Amin and I'm a full-stack web developer and JavaScript enthusiast.
My main focus is on Node.js React.js and everything related to them.
Recently I've been so eager to learn about PWAs and dealing with mobile phones using Web technology.
I'm glad and excited to be here and hope to learn a lot from you guys.


Hello fellow developers!
I'm Dan, a frontend developer from Norway who is currently studying web design. HTML and CSS are currently the only languages I'm fluent in. PHP and MySQL are what I'm currently trying to learn. I will hopefully be mastering them too eventually. Who knows where my journey in development will go from there?


Hello! I kept reading nice posts on this site from links elsewhere and thought this is a fun community to join!

I like reading about new programming techniques and databases or thing that aren't really practical but could be some day.

I think email is cool to use once you have some kind of personal system that works for you.


Hello, everyone... I'm a dev

Smashing newsletter brought me here, coz of this post:

liking all this monospaced design

  • print("Hello, Wolrd!")

I'm 41 and yes, I have decided to change career and learn Python. I will appreciate any feedback or advice you guys could offer. To be honest, I'm feeling a bit stack... I know that I just started so I'll keep trying harder! I wish you all a great day... Regards from Montreal, Canada!

p.s. BTW, is there any python beginner form Montreal as well?


Hi everyone!.
I'm HARFHO starting out my programming journey. I enjoy working with python programming language(Have been learning it for 1-2 years now 😊) , I am versatile, creative , easygoing Love learning and what I enjoy most is working with others. Since my childhood I have determine to follow tech side all because I am a lover of anything Digital especially about Robotics, and the most is that I like seeing my imagination in reality. Am so sure that tech is the future even the world we are now is full of tech. I'm happy to join this community and I expect to find many like me here in this community.


Hi I'm Anton. ✌️

I don't know how I got here.

At work I write stuff into .js and .py files.
Whenever I have some time off, I write stuff into .go files.

It's great!

I have a passion for treating debugging as small research projects.


Hello everyone! Saw a post on twitter there's a new alternative to medium and here I am :D I'm in the beginning/fundamental phase of my Full Stack bootcamp program and its overwhelming, but thats a good thing; I that I need to get use to this uncomfortable feeling so that it becomes comfortable to me.


I’m Ahmed Ramy
I’m an mid-level(ish) iOS developer an Egyptian startup called elmenus
I’m also a second year CS college student
What drove me to this website is that I love to share what I learned and wanted to get back to the habit of blogging.
Most of my day is consumed in learning more about Swift and iOS development, in my spare time I learn more about server-side swift using a framework called Vapor

Super excited to contribute to this community!


Hi everyone ,I have been studying java and Object Oriented Programming for the last 5. As soon as i graduated i started working as a java developer . I know so much about java but i know there is a lot left to learn, i also want to learn other languages such as Javascript and Python. I've joined dev.to to learn and contribute to the community .


Hi I'm Arnaud, I am a Spring Boot developer.
I was looking for people to help me on an open source project and I came across this community and I enjoy the atmosphere.
Currently I'm learning Vuejs after a very short experience on Angular.


Hi all!
I have been developing apps with Python, Django and JavaScript. I have now started learning React.js. I'm glad to be part of this community. I want learn, share and contribute. Any help on React.js, especially, is welcome.



Hi all champs and champs to be,

I am here to learn about #Excel, #PowerBI, #Data Visualisation, #Dashboard, #Analysis, #Design, #Tips, #Tutorials on above and #Contribute to this #Society.

Also, plan to pick up #Data Science in this meanwhile.

Wish me luck, and good luck to you all.


Bonjour team!

I'm Nick, currently a Junior Software Engineer @ OCTO Australia!

I started my programming journey 3 years ago

Straight after high-school I moved from Europe to Australia to explore opportunities in IT, and mmm... settled here ¯_(ツ)_/¯

For me development is my entire life, something I work every day and something which is also my hobby.

Nothing better than jump for unknown stack/framework and smash it!

I'm getting excited about all sorts of technologies, have experience with entire arsenal of things:
Scala, Java, Kotlin, NodeJS, Android, Swift, Spark, VueJS... Kubernetes, Docker, AWS... and much much more.

Feel free to snap me a message, or check out my blog: nickshulhin.com/

Nice to see all of you!


Hello! I'm Catalin and I'm an Angular Developer now. Big TDD believer and tech lover. Always open for collaborations if you have anything in mind.
This week I published my first medium post and I found that it was featured in a newsletter here on dev.to. Super happy about it.
👆 If you want to read it.
Do people write both on Medium and Dev.to?


