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Load Balancer - Setup One in two Minutes

DAY 26 - Load Balancer - Setup One in two Minutes - Day Twenty Six

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Setup Target Group

Create target Group

  • Go to AWS Console then to EC2 Dashboard
  • Click on to Create target Group
  • Choose a target type as Instance
  • Name it as TargetGroup-tutorial
  • Keep Protocol as HTTP-80
  • Now select the instances that you want to add and click Include as Pending Below.
  • Click Create Target Group.

Create LoadBalancer

  • Select Application Load Balancer
  • Name It (LoadBalancer-tutorial)
  • Select Internet facing
  • Network Mapping - Select all availability Zones
  • Select your EC2 Security Group
  • Select Listener , HTTP-80-TargetGroup-tutorial
  • Click Create LoadBalancer

Wait for few mins AWS to deploy the loadbalancer, once its deployed you can point to LB using Route53

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