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Currently working as a contractor, mostly on Node.js and Typescript, also React. Also have a background in academia, I have a PhD in CS and worked as a researcher in AI.

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PhD in Computer Science

The story of how I created a way to port Windows Apps to Linux

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9 min read

Software Development as an Emergent System

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7 min read

Everyone is watching what you do online. How user tracking with cookies works

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5 min read

ORM-less Data Access in .Net Core

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9 min read

ASP.NET Core Development in Linux

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16 min read

Angular and ASP.NET Core

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18 min read

Things you wanted to know about storing passwords but were afraid to ask

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10 min read

The Road to Modern JavaScript

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10 min read

Rethinking email confirmation

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4 min read

Brief(ish) explanation of how https works

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7 min read

ORMs, Lazy Loading and Web Applications

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5 min read

Principle of reasonable expectations

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5 min read

Hack your brain to learn more, faster and better

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1 min read

What inverts in the dependency inversion principle?

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3 min read

Why composition is superior to inheritance as a way of sharing code

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5 min read

What exactly is a "unit" in unit testing?

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8 min read

Using OpenSSL to Create Certificates

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9 min read