Hey friends! I’m an old-school web developer since the days before CSS (lol) who decided to get back into the game because new technologies like FlexBox and CSS Grid seem to make web design & layout hacking super interesting again. The Dev.to community seems like a happy and healthy way to ease back into this world. 👋🏼


Hi everyone!

My elder brother told me about this platform, at present I'm learning ReactJs, excited to learn from, and contribute to this community.

const myCommWay = (coworkerDist)=> {

if(coworkerDist > 2m) {
return chat;
}else {
return in-person;


Hi everyone!

I've decided to start learning a new programming language and searching in the web about Elixir, my new friend ;) I've found this awesome community. It's a pleasure to become part of dev.to.


Hello Everyone,

I'm Emmanuel, a software engineer from Nigeria. Been coding for about 4 years now. I love to code in Java, Javascript and PHP. Recently been learning flutter and really enjoying it. I enjoy writing Backend (Spring, Laravel, Node) as well as frontend (React, Angular, Vue). I also love learning new technologies. I hope to start writing someday too as I'm passionate about helping new developers learn and improve on their skill. Very happy to be here!!!


Hi all, I have been analyzing and improving software development processes and tools for the past 10 years at Microsoft and beyond.

Recently, I started blogging about my findings and experience. I'd love to connect with this community and discuss several software engineering aspects with a broader audience.

I also started two startups and I am part of the indiehacker community. And, I work remote for 5 years.

Shoot me a message if you want to talk about software engineering, remote work or starting your own company.


Hi everyone,
My name is Usman and I'm here to learn about how can i become better developer with the help of this wonderful community.I came to know about DEV.to after finding a post on about developing your own REST API. I'm currently enrolled in the Final Semester of my Under-Grad and working on a project in which i'm trying to use Block-chain for handling financial transactions in an android app.


Hi everyone. Am Dave, a junior web developer working with a startup in Nigeria. I have only learnt a bit of Javascript. I found this community while searching to improve my javascript skills. I really want to build a career in software development (programming in general) and then travel around. I love traveling. I hope to contribute a lot to this community. Thanks guys and wish me luck.


My name is Lucas and I found dev.to through a post about creating a good technical resume. I mostly work with python (a lot of Django) but also do some front-end dev with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX etc. I currently doing my masters in Computer Science and am also doing Udacity's AI Programming nanodegree.


Hey there! My name is Sanjeet and I am 17 year old maker and technology enthusiast, with a passion for design. Here is my Medium blog: medium.com/@thesanjeetc

I'm really excited to be part of such an amazing community...


Hi All,

Myself Pavithra. I am new to the JavaScript world but experienced in Selenium Java.

I started my work recently in a Media company and they want me to implement the Automation using Selenium and JavaScript which is new to me. Struggling a lot to begin my work as I can't find many documentation in this area especially.

Currently I did setup my test automation environment using Atom and implemented Selenium Webdriver on it. But, Next I need to make sure that How successfully I implement the test scripts using JavaScript and to implement the test execution reporting framework or tools as well. No clue on how to get started?????

Request you all to help me getting success in this challenge.


Hey! Frontend dev here who likes to read source. I wrote my first piece on Medium but I'm moving to dev.to because of its developer first experience.


Hey everyone, I finally got around to creating an account here after reading tonne of articles here! I work with JS primarily but at work been coerced to work with Java&JSP with a hint of ReactJS here and there. Joined here so that I force myself to know what's going around and learn as much as I can. Apart from ReactJS, I have worked with Python and Django.
Looking forward to learn and share what I know. :)


Hello all, I'm Zarinah from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Before started doing DevOps / Software Configuration Management (SCM) kind of works, I've been working as Embedded Software developer for 5 years. It's been my third years as a DevOps Engineer but I think I'm still a beginner. There are so much things to learn. I work a lot with Git and Jenkins. I've been brought here while looking for pipelines solution to improve current Jenkins system. Nice to meet you. はじめまして!


Hello everyone,

I am currently working on Javascript Technologies. Working more closely with Angular Community and trying my hands on React.

To get started with React i have made couple of POC projects and made my blog with gatsbyjs.
Also i have some good posts written on it. (sanketmaru.github.io)


Hi everyone!
I am Eric from Accra. I am a full stack developer.I use NodeJS for backend and VueJS for frontend. I really love coding and want to be better at it.
I am currently learning flutter and graphQL. I article lead me here, it been since so I thought of just joining


Hello Everyone,
I'm a full stack developer from Shanghai, my primary language is PHP, Javascript.
I'm familiar with Wordpress, Laravel, I'm currently learning to make web app with HTML5 PLUS and APIcloud.


