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Ansible For Everyone - Part 1

DAY 32- Ansible For Everyone - Part 1 - Day Thirty Two

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Why you should read this blog Series?

If you are working on NetworkOps, SecOps, DevOps, ITOps & anyone who wants to automate their infrastructure.

Why Ansible?

Automation Automation Automation
Image automation

  • Orchestrate complex processes on an enterprise scale.
  • Simple Automation and Management.
  • No Agent - Agentless.
  • Ansible executes locally
  • Open Source solution for automation.
  • Works on both Windows and Linux.
  • Can be used on Public cloud and On-Prem.
  • Cloud, Network & security automation.

Image Playbook


  • In simple it's the CLI of ansible.


  • YAML templates are used to deploy the required infrastructure.

  • Components of Playbook are Plays, Modules, Plugins, Inventory


  • Top-level specifications for a group of tasks


  • Most of the Modules are written in python and in windows it uses Powershell. These are the components with internal logic.


  • It enables the expansion of Ansible features.


Multiple playbooks


  • Reusable Playbooks


  • Collections can have Modules, playbooks, Roles, Plugins Docs, and Tests.

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