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Technical Sound Designer | Software Engineer | Composer | Musician

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Software Engineering-Flatiron School, BA in Music & Anthropology-University of Hawaii at Manoa


Technical Sound Designer | Software Engineer |Composer

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I'm looking for work!

2020 Update & currently recovering from burnout

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Self Reflection 2019, Improve Myself for 2020

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Experiencing a Game Jam as an Audio Integrator & Sound Designer

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Reference a Pointer to Point to a Reference

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Final Fantasy XII's Gambit System was like programming for beginners

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Introducing MVC with ASP.NET

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Arrays vs. Lists vs. ArrayLists

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Basic Overview of Audio Signal Processing w/Web Audio API

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Open Source? What's that?!!

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Hello World! I'm Switching!

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A Dip in the Water with Understanding Functional vs. Object-Oriented Programming

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Beginning of a Coding Bootcamp

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