Hello, My names Tygari.

I been studying web programming for a little over two years on my own.
I know HTML, CSS, Dynamic CSS, JavaScript, Nodejs (still learning more), Express (barely), Sockets.io, and Git.

Next projects to learn is Angular and Web Components. That 2nd looks so much fun.

I love programming games. My first one is a non-linear text-based idle game called "EVO Idle".

I currently don't have a job but am searching. Apparently I need a sheet of paper called a degree to say I am intelligent enough to learn.

In learning on my own I have devised my own programming style which breaks some standards. But I feel some of those standards are out of date. I hope to write a paper on it the future.


Hey everyone! My name is Spencer, i'm new here. I'm an Information Security practitioner and lover of video games, winter, waffles and outdoor photography.

I'm currently really digging Powershell and Python. I've got a few small scripts/projects on Github written in Powershell and i'm slowly working on a phishing email forensics platform that I intent to be totally free and open source. I'm not a professional coder so it's going to take some time.

I shared my first post and it's all about using Powershell + Microsoft EWS Managed API to pull attachments from emails. It was a fun learning process and enjoyed writing up some details on it in a post. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it.

Cheers to everyone here!


Hi! I am very happy to be part of this community; Well I am Ismail and I an IT Engineer Student in Morocco. The reason I wanted to be part of the DEV community is the interest its members share and of course the helpful article I see from time to another on its Facebook page.


Hi everybody! My name is Alejandro. I've come to learn about web development and see if I can share some content about game development. I'm eager to be part of this community as it is fully devoted to the developers!


Hello all!

I'm sure I've come across this site several times in my various Google searches and happy to finally join the community. I'm always interested in learning how others approach explaining programming concepts just as much as learning the concept itself. Looking forward to being a part of this great community!


Hello everyone!
I am afham. I am a computer science student graduating soon. I have decided to start my career as an Android Developer. But, I am up for learning anything new.

The reason I came here is that, I had an interview last week. Soon after the interview, I found that I have lack of communication skills. I was unable to transmit my concept in English for some questions being asked.

So, today, I found a post on Facebook about starting blogging as a junior developer by DEV. Soon after reading that, I decided to join this community and to write anything on a daily basis.

I hope I would contribute and learn from this supportive and talented community.
I will accept constructive ctriticim, any suggestion, guide happily and would love to do same for others.



My name is April. I started my journey about 8 months ago and work mostly with Javascript and React. I love what I do and the people I have met in this industry and look forward to what comes in the future. Fun fact about me: I'm an awkward but friendly, extroverted weirdo.


Hi, I'm a web (and mobile since React Native) developer from Sweden. Been working professionaly for about 15 years. Moved from (old) ASP, Actionscript with Flash, custom PHP solutions to React with Typescript, Laravel and ASP.NET core.

Will try to share some knowledge and even more so learn from you!


Hey hackers, Nabin here, JavaScript developer, fell in love with react and now on the way of learning angular. Ultimate Plan is to become a full stack developer. No degree, works in the kitchen but loves programming.


I'm Monique!!! I have 21 years of software engineering experience including an undergrad degree in computer engineering. I started out writing BASIC code in high school. Programming and solving problems have always been a passion. Currently i write PHP micro services.


I'm ttalgihon a MERN Full Stack Web Developer, I still go to school and I graduate this spring!!!!! I first encountered coding when I took an elective class in college that taught python, I quickly fell in love with the A E S T h E T I C S of the IDEs. Currently, I'm using 'Material Theme Ocean High Contrast' with 'Material Icon Theme' in VSCode.
I can't remember how I got here...but I'm here now!
Right now I'm working with Back-end database stuff - but lately, I've had an urge to learn Testing and Linting on a deeper level let me know if there are any good places to start!

Do you intend with tab OR with space?


Hello Everyone,

I am Asheesh and work as a Tester; have hands on experience in Selenium WebDriver using Java, JMeter and Postman; Have also dirtied my hands at developing small applications using MERN stack.

Off late, i have been posting stuff on Medium pertaining Postman, Jenkins and Github. Stumbled upon this fantastic platform from a share on twitter and have found it very exciting. This a great platform to learn, interact and share. Also looking forward to contributing some stuff here.


