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⏲️Implementing CI-CD with AWS in 5 mins for your static website.

DAY 13 - DevOps- Implementing CI-CD with AWS in 5 mins for your static website- Day Thirteen.

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💿 CI-CD for Static website, using GIT - CodeBuild - S3

Automate deployment using CI CD implementation for static website using git, codebuild to setup pipeline and finally deploy in S3.

🛠️ Requirement

  • A git repo for your website. Feel free to fork mine for testing purpose
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  • Access to codebuild and S3.

🪣 Create your bucket.

Follow this tutorial to create a bucket for hosting a website.

🛠️ Building CI-CD using CodeBuild

🚰 Let's build the pipeline

  • Sign into AWS console
  • goto CodeBuild
Comments Screenshots/Actions
Click Create Pipeline Image Pipeline
Name the pipe line, and Service role Image role
Adding Source Provider, and Select Github version 2 Image githubversion
Enter a connection name for codestar Image name
Connect github Image github
Select your repo & branch Image repo

🏘️ Building your project.

if you are creating pipeline to host angular, react or any code that require a build phase you can use either Jenkins or Code build to do so.

For this demo Am Skipping the build Stage, as its just a static website.Image Skip

⌨️ Deploying the code

Lets deploy this code into a serverless environment , in this case the S3.

Comments Screenshots/Actions
Select S3 as deployment provider 7 click Next Image s3
Select your bucket and enable Extract file before deploy and click Next Image deploy
Click Create Pipeline Image pipelinecreate

Now you will be able to see the code build pulling the code from git and deploying it to the S3. Once the pipleline complete you will be able to see output as shown below.

Image final

🎉Congratulations you have successfully implemented CI-CD for your project

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