Hi everyone!
I was about to post something when i realised i have not yet introduced myself in here.
I'm a SRE engineer with a background on development, c++, js, python. I like problem-solving, music and beers.
I'm about to submit a post about tips on data migration jobs. Feel free to check my profile in a bit for it if you like
Happy readings!


My name is Luigi from Valencia, Spain.

I'm a graphic designer but I've always liked the world of computer science and programming, that's the reason why this year I started to study everything related to web development on my own. I like to design the prototype and take it directly to code. I like to learn new things, I will never stop doing it.

I discovered this platform recently, and I really like everything I've seen at first glance, I think it's the forum I needed.


Hello! I am Eben du Toit, a passionate full stack data scientist living in Cape Town. Would love to connect on anything Javascript, Python, SQL, Google Cloud, machine learning, business metrics, coding and analysis in general. I've about 14 years experience in engineering and currently working as the chief data scientist at superQuery.



Hey everyone,
Currently I just do some graphics programming in C/C++ using OpenGL as my main API. I enjoy using the way outdated GLUT edition of OpenGL but I am starting to learn more modern versions of it such as GLFW with OpenGL 4.5. Happy to be part of the community!


Hi. I have failed so many times at work that I can't even count it anymore... and someone I am happy. I have almost been fired quiet a few times, and every time this happened I learned something incredible. I'm now writing a mindfulness blog about those lessons and how Buddhism helped me to truly accept my brain for what it is. I'm hoping that readers will learn to <3 their life and their job through reading the articles I've got in the queue.

Side note: although the blog is about freedom, I am obsessed with TypeScript and it's structural subtyping (which some would say is about the opposite of freedom: control). I have yet to reconcile that fact. But again, I love my brain for all of it's quirks. Follow along and help me to help you to love your brain too! :)


Hi all!

I am an average coder who often needs to look into discussions to solve easy/medium LeetCode problems, and often need video tutorials to perform basic tasks despite the fact I am graduating in Computer Science soon. Here to improve my skills.

I am a socially awkward gamer, who loves watching anime. I would love to create an interesting game some day hopefully. Currently looking into React Native and Mobile App development.

-Raghav Bhandari



Learning new things is my kryptonite. I have a habit of learning a tiny droplet of information about a lot of different tools, getting a few lessons into a particular tutorial, and then become very distracted by another tool, and repeating the process. I have a pretty solid HTML/CSS/JS foundation, but I'm trying to learn at least one of Angular, React, or Vue so that I'll feel more confident in saying I'm a Front-End Developer. I'm a beginner and new to building this career. There's so much to learn!


Hi Everyone! I am a full-stack web developer with 17+ years of experience. I believe that knowledge is the highest value of humanity. In the Internet era, we all have gained real freedom to share our experience, regardless of the boundaries that divide us.



I'm learning Javascript. Is the first programming language that I learn.

I'm from Mexico and I'm studying at Laboratoria (laboratoria.la/), which is a great bootcamp that seeks to narrow the gender gap in tech, in Latin American countries.
I'm so excited of being part of the tech community!


Hi, I'm Jordan! I was learning to code for a work project a while ago, but I am more of a hobbyist lately. Right now, I'm enjoying settting up a home server with OpenMediaVault and would love to contribute to an open source project like that some time.


Howdy everyone. I'm Zack... I'm a professional developer. I prefer C# but have probably used 30+ languages. I love to teach other people how to code.

This site just looked like a fun little community. I figured I would stop by and check it out. Please feel free to ask me questions.

I have an open source C# GitHub project that I'm trying to share with people, because it has a ton of examples of how to code math, data structures, algorithms, etc.



Hello everyone, I am very excited to be a part of this community. I have 3 years experience as a web developer. Looking forward to make contributions and having a great learning experience

Thank you,


Hi all, I'm a Java developer. Nothing much more to say, I'm new to dev.to and I already fell in love with its minimalistic graphics and its full set of features.

Hope to enjoy with all of you.



Hi all,
I analyze and improve software engineering processes and tools for 10 years now (at Microsoft and beyond).

I write about software engineering best practices. Last year, I also started two startups and I am part of the indiehacker community.

Shoot me a message if you want to discuss software engineering related stuff or entrepreneurship.


Hi all, I'm Daniele, I've been a Java dev for several years.
As a side activity, I'm also a dev tutor, so I think that join dev.to could be a good way to showcase some tutorials at the core of some of my classes and to exchange ideas and comments with all of you.



Hi Everyone! I have been following dev.to long time, but didn't think of having an account. Now that I have, I can contribute to the community!

I am Praveen Kumar Purushothaman. People call me Praveen or PravMan. I am an ailurophile, vegetarian, and an experimental chef. Well, I would like to experiment as much as I can, on food and my life. My body is made up of HTML & CSS, which is literally me! This defines me as a Full Stack Web Developer (Front End, Back End, Middleware, Whatever...). Currently I am working on React JS & Node JS APIs along with my expertise in Front End.

Oh yeah, I am a highly motivated, passionate hard-core web developer with diverse experience in developing web applications, hybrid mobile apps, and cloud computing solutions ranging from working on cute layouts, payment gateways etcetera and the list goes on till making a clone, better than Facebook. Yup, you heard it right. I did make a clone of our favourite social network from scratch.

Once upon a time, I was consistently ranked as top 0.01% developers in Stack Overflow. I stopped contributing much after achieving 100k reputation points and started to contribute more to My Adventures. I am also a Pluralsight Mentor, Thinkful Mentor and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the field of Visual Studio & Development Tools.


Hi everyone,
I have been working mostly on Node and React. Currently I'm learning Web Application Security and I keep doing some Machine Learning stuff on weekends.
Hoping to share some experiences here soon.


Hi Everyone,
I'm Stepan, DevOps engineer, in past system administrator (8 months :D) technology consultant focusing on automation of high-scale deployments (8 years). As you can imagine, in my job I do Kubernetes, Docker and a lot of CI/CD stuff.

Now I'm trying to be more Dev than Ops. Although scripting is my daily bread - programming is a whole new discipline to me. Language of my choice was Golang, I'm investing part of free time to studying of app. design patterns and related technologies such as tracing.

Time to time I write posts (medium.com/@stepanvrany) about my experiments and that's why I'm here. I'm gonna write all my future posts here, Medium and their paywall policy is something I can't tolerate - I write my posts because I deeply believe in sharing of knowledge.


Welcome, Stepan!

Where do you do most of your scripting? I've been swimming in PowerShell for a while now, and I'm getting more comfortable all the time.


Hi Jesse, Thanks for the welcome.
In past, it was mostly Powershell since I was working with VMware vSphere products a lot. It's definitely the most powerful scripting language available out of the box :) Now I'm mostly scripting id POSIX Shell (in CI/CD processes I need portability) and Groovy (Jenkins). Groovy is piece of hell IMHO 😀


Hello, I haven't read the code of conduct, but I'll make sure to behave anyway.

I'm currently learning Gatsby and just as I knew I'm totally in love with graphql.

Right now I'm in web but I aspire to make games.


Hi everyone :)

I was brought here through this fantastic article dev.to/carlymho/lets-make-life-eas... I'm really passionate about accessibility, be it in websites or the workplace.

I'm an engineer at booking.com (more specifically the taxi bit- we used to be a pre-booked taxi company and then got acquired by booking.com- so I can't help with your hotel rooms I'm afraid!)

I've always been a bit nervous about trying to keep up with new developments in tech as the sheer pace feels overwhelming and I'm put off by how massively opinionated developers can be about how their new technology is the One True Way to do things. I don't want to be left behind though, so trying to ease into it more through channels such as this community.


Hi devs,
my name is Chris and I'm from Austria. I'm a full-stack developer for quite some time now. The tech stack I'm working on most of the time consists of Nodejs, React, GraphQL, Postgres, Redis, and RabbitMQ. I found this community through a Medium post and within seconds a few articles caught my attention. So here I am - would love to be part of this community 🤘


Hi All,
I've been working as a developer for around 3 years now. As part of the project I'm working on I write a lot of TypeScript, some C#, and a bit of SQL.
I'm currently learning about GraphQL and Rust.

I found this site from an article by John Papa linked in JavaScript Weekly. There's a lot of interesting content here that I'm looking forward to digging through.


Hi Everyone!
I came across dev.to by accident but I really liked what I saw so decided to join.
I'm a system architect based in the UK and I'm really interested in cloud computing. I have a dev background and enjoy getting my hands dirty from time to time too! I hope I can contribute something here :)


HI @all! I was a frontend dev and then made the step to building my own company/agency Winning Solutions with a friend. This was in 2014 and I'm now also CEO / CTO, frontend dev, sometimes backend dev, project manager. And there is still so much to learn!
I hope I will find the time to write some own articles and give something back!


Hey all,

Not much of a programmer, admittedly, but find dev.to to be uber-interesting. I currently serve as Operations manager for Rad Web Hosting.

It's my pleasure to be an official member and I look forward to interacting with you all on dev.to.


Hi! everyone,

I'm David from Mexico city. I studied Communication Science and became over the years more interested in Software development. I have worked for 10 years in the e-learning industry.

I'm really happy to join this awesome community.


Hi, my name is Adam McGurk and I want to be more active in the developer online environment, and so this is one of the places I'm starting. I am a lot of things at my job (my actual title is Lead Developer) and I love all things technology and specifically web.


Hi everyone!

My name is Sergei (or Sergey it is the same :) ). I've been an Android developer over 8 years already. So my standard stack is Kotlin, RxJava/coroutines, Retrofit and other classical tools. My role for last few years was 'Team Lead' there I've implemented my own visions of Android app architecture.

But five months ago I decided to rethink my future and quit from job. Because I want to try something new not just another one pretty same client-server app. Now I'm working on my own Android project based on custom ML model. For data processing I use Rust. I like that language so much! Strictly speaking articles from DEV.to helped me to understand it more.

I've came here to learn new, improve my writing English by sharing my experience and maybe understand where to go next :)

Feel free to contact me. It's always great to meet new people with the same interests.

Have a great day!


Hey everyone 👋🏾! Nice to "meet" you. I found this site as part of my new job as Developer Advocate at Educative.io. My job is to find the first 100 developers and engineers in the world to build amazing content on our learning platform for devs. 🚀

For fun facts, currently, I'm reading and watching:

  • H.H. Goldstine, The Computer from Pascal to von Neumann
  • Rod Stephens, Essential Algorithms: A Practical Approach to Computer Algorithms
  • stuff on distributed systems
  • old Devoxx presentations

Looking forward to getting to know this community!


Hello everyone, I was a developer a long time ago but switched role when a dream company offered a non-coding role. The interest to code has never left so I've been picking up the new Web dev skills the past two years. I hope to return to coding one way or another hopefully sooner than later. Thank you for this platform. Seems to be a treasure trove of golden knowledge!


Hi, everyone! I've been a long time lurker and finally made my own account! I plan on releasing some content soon on my first years experience as a web dev and I'm excited to start contributing to this awesome community!

My preferred way of communicating would definitely be slack or in person!


Hi everyone,
I'm Arvind, a full stack javascript developer. I'm super excited to contribute to this DEV community.


Hello everyone,
I'm Pranav, a noob Frontend Developer. Was searching for a podcast and stumbled upon this great community. Good to be here 😊


Hi all! My name is Lucas and I'm a software engineer who helps API developers, engineers and architects to design and implement their API-driven projects so they can modernize integration layer and deliver a scalable platform.
I hope to help some of you with my contents.


Hi Developers,
I am new to open-source, and willing to contribute as much as I can.


Hi everyone, my name is Glen and I am from a small Pacific Island country called Papua New Guinea. I am a mobile and web app developer specialising in developing apps for Agriculture, rural development and social good. I mostly do things with AngularJS web framework. I am also keen on learning other web dev frameworks and programming languages.

A couple of days ago, I came across DEV as I was Googling for an open source and JS based dashboard framework for a project I am currently working on. The article on #Cube.js by #Artyom Keydunov on DEV popped up on my search results radar and that promoted me to join this great community of software developers. The article was useful though.

I am excited to be part of this community and would welcome any fruitful interactions relating to my areas of interest.

Thank yu tumas


Hi everyone,

I’m glad to join Dev.to and share with people who has the same passion as me. I’m currently working with Javascript at work and learning Flutter as my personal project.

So, welcome myself! :)


Hi, fellows,
It's nice to join you. My name is Egor and I work mostly in networking and telecommunication sphere. You know that IPv4/v6, IGMP, MLD... and other L2-L7 stuff.
I have some experience in C++, MCU/FPGA firmwares development, even in ActionScript 2.0, and at work I address python, Java, and React/Redux + TypeScript tasks.

On my spare time I enjoy development of Rust (Facepunch Rust) plugins, and maintainig PVE server with my wife.

Oh and some time ago I was playing with ANNs, until reached Q-learning.

I look at the comments and see friendly nice people, and I'm very excited to gain new experience with help this community, and I hope I'll be able to share something useful with you.
If you see anything wrong in my English, please, don't hesitate to inform me about my mistakes.

Thanks a lot for your time,
Take care :)


Welcome, Egor! Your English is superb. We're glad you're here!


Hello guys, i jst joined the community today.I guess am in need of encouragement as a beginner developer and also support. Looking forward to better days here 